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Stomach cancer or gastric cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the world. In fact there are close to a million new cases diagnosed every year. A vital procedure which is effective in removing early signs of stomach cancer as well as cancer in the esophagus and colon is called ESD, short for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection. This procedure has become more and more “popular” in the last decade. Now the Japanese company HOYA Group PENTAX Medical is launching an innovative multi-functional device to help simplify the ESD procedure. It’s called the Splash M-Knife.

It’s job, which it does well, is to achieve clearer marking of the affected area, better hemostasis or stopping of the bleeding as well as a smoother and much simpler operation without ever having to replace the knife during surgery. There’s a special disk section of the knife that helps hooks up the tissue for improved safety and also ease of cutting. The metal plate in this section has the ability to mark more clearly.

It has a unique water-jet function that allows any additional injection without need to change the device as well as clarifying the bleeding point for a better view. Pentax Medical’s new innovative device has high hopes to improve this vital procedure and with that save more lives.

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Rent and Exchange Jewelry

Now, I think we all know women love their jewelry.  We also know it can be pretty expensive. But what’s worse is when someone pays a decent price for a piece and then only wear it once or twice. It’s then relegated to the land of “hardly-worn accessories.” If you are a frequent jewelry buyer, wearer, or even admirer check out swankyswap.com.


SwankySwap is a membership-based exchange website where you can send in your jewelry and receive points as a reward. You can then use those points to buy or rent jewelry right on the SwankySwap website. When you send your jewelry in, it’s reviewed by their quality assurance team to make sure it’s up to snuff.  And currently they’re taking necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  So your current stock pile of random jewelry could garner you tons of points!

Depending on the jewelry you’re looking to buy or rent, it can cost anywhere from 20 to several hundred points.  Now, you have 30 days to wear the jewelry but if you decide to return it before those 30 days you get all your points back.  And if you don’t return it, then it’s yours for the keeping.  There are three subscriptions services for users – $24.99 for 1 month, $69.99 for 3 months or $244.99 for 12 months and shipping is included. To sign up, go to swankyswap.com today.

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The Eternal Skylane System

Imagine you’re years into the future. If you look around, you’ll know it’s the future because there are flying cars. By flying cars, I mean vertical take off and landing automated personal airplanes. Not just any airplane, but an X-wing from the Star Wars Universe. The X-wing will have a top speed of 350 mph and a range of 1000 miles.

The idea is to create Woody Guthrie’s Endless Skyway, a middle tier system of transportation above cars and below air traffic. Not only can it fly but it can also drive on roads up to 40 mph. The new product will alleviate air traffic by creating a new tier. Guthrie is quoted as saying;

 “Before I reach the day I die, I want to see the X-wing fly. Do not ask me to ponder why, for Yoda said there is no try. So I will say what I will say, and let the chips fall where they may.”

The MX-400 as Echo Special Events calls it, is the world’s first and most advanced 4-passenger vertical takeoff with the functionality of flying like a jet and hovering like a helicopter. It will combine the personalization of the automobile with the speed and safety of a commercial airplane. Another benefit to the X-wing is the idea of lessening road traffic and therefore decreasing the amount of traffic accidents and fatalities around the world. This investment has the potential not only to save time and create more efficient lives, but also to save them.

Echo Special Events is seeking $3.1 million dollars to fund the first in a series of events. To find out more about the project and the projected return on investment, email Joseph.Alfred@echospecialevents.com

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Navigation App

Now that we live in an era run by technology, most people can’t live without a GPS app. Although there are many variations of GPS applications, Sygic is incredibly efficient.


Sygic was the first navigation app available for the iPhone worldwide back in 2009. With over 100 million users across their various platforms, Sygic is chockfull of features.

