Digital Loyalty Cards for Your Business

Gift cards and loyalty reward programs are popular for a reason. People are more likely to return to a business if they are recognized for their patronage. They are a vital marketing tool to get your brand out there, reward employees, and maintain a healthy customer-base. One company offering an e-card rewards system is Tango Card. Not only do e-cards it save trees by being completely electronic, they are impossible to lose between couch cushions or under the car seat, unlike their physical counterparts. Tango Card is who you should look to when it comes to setting up a customer loyalty program or employee engagement program with these handy rewards.Tango CardFor customer loyalty they have a multitude of options but have already partnered with a number of big companies to offer products like Blast Rewards. Blast Rewards allow users to send a slew of e-gift cards branded with their custom logo. Or, perhaps you would prefer their Rewards as a Service API. This handy service allows the integration of your rewards program into your company website or app.

For those who want to keep it real simple, Tango has just the right choice. Use their Rewards Genius tool where you can send gift cards through their portal. Implementing any of the tools in this system hasproven to yield up to a 500 percent increase in customer engagement, in some cases. Tango Card doesn’t just focused on external loyalty, but also internally with your employees. The best encouragement is one tailored to an employee’s personal needs. Reward your employees with e-cards for birthdays, high performance, or just health and wellness. To find out more about Tango Card, visit

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Hue Lights

Custom Home Lighting

It is becoming easier and easier to customize aspects of our living space with technology these days. Smart bulbs are on the fast track to popularity as they put home lights under your control. Who wouldn’t want to have limitless options for lighting their home? It isn’t as simple as just acquiring the bulbs, though. To get the best results, it’s necessary to have the right app for the job. Here’s an app that works beautifully with the Phillips Hue Hue LightsLine.

hue lights

The name of the app of course is Hue Lights. You simply screw in the light bulbs wherever you want an extra custom touch and turn them on. Then, open the app and connect to each bulb with the press of a button. The bulbs use wifi and show up with a quick scan. They’re all now under your control. Schedule them to go on or off anytime of day, turn individual ones on or off, or dim them using different hues. How about simulating a sunrise or a lightning storm? Yep you can do it with this app. In fact, you can use up to 16 million different colors and shades of white to create any scene you want. Perfect for a concert setting or a fade in or fade out theatrical setting.

The Hue Lights app actually works with any bulb that uses ZigBee standard technology such as GE Link or Osram bulbs. It’s compatible with any iOS device including the new Apple Watch. The free version of Hue Lights allows you to control two lights but with in-app purchases you can unlock up to 50 lights. Search Hue Lights in your appstore today, or head to for more information.

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SAT Prep in an App

For all the students out there, there is no such thing as too earlyto start prepping for the PSAT and SAT. We looked into the best solution for getting prepared because thats what we do here at NewsWatch. As with many things these days, this new studying solution is an app, called Zinkerz SAT. Think of it like your own SAT prep tutor in the form of an app.Zinkerz - Mody Exam SheetThis efficient tool lets students prep for the PSAT and SAT with full practice exams, personalized material, games, and even a study road-map. It produces daily material like exercises that cover every topic on the SAT from geometry to grammar. Students can tackle mini challenges that test their knowledge against the clock.

Of course, there is a practice test every week.
Practice exams are an essential way to prepare for the real thing, especially with the challenging material that Zinkerz covers. There are four full practice exams with more coming soon. Each is timed and graded just like the real thing so they really get in the frame of mind of taking standardized tests.

Additional features include drills and flashcards, experience and level rewards, and over five hours of free content. With all these study tools built into one place, it saves students both time and money on supplies. Not to mention, the ability to bring study materials on the go in such a compact format ensures students have no excuse to not be prepared! The app is free but to use Zinkerz SAT its $9.99 for one month, $19.99 for 3, and $59.99 for a year. You can download it on iOS or Android devices in your app store, or head to for more information today.

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Mobile Discount Shopping

An affinity for shopping can get expensive pretty quickly. Not to mention, a busy lifestyle often makes it hard to get out there and find the good deals. Here is a great website with an accompanying app for any of you who need a solution to this problem, especially tailored to a woman’s fashion needs. Look no further than a unique website and app called is a deal site that collaborates with high quality vendors to sell boutique items like womens clothing, womens accessories, and home décor. It doesn’t stop there, as they have an excellent selection of accessories for children and babies. Every day at midnight over 200 deals go live on Every deal is discounted from the retail price, and can be as much as 80% off. If a deal doesnt sell out, itll only be available for 3 days.

