Non-GMO Oils

With scientific progress comes much controversy. Particularly when it comes to something called a GMO. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are rampant in our foods and oils. As consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, the demand for organic and non-GMO foods has never been higher. Unfortunately, some non-GMO foods are harder to find than others. For example, non-GMO cooking oil has been a tough item to locate. That is, until LifeOiL came around to make all our lives a little easier.   non-gmo-life-oil-vegetable-oil

LifeOiL is made from seeds that are 100% non-GMO. After all, the only way to stay all natural is to start from the ground up. In fact, they are even verified by the Non-GMO Project. With such a major accolade you can be assured of the oil’s quality. In addition to being non-GMO, they also use an expeller press process. This is contrary to the usual chemical process. They then combine the oil with natural ingredients, making sure to not include any chemical additives. Once prepared, each of the four oils have a light flavor that work great with a variety of cooking processes. Whether you are looking to sauté, bake, or fry, LifeOiL is a great choice. Or you can just use it to spruce up a salad. They offer four different oils that can be used in any variety you desire. The non-GMO Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, and Healthy Blend provide consumers with a multitude of options.

For tips on recipes on how to use various oils you can check out their website or Twitter page. With this upcoming holiday season there will be plenty of opportunities to spruce up your dinner with all natural goodness. At Walmart, the non-GMO Vegetable and Canola Oils go for $2.98 and the non-GMO All-Purposes Blend sells for $3.98. You can find a store near you by visiting the store finder at

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Handmade Bluetooth Speakers

It was Beethoven who said, “Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.” Sub-par speakers should never dampen the power of music, which is why Site:1 from Princeton Audio was

Site:1 is the first release in a family of audio products that’s a beautifully handcrafted speaker put together by hand and locally sourced from the Princeton, Wisconsin area. The speaker can be customized to you, allowing you to choose the inlay options, swap out hardware and change the streaming interface. Beyond customizing it, there are 4 Tonewood options: maple, cherry, black walnut and mahogany. Another thing that makes Site:1 unique is its adaptable interface which allows the speaker to upgrade as technology advances. That way no matter what it’ll be compatible with Wi-Fi, Airplay, Play-Fi, USB and any other future wireless system. And of course for ultimate convenience Site:1 is completely portable with a battery that lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Princeton Audio has also had the foresight to create a patent-pending external interface for the Site:1 that allows you to adapt your speaker to almost any wireless or wired system. If and when technology updates; your speaker will update with it.

This holiday season this is the perfect gift for that person on your list with great taste and a love of music. The Tonewood look will appeal to those who favor the beautiful and artful pieces in their home. The farm-to-table approach to the construction and materials used will appeal to anyone who sees the value in domestically sourced products. And the sound quality appeals to everyone! The Site:1 has something for everyone.

Right now they’re running an Indiegogo campaign to fully crowd fund this project. You can get your very own Site:1 for around $260 by searching for Site:1 on Indiegogo.

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Conex – Share, Store, Search | App Review

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone and reach to give them a business card only to realize you don’t have any on you? Luckily there is a great solution called ConeX.Conex2

ConeX takes social media and cloud-based technology and connects them with the age-old idea of a business card. With ConeX you can create digital business cards to be shared with whomever you want. And because it’s digital you can share however many you want. This eliminates the expenses of businesses printing costs. With ConeX real-time updates, all you have to do is change your info on your card and it automatically updates all your contacts with your up-to-date information. Since it’s cloud-based even if you lose your phone you’ll never lose your business cards. And another cool feature is when using the app you can discover anybody worldwide, see their name, job title and company before deciding whether to share your card to them, instant networking.

In the past few years we’ve seen the use of paper products become obsolete, and technology has us staring at our phone screens 24/7. ConeX has given business men, women, owners etc. all an easy reliable app that has the potential to boost your business. Just imagine how many card’s you’ve obtainted and lost and how many partnerships you’ve missed out on or to be honest just forgetten about. With ConeX you never have to worry about misplacing or accidently throwing away a card, it’s all right there in phone. This app is ideal for tradeshows and conferences where thousands upon thousands of cards are exchanged, you can organize, store and find cards with ease.

ConeX is free to download and it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices so head to the app store and download it today.

