Mobile 3D Diagrams

The value of 3D models and interactive diagrams in presentations shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether you are on a sales call or repairing someone’s home appliance, things become a lot clearer if you have the right 3D diagrams. For a solution to help with that, check out Onu One.


Onu One’s platform allows you to use 3D models and other digital assets to create presentations – similar to Powerpoint but with tons of additional features. You start by uploading your 3D model, then other items like PDFs, videos, and photos. After that, you can create hot spots on the model that’ll bring up text, videos, or links when clicked on. The presentation can also include animations to show how it actually functions. You then use the free iOS or Android app to view all of your uploaded presentations while on the move. Or you can embed them in a marketing or eCommerce website. Onu One’s analytics dashboard allows you to take an in-depth look at what your sales force is showing in the field, which provides valuable information and resources you will be able use to answer client questions with much more ease and convert more sales. From a marketing standpoint, there is no longer the need to rush production to exhibit a product at a tradeshow, you can just upload it to Onu One and create a 3D image for clientele to see. This reduces the potential room for error in rushing the production process.

Onu can be used by people who aren’t that versed in creating 3D models in addition to those who are. People like engineers proposing an idea, sales reps on a call, and even exhibitors at trade shows, can all take advantage of its features. There are different subscription plans available, as well as a free trial. Go to to find out more or to download the Onu software.

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Smart Phone and Tablet Accessories

It seems that in this era of technology we can’t get enough accessories for our phones and tablets. That makes sense because it is hard to live without them in a society which functions off them. We all know and despise the feeling of being out and about without a way to charge our phones.


An accessory company that aimed its efforts to fix that common problem is called Cellstall. They’ve got a wide range of accessories for many different brands including phone and tablet chargers. Let’s highlight two of their products.

The USB charger is a smart charger, which means it can identify the exact charge rate necessary to charge your phone without hurting the battery. It has dual USB ports so you can charge up to two devices at a time. This product is available for Apple, Samsung, and more.

The other product is their Cell Phone Travel Charger Set that does exactly that, charges your phone while you travel. It has a Dual USB charger as well as a Car charger that you can plug your USB into while on the road. Its available for most all brands and comes with both a 3 foot and 6 foot 8-point cable for iOS devices. With its quick charge and over-load protection this products is perfect for charging all your devices on the go. Like the USB charger, it also protects the battery when overheated and charges devices faster.

Both products come with a one-year warranty and no questions asked. The USB charger goes for $11.99 while the Travel Charger sells for $18.99. So, head on over to or Amazon to buy one today.

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RealPresence Web Suite

Access Your Computers Remotely

Working remotely or telecommuting is becoming more and more popular every day. But certain types of work require access to multiple computers in multiple locations. That’s why people turn to remote access software. LiteManager is one of the most popular brands that allows you to access any number of computers remotely. Now with their newest version 4.6.2 you can do so much more.


With Linux and Mac OS support as well as screen-sharing capabilities, LiteManager is universal. You can use it to offer remote tech support, to check in on your team’s work, to access your own home office computer or even to organize remote computer classes. With the new screen-sharing function you can now put on remote presentations where you also have the option of drawing on the screen and recording the screen-sharing sessions for later reference. If you plan to export your presentation, you can add your corporate logo for program branding.

There is a free version of LiteManager which allows you to control up to 30 computers, but it doesn’t include all the capabilities of the full version. The full version of LiteManager 4.6.2 goes for $10 a license or $10 per controlled computer. But there are lower rates if you buy licenses in bulk.

Go to to learn more.

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High End Web Collaboration

The workplace of the future is here. And if you work in an environment where you have to join meetings, share information, and collaborate regardless of your location, then you should check out Polycom’s RealPresence Web Suite.


RealPresence Web Suite is a web collaboration tool that has high end voice, video, and content sharing tools, allowing you to Join an existing meeting, start an impromptu one, or schedule a future meeting regardless of your location. All you need is a web browser. Then you can start sharing multiple documents with multiple participants in the meeting. The meeting host can allow other participants to share content with up to 6 documents viewed at once. And participants on the call can annotate in real time.

During the meeting you can “point” to a section of the document or presentation you’re talking about for emphasis. You can even pre-attach documents while scheduling so when the meeting starts everything is all queued up. When one person is speaking, the auto zoom frame and zoom feature does just that, to any person in the room who is speaking.