While the website is great, the app makes taking advantage of these deals an easy and accessible experience. Once downloaded, signing in with either Facebook or e-mail will streamline access to the apps features. Whenever the app is opened you will see the top deals of the day. All of’s available merchandise is easy to browse. It’s as easy as a tap of the finger to learn more about any of their accessories or fashion statements. Once youre ready to make a purchase, everything is done seamlessly on one page. It should be noted that items sell out quickly so its best to get there early, or take advantage of the Sneak-Peeks feature. This handy ability will let you see tomorrows deals a day early. Simply “favorite” a sneak-peek, and you will be notified when as soon as it’s live. The Jane app is available on iOS and Android devices for free. Go to the app store to download it today, or head to their website

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Youtube Gaming – The Newest Competition to Twitch

Youtube Gaming logo

YouTube is bringing the heat to Twitch with its new YouTube Gaming platform. YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website but one segment it failed to conquer is live gameplay streaming. Twitch currently has more than 40% live streaming share but if YouTube gets its way it will hope to steal some of that away. YouTube is already a money making machine for many reviewers and gamers in the world but at the same time Twitch users also earn a great amount of money with their live streams. Both entities were targeting different niches but now competition has just begun.

Twitch founder Justin Kan came up with some pretty weird ideas before launching Twitch. The live streaming platform was started from, a platform where Justin used to broadcast his own life to the viewers. The platform became popular because prices of webcams and broadband internet fell drastically. was launched in 2005 and had mixed criticism. People didn’t like the reality TV concept but they wanted to know how to stream their own videos.

Youtube Gaming
Screenshot from

In 2011, allowed users to live stream their videos but one category that picked up pace was gaming. People were streaming live gameplays and it just took off from there. This sparked an idea in Justin’s mind to start a streaming website dedicated to gaming only. As a result, Twitch was formed in June, 2011. Since then it kept on growing and growing. It has a larger share of live streaming than any other website and houses more than a 100 million views each month.

The success of Twitch was haunting YouTube for quite some time. YouTube doesn’t want to lose its dominance in the video streaming market. As a result, the development team of YouTube started working on its own exclusive game streaming platform. The rumors started flowing back in April this year and YouTube Gaming has finally launched this month.

Featured ChannelsLive streaming is becoming increasingly popular, more and more companies are diving in to live streaming. Facebook allows exclusive people to live stream through its Mentions app, Twitter’s ownPeriscope is gaining immense popularity and Meerkat is also a very good live streaming application. It is a high time for YouTube to step in to the game and steal the show. The reason why YouTube can become an instant success is its infrastructure.

YouTube is owned by Google, a company which has the best server infrastructure in the world. It is hard to compete with Google in terms of servers and this is the sole reason behind the success of YouTube. YouTube was acquired by Google back in 2006. Now it has become a billion dollar entity on its own.

YouTube Gaming is launched across the world where YouTube is available. It has more than 25,000 pages dedicated to games and many channels from game publishers. Users can download YouTube Gaming’s app on iOS and Android or navigate to for the web version. The website is currently available only in English but with time it will support other languages as well.

YouTube already had thousands of gamers who posted regular videos and earned through its AdSense program. YouTube Gaming is more focused towards live streaming since it is a direct competitor to Twitch. All gaming related videos from YouTube will also be transferred to YouTube Gaming. So you can expect popular gamers such as PewDiePie, Melonie Mac and many others to have their channels on YouTube Gaming.

Google has also developed a beta version of the dashboard in YouTube Gaming which is designed to make streaming much easier. At the moment, if you want to live stream any event on YouTube, you have to go through a process which has several restrictions and guidelines to maintain quality.

YouTube Gaming’s app is a breeze to use and has a great user interface. You expect everything to be perfect in a platform especially when it is coming from YouTube. In his blog, Product Manager, Alan Joyce states:

“Keeping up with these games and channels is now super easy, too. Add a game to your collection for quick access whenever you want to check up on the latest videos. Subscribe to a channel, and you’ll get a notification as soon as they start a live stream. Uncover new favorites with recommendations based on the games and channels you love. And when you want something specific, you can search with confidence, knowing that typing “call” will show you “Call of Duty” and not “Call Me Maybe.”

