Affordable High Speed Cable & Internet

“Back to school”  is  a phrase that can trigger both good and bad memories. Whether it’s fond memories of inseparable bonds formed between the best of friends, to the more stressful recollections of over-night cramming for the exam week. Regardless, it’s essential to prepare for those more stressful moments. RCN One thing you’re going to want to make sure is that you have fast, reliable internet and top-notch cable TV. After all, students . whether living at home or as college students in their apartments, will need solid internet to do their research. Of course there will always be down time between those hard studying blocks  so television is an essential addition the package. For those who live in the Northeast, you may be lucky enough to get RCN service.

RCN is gaining praise from publications like PC Magazine where they ranked #1 in overall satisfaction and highest satisfaction for pricing. For anyone who is a fan of streaming, look no further. Netflix praises them for having the fastest internet connections, and they are even YouTube HD Verified. These accolades are because RCN offers super-fast Internet speeds that’ll give you seamless video streaming as well as HD-quality TV.

Even the best speeds and quality are only prat of the deal. If it is too pricey for the average family, let alone poor college student to afford, then it isn’t worth the investment. This is where RCN really shines as they are affordable as well. With prices consistently coming in at least $15-$30 under some big name providers, it is a deal worth investing in. Students or parents who want to find out if RCN is available in their area should visit the brand new, mobile-friendly website at today.

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Mobile Time Capsule App

We love the idea of documenting the where and the when of our every move. Thats what social media is all about. It can be described like a digital scrapbook. We can use it as a time capsule to look back on in the future. Here is what we call a geo-social app which takes that idea to a whole new level. Its called Hereshot and it allows you to post any type of media, then attribute a time and place to that media.


Post pictures, thirty second HD videos, even links to news stories. From there just tag it with a location and a time. Any content posted will be there to revisit at any time whether you, your friends, or social connections want to find it when they search the right tags. Lets say you post a photo from Disneyworld in 1987, you can then tag the date and the location. People can then search for posts in that location or that year and see your photo.

On top of that the app includes a real time feed feature, so you can see what people are posting at the moment or if there are any newsworthy events. As this is a social app you can follow people or block people you dont want to see your posts. Customize your geo-social experience. You can download Hereshot for free on any iOS device by searching ‘Hereshot’ on the App Store or visiting today.

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Wi-Fi Speakers for the Home

We’re no strangers to high quality wireless speakers. Given it is such a popular market these days, making the right choice for the best sound and best value is important. There are plenty of wireless speakers out there which can connect to your device easily enough, but if it doesn’t provide the sound you want it is essentially worthless. Hitachi Speakers, on the other hand, are a great choice. They back up the tech with the high quality sound you desire.


These are smart speakers which feature Wi-Fi streaming. They wok by linking up to your Wi-Fi network, and are accessible via any smartphone or device with the free Hitachi Wi-Fi Speaker app. This means you and your friends can be linked at the same time and switch back and forth to create a playlist without having to unlink. It really saves time and hassle, helping everyone to be happy with what they’re hearing.

With multiple speakers, you can connect them all to stream the same music in different rooms, have each one play a different song, and control individual volume levels to create an immersive musical environment. Theres also a Bluetooth 4.0 re-streaming function that lets you stream any music on your device from one speaker to the rest of the speakers in your network. At the same time, the speakers remain practical a built-in regular 3.5 inch jack to plug into. Besides the capabilities and slick design of the Hitachi Speakers, they stand out in another way. Their price. They come in at around half the price of other competitors. Look for The Hitachi Speakers exclusively at Walmart and

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Story Chaser


#iLookLikeAnEngineer – What Does An Engineer Look Like?

This simple question has sparked a global movement. #iLookLikeAnEngineer has now received over 75,000 tweets and has caused a veritable media storm.

The technology world is heavily male-dominated… or so many non-engineers would think. Isis Wenger (@isisAnchalee) is a 22-year-old platform engineer who created the hashtag “#iLookLikeAnEngineer,” after seeing how people reacted to her image in a company recruiting campaign. Isis took a selfie and tweeted it out with the slogan #iLookLikeAnEngineer, asking people to think about their assumptions and stereotypes.


One person who has experienced this issue first-hand is PopFuse Co-Founder Yichen Fan. She knows, that to be taken seriously and to break into the boys’ club of Silicon Valley is no small feat. Ms. Fan is a refreshing departure from your average tech founder, especially in the mobile gaming sector: Young, female and armed with an engineering degree from NYU. Even more unusual is the fact that she is focused on entertainment and not a technical product, even though she will be the first to tell you that building the PopFuse platform required tens of thousands of lines of complex code.


PopFuse was co-founded by Yichen Fan and Daniel Burns in New York as a mobile games company. After launching a few mobile games that reached the charts on iOS and Android, it soon became clear to them that a more radical approach was needed. They decided to build a platform that allowed users not only to play, but also to create and deploy their own games. In order to grow a huge platform, they needed to make both publishers and users partners and stakeholders in their success and provide them with an innovative set of creation tools.