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Tiko Titan


Tiko Titan – Uncompromised Clarity | NewsWatch Review

Speakers are often used for events like parties or barbecues. But when things get noisy and you have to turn up the volume, the sound from regular speakers seems to get distorted. The Tiko Titan as created the perfect remedy for this common problem.tiko

The purpose in designing this speaker was to provide high-quality sound emission at a reasonable price, so you can ditch the distortion when the music needs to be turned up. Beyond emitting crystal clear sound, it also contains a plethora of features like NFC technology integration, Bluetooth compatibility, a USB Port and a number of others. It’s also extremely portable with up to 8 hours of battery life. Not to mention the sleek looking design, don’t forget that it comes with a protective leather cover that flips under to form the unique stand.

The Tiko Titan is the perfect gift for that person on your shopping list who loves high quality sound and great looking speakers with a long battery life. Another person who will love the Tiko Titan is your resident tailgater.. with it’s long battery life and the ability to charge your device off of it’s battery while still playing your music of choice; this speaker is perfect for outdoor use. The affordable price point means that when you buy one for that special person on your holiday list, you can add one to the cart for yourself!

With features such as A2DP wireless audio transmission protocol support, built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB 2.0 that supports external charging, external audio aux input, and a NFC quick paring function the Tiko Titan is at the top of it’s class when it comes to portable, wireless, Bluetooth speakers.

You can pick up a Tiko Titan for as low as $179.00. Just head on over to to purchase one.

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Getmii – There’s Someone Out There Who Can | App Review

It has never been more easy to look things up since the advent of the search engine. For example, Google is great for when you need information on even the most random of subjects. Google has its limits, though. What if you need something that only a person could help you with? There seems to be no reliable way to find people with the same level of convenience and speed a search engine provides. Luckily there finally is a search engine app that is here to change all that, and it’s called Getmii.


Getmii is an app that allows you to post requests for help, see what others need, and respond to any other users’ requests. For example, if you’re looking for a travel partner you can post your need right in the app as yourself, or anonymously, and wait for others to respond. If you don’t want to post you can search for what others are looking for. If someone’s already posted the same need, then all you have to do is respond to them. You can post anything. The potential is pretty much endless, whether you’re looking to buy a used guitar or go bike riding with someone. All of these requests are fair game.

Getmii is taking online search forums to the next level by integrating social connectivity. Since it uses Facebook to log in, Getmii gives you the ability to see mutual friends and therefore diminishes the fear of online predators when you see that your new travel companion is connected to you. If you want to meet up with someone you can even share your location through the app.

Getmii is available for free on iOS and Android devices. So go to your app store and search for “Getmii” or head over to today.

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Who’s Visiting Your Website?

If you own a business, chances are pretty high you have a website. Having a grasp on your site analytics is a vital part of any growing business. The problem is plenty of web analytic tools out there only track stats like, how many visitors checked out your website or how many sessions were logged. You’ll need deeper insights to really make your website successful.  Check out Mouseflow. click_heatmap

 Mouseflow records visitors to your website but then takes it much further. It can be thought of like a live camera of your site. You can play back every visit to your site and see where people browse and click. You can rewind and fast forward through the playback as well. Using the “heatmaps” feature, you can see where visitors are paying attention, how far down they’re scrolling and where they’re most engaged.  With this information you can identify the weak and the strong points of your site. You can also use live filtering to get real-time reports of traffic as well as compare past and present visitor patterns to see how things have changed.  Mouseflow tracks activity from mobile and tablet visitors as well, has customizable settings, and can be used collaboratively by multiple coworkers or co-owners.

This product will allow firms to understand to a fuller extent the people around the firms statistics, and moreover, the causes and correlations of their decisions.

Mouseflow offers a free plan, which includes 100 recorded sessions per month. Additional plans, with more sessions and features, start at just $19 per month.  Mouseflow is used by over 45,000 clients and takes seconds to setup. Head to and start tracking today.

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Teach Your Kids Values

Part of raising children is teaching them how to make moral decisions and differentiate between right and wrong. As we all know, that’s much easier said then done, to often parents struggle with teaching their children moral guideline.

Buddy Quest is a game aimed at teaching kids virtues and then practicing them in real life. This includes qualities like patience and responsibility, but there are over 30 virtues in all.BQ-ad-image-1200x628

The app accomplishes this tall task by having your child play the game then they’re sent off on real-life quests or challenges to use what they’ve learned. They might pick up trash and throw it away or write a letter of encouragement to someone, basically creating meaningful conversations and experiences outside of the app. Buddy Quest also has a parent portal where parents can check on their child’s progress and find simple conversation starters.

Buddy Quest is available for iOS and Android devices for free with in-app purchases. Anything past the first fifteen episodes costs $5.99 per 10 episode bundles. To download Buddy Quest go to the app store or today.

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Brother’s Keeper


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