The app allows you to navigate anywhere using all the usual functions but where it starts to differ is in its offline navigation feature. You can be offline and still get to where you’re going. This means that you can navigate anywhere without Internet, for free. It even stores points of interest on the map so you don’t have to go online to look for addresses to restaurants or shops in your area. This GPS also comes with voice guidance making it a safer tool to use when navigating. Services like Yelp, FourSquare, Viator, and Trip Advisor are integrated, allowing you to book activities right through the app. Another convenient feature is the ability of iPhone users to link Sygic to their Apple Watch as well as Google Glass.

The app is free while extra features can be purchased within the app. Sygic is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can download it for free in your app store today.

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Onu One

Find The Fun Anywhere

In a world dominated by social-media and online reputations, it’s getting harder to stay anonymous. If you don’t want to be off the grid completely, but want some shred of privacy then Clustr is the app for you.


Clustr is a new app that’s designed to show you where your social media friends are located while keeping their identities anonymous.  When you log in, Clustr shows you on a map where groups of friends are hanging out.  Tapping on a cluster will show you which venue has the most activity. This can be at a bar or a club or any spot that’s really hopping.

Clustr shows you how many guys versus girls there are as well as the average age of the group. Clustr measures this ratio from users of the app as well as any facebook friends you may have in those locations. Again you can see numbers and gender but not their actual identity unless you ask them to reveal themselves right through the app – which can be anonymously declined too.  Once you open the app your own location is tracked anonymously on a map for three hours. The app is quite simple but brings a privacy element to the social media world as well as getting the lay of the land at a given location.

Clustr is available for free on iOS with an Android app coming soon. Head to the app store to download Clustr today.

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Onu One

Mobile 3D Diagrams

The value of 3D models and interactive diagrams in presentations shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether you are on a sales call or repairing someone’s home appliance, things become a lot clearer if you have the right 3D diagrams. For a solution to help with that, check out Onu One.


Onu One’s platform allows you to use 3D models and other digital assets to create presentations – similar to Powerpoint but with tons of additional features. You start by uploading your 3D model, then other items like PDFs, videos, and photos. After that, you can create hot spots on the model that’ll bring up text, videos, or links when clicked on. The presentation can also include animations to show how it actually functions. You then use the free iOS or Android app to view all of your uploaded presentations while on the move. Or you can embed them in a marketing or eCommerce website. Onu One’s analytics dashboard allows you to take an in-depth look at what your sales force is showing in the field, which provides valuable information and resources you will be able use to answer client questions with much more ease and convert more sales. From a marketing standpoint, there is no longer the need to rush production to exhibit a product at a tradeshow, you can just upload it to Onu One and create a 3D image for clientele to see. This reduces the potential room for error in rushing the production process.

Onu can be used by people who aren’t that versed in creating 3D models in addition to those who are. People like engineers proposing an idea, sales reps on a call, and even exhibitors at trade shows, can all take advantage of its features. There are different subscription plans available, as well as a free trial. Go to onu1.com to find out more or to download the Onu software.

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Smart Phone and Tablet Accessories

It seems that in this era of technology we can’t get enough accessories for our phones and tablets. That makes sense because it is hard to live without them in a society which functions off them. We all know and despise the feeling of being out and about without a way to charge our phones.


An accessory company that aimed its efforts to fix that common problem is called Cellstall. They’ve got a wide range of accessories for many different brands including phone and tablet chargers. Let’s highlight two of their products.

The USB charger is a smart charger, which means it can identify the exact charge rate necessary to charge your phone without hurting the battery. It has dual USB ports so you can charge up to two devices at a time. This product is available for Apple, Samsung, and more.

The other product is their Cell Phone Travel Charger Set that does exactly that, charges your phone while you travel. It has a Dual USB charger as well as a Car charger that you can plug your USB into while on the road. Its available for most all brands and comes with both a 3 foot and 6 foot 8-point cable for iOS devices. With its quick charge and over-load protection this products is perfect for charging all your devices on the go. Like the USB charger, it also protects the battery when overheated and charges devices faster.

Both products come with a one-year warranty and no questions asked. The USB charger goes for $11.99 while the Travel Charger sells for $18.99. So, head on over to cellstall.com or Amazon to buy one today.

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RealPresence Web Suite


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