PopFuse recently announced the expansion of its platform, allowing users to create and promote their own games. Now, both users and publishers can also easily embed media-rich trivia games, personality quizzes and polls on their sites.

For users, PopFuse is the platform that lets them play games about the content they love. For publishers, PopFuse is a great way to drive traffic and social shares by enhancing their content with fun, interactive experiences.  So far Ms. Fan has been successful in her journey towards start-up success. PopFuse has received seed capital from a Chinese investor, is rapidly growing its global user base and has signed up a number of brands and publishers as partners. Now the heavy lifting begins. Can she overcome the obstacles so many other female engineers in Silicon Valley complain about? More importantly, can she succeed not just as an engineer, but as a founder, and attract the kind of support staff and investment capital her all-male peers are receiving?

For now, rest assured that an engineer can look just like Yichen Fan: A confident young woman, with plenty to prove in the tough field of digital entertainment. Not at Google, Apple or Intel, you’ll find her hard at work at her feisty startup PopFuse, tucked in a third-floor office on Broadway in New York. “I have met plenty of female engineers with similar skills, but they often choose the more traditional route of a safe job instead of pursuing their own thing,” adds Fan. “I’m proof that women engineers are ready for this role, and that we can create something fun and big. I’m all in, and excited about what we’re doing.”

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Interactive Reading App

Finding new ways to engage young readers is always an admirable goal, and a necessary one to educate children everywhere. What better way than making reading feel like a game? Story Chaser is a one of a kind app that makes reading fun while helping your child achieve literacy. This game is a blast, even for veteran book lovers.Story Chaser

The gameplay, like most well designed games, is easy to pick up but hard to master. The key is to read various classic and inspiring stories. As you do so words drop down at the top of the screen. You then tap the corresponding word in the passage. By answering correctly you earn Chaser Coins. Chaser Coins give access to extra features in the game. Not only is the gameplay addictive, but it is accompanied by animations and can be interacted with, making it a more engaging game.

There are also handy abilities called Reading Powers to gain extra time in the game, highlight words, shuffle questions and even unlock hidden animations. Over thirty different levels are broken down as different parts of a whole story. Advancement through this tale will give the chance to unlock new levels and stories. The goal is to always strive for improvement. Try and progress from Good Reader all the way to Fantastic Reader for bragging rights. On the path to success, the real reward comes from enhanced reading skills. This is a unique new way to learn how to read fast while retaining the meaning of what is read. Story Chaser is available on iOS and Android devices for free. So head to your app store and search for Story Chaser, or head to their website for more information

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One Smart Piano

Digital Loyalty Cards for Your Business

Gift cards and loyalty reward programs are popular for a reason. People are more likely to return to a business if they are recognized for their patronage. They are a vital marketing tool to get your brand out there, reward employees, and maintain a healthy customer-base. One company offering an e-card rewards system is Tango Card. Not only do e-cards it save trees by being completely electronic, they are impossible to lose between couch cushions or under the car seat, unlike their physical counterparts. Tango Card is who you should look to when it comes to setting up a customer loyalty program or employee engagement program with these handy rewards.Tango CardFor customer loyalty they have a multitude of options but have already partnered with a number of big companies to offer products like Blast Rewards. Blast Rewards allow users to send a slew of e-gift cards branded with their custom logo. Or, perhaps you would prefer their Rewards as a Service API. This handy service allows the integration of your rewards program into your company website or app.

For those who want to keep it real simple, Tango has just the right choice. Use their Rewards Genius tool where you can send gift cards through their portal. Implementing any of the tools in this system hasproven to yield up to a 500 percent increase in customer engagement, in some cases. Tango Card doesn’t just focused on external loyalty, but also internally with your employees. The best encouragement is one tailored to an employee’s personal needs. Reward your employees with e-cards for birthdays, high performance, or just health and wellness. To find out more about Tango Card, visit

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Hue Lights

Custom Home Lighting

It is becoming easier and easier to customize aspects of our living space with technology these days. Smart bulbs are on the fast track to popularity as they put home lights under your control. Who wouldn’t want to have limitless options for lighting their home? It isn’t as simple as just acquiring the bulbs, though. To get the best results, it’s necessary to have the right app for the job. Here’s an app that works beautifully with the Phillips Hue Hue LightsLine.

hue lights

The name of the app of course is Hue Lights. You simply screw in the light bulbs wherever you want an extra custom touch and turn them on. Then, open the app and connect to each bulb with the press of a button. The bulbs use wifi and show up with a quick scan. They’re all now under your control. Schedule them to go on or off anytime of day, turn individual ones on or off, or dim them using different hues. How about simulating a sunrise or a lightning storm? Yep you can do it with this app. In fact, you can use up to 16 million different colors and shades of white to create any scene you want. Perfect for a concert setting or a fade in or fade out theatrical setting.

The Hue Lights app actually works with any bulb that uses ZigBee standard technology such as GE Link or Osram bulbs. It’s compatible with any iOS device including the new Apple Watch. The free version of Hue Lights allows you to control two lights but with in-app purchases you can unlock up to 50 lights. Search Hue Lights in your appstore today, or head to for more information.

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