RealPresence is a resource that will benefit inter-business relationships as well as relationship with partners worldwide. It will open more doors for opportunities to collaborate and expand beyond the community or office. The key to RealPresence Web Suite is the ease with which you can host or join web collaboration meetings. RealPresence Web Suite lets you easily arrange meetings by automatically sending calendar invitations so participants can simply click to join. Now, the workplace of the future is all about open and collaborative environments, with quality user experiences and integrated workflows. To find out more about RealPresence Web Suite go to today.

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HomeWeb by Cognitier – Access To All Your Files

There are times when you are out and about and need something that’s on your home or work computer. Back in the day we’d have to go to the computer. But this is the 21st century and that is no longer necessary. Check out a new service called HomeWeb by Cognitier.


HomeWeb allows you to securely access all the files on your computer’s hard drive and do any manner of tasks like printing or sending e-mails, all remotely. While other cloud-based services allow you to view a snapshot of files that were last uploaded to the cloud, HomeWeb allows you direct access to your hard drive. They think of it as a reverse-cloud where instead of accessing the cloud from your computer, your computer is the cloud and you can access it from anywhere including your smartphone.

HomeWeb has several features including the ability to let you convert your home or work files to PDF format for easier viewing. And for people who have multiple computer screens, it enables the ability to create “cloud clusters” to perform searches on all screens simultaneously.

To use it all you have to do is download the software onto your computer and then enter your e-mail address into it. You’ll then receive an e-mail with an activation code and personalized web address that gives you a direct portal into your hard drive from any browser. Enter the activation code then open the web address and within just a few seconds you’ll have access to your home computer files. The best part is it’s free. Go to learn more.

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ELB 400

Childhood Development Programs

As a parent your number one goal is to raise a healthy and happy child who has the skills to succeed. However, despite our best efforts sometimes we have trouble navigating through certain situations. Some children are clumsy or have problems reading, spelling or other academic work. What do you do? Check out CoordiChild.


CoordiChild is a childhood development program that was developed over more than 47 years of working with children who have developmental delays and learning problems. The program moves through the developmental phases needed for the body and mind to work together efficiently and automatically. The program is organized into 8 levels: sensory processing, sensory motor skills, brain bridging, laterality, posture and balance, praxis, perceptual motor, and applied sensory and motor skills. Improvements in the child’s gross and fine motor skills resulting in improved social interaction and cognitive learning. The sensory-motor phase of a child’s development includes balance, the ability of two sides of the body to work together and the ability to plan movements effectively. By going through the various exercises in this program the child should be ready to learn and interact in a social environment.

The complete program goes for one year and is done 5 days a week for 15 minutes every day. They’ve compiled video recording and exercises to have the parents work with the kids at home in a comfortable setting and in a fun way. While working with the parents’ schedule, Coordikids aims to encourage optimal development.

The complete one-year program is $49 a month while if you buy individual programs they’re $59 a month for a 4 month program. They even have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. So head to, take the quiz and sign up for the best program for your child.

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Expert Photography Lighting

If you’re an action photographer or someone who wants a robust camera lighting setup then this new product is right for you.


The ELB 400 is a portable 400ws flash system for semi pro and pro photographers who travel and shoot on location. It’s under 5 pounds and extremely portable but powerful. The ELB 400 can charge up to 350 full powered flashes, allowing photographers to capture tons of images on a single charged Lithium-ion battery. It can go from dead to full charge in about an hour and a half. Its perfect for portraits as well as action shots thanks to its asynchronous diffusion of light, which enables photographers to capture the proper contrast ratio, and its two flash pack that syncs speeds greater than 1/320 sec.

Now again it’s for the on-location shoot so this camera is rugged and pretty weather-resistant. With the built-in Elinchrom Skyport system you can remotely adjust the ELB, fire and configure it from your skyport transmitter, laptop or even the iOS app.

This product is well suited for photographers who want or need to work everywhere with no limitations. You can buy the ELB 400 as part of a kit. Each kit comes with the ELB 400 and its battery, charger, strap, Skyport and a choice of the action or pro heads. The differences between the kits are the type of heads. Fast flash duration use the action head. Normal flash duration use the Pro head. Go to to see supporting dealers today to pick up one of these bad boys or any of the compatible accessories in the Elinchrom series.

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