With YouTube Gaming you will have access to all the latest videos of your video game in front of you. There is no need to navigate to your favorite channel’s page and search for the new video. You will get a notification when a new video is uploaded by your favorite channel or the game you have added in your collection.

YouTube is bringing all the live streaming features to YouTube Gaming which means you can stream your games at 60 FPS which is the best feature of YouTube for gamers. The development team is also eliminating scheduling the live event which is part of the process for live stream on YouTube. Now you will be able to instantly stream your gaming videos to your viewers. Lastly, YouTube Gaming will have a single link for all your live streams so you do not have to create a new link each time you live stream your videos.

YouTube Gaming is a big step forward for YouTube.  It has entered the live streaming platform when other competitors are also relatively new. Google wanted to acquire Twitch last year for $1 billion but the deal didn’t go through and now the search engine giant is ready to try and crush it. It will not be an easy process but YouTube Gaming is bound to be successful and steal a major chunk of traffic from Twitch in the coming months.

Safe Social Network for Kids

There are countless social network apps out there. With Facebook, Twitter, and everything in between, there are lots of options, some of which are quite good. We have to be honest though. Most, if not all of them, arent kid-friendly. Inappropriate content and bullying are real issues for kids. One solution to this problem is an app we’d like to talk about called Kidzworld. This is an example of social media that provides a safe and fun environment for kids and teens to enjoy between the ages of 9 and 16.

Kidzworld Screenshot With 2.1 million users it has already a proven itself tobe an established social network that strives to provide a safe environment for kids. One key element that separates it from other social media sites is its age appropriate content. The developers have recently released their new iPhone and iPad app, continuing this successful model on a mobile platform. Kidzworld members can create profiles that give them access to 24/7 chat room as well as forums, private messaging, comments, photos, and more.

There are also 5 sections that offer original magazine content covering advice for kids, homework help, movie reviews, and celebrity biographies. Not only that but there are interviews, music videos, video games and sports sections to check out as well. All the content is moderated to make sure it is kept safe and free of inappropriate content and bullying. The idea is to build kids up by adding positivity to their lives. Currently its available as an iOS app with an Android App coming soon. The app is available for free in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Apple Revs Up Electric Car Titled ‘Project Titan’

Project Titan

Apple seems to be gearing up to put their electric car, Project Titan, in overdrive. It was just reported by Reuters that they’ve added yet another former Tesla engineer, Jamie Carlson, to the project.

Back in February a report surfaced that Tim Cook had approved the Apple electric car project all the way back in early 2014. The Wall Street Journal at the time added to the story revealing that hundreds of employees were put onto the project.

“Apple has several hundred employees working secretly toward creating an Apple-branded electric vehicle, according to people familiar with the matter. They said the project, code-named “Titan” has an initial design of a vehicle that resembles a minivan, one of these people said.” The Wall Street Journal article stated.

Steve Zadesky, a former executive with Ford, is heading up the project and has apparently been tasked with creating a 1,000-person team, which he evidently is wasting no time doing.

Since then there have been several “poached” engineers joining Apple’s top secret project. Now what’s interesting about Carlson and these recent others joining the fold is their placement in the self driving car team. Carlson specifically brings experience from his involvement in Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving program.

The other recent additions include former VW engineer, Megan McClain, former Nvidia employee, Xianquiao Tong as well as Vinay Palakkode, Paul Frugal and Doug Betts.

Now while you might be getting worked up at the idea of Apple poaching another company’s employees like some large multi-billion-dollar bully, you might want to check your ire. It seems there has been some kind of poaching seesaw between the two giants.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, had this to say, “I certainly hope Apple gets into the car business. That would be great.”

He followed up this seemingly passive-aggressive comment with, “But we’re not seeing any significant attrition of engineers to Apple, for anything. Cars or otherwise. Anyone can find this out by going on LinkedIn. If you look at the trailing 12 months, Tesla has recruited something like five times as many people from Apple as Apple has from Tesla.”

I guess all is fair in love and industry war. Apple reportedly is planning to have their Titan car ready for launch by 2020. Seems to me that’s a bit of a stiff target but with the amount of qualified resources their pouring into this project something tells me they just might make it.


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