Portable Phone Charging and Data Sharing

With an overwhelming amount of new tech products follow an endless line of accessories to support them, making it difficult for many startups or new products to stand out.  However, an Australian brand, PlusUs, is succeeding in catching people’s attention with innovative and stylish products. Among them include LifeLink, LifeCard, and LifeShare.

LifeLink is the world’s thinnest USB charging cable that fits right in your wallet or on a key ring. It’s got an ultra portable charge and sync cable and it quite convenient.  LifeCard is an ultra-slim power bank that can power up your smartphone on the go. It’s about the size of 3 credit cards stacked on top of eachother but size is not reflective of its power in this case– depending on your device it can charge 50-80% of your phone and it has a built in cable. For an iPhone 5 it can charge up to 80%, iPhone 6 around 65% and and iPhone 6 plus charges around 40%. Conveniently you can also charge the device while you charge LifeCard. Lastly, LifeStar is a product that connects two android devices together so they can share power and data.  It is tangle free and very durable. The cord is made with a metal shield and double stitched materials. They come in all different styles and colors as well. The applications for the LifeStar are diverse and could be so useful in multiple different scenarios, such as sharing presentations with colleagues without using up your data or waiting on Wi-Fi or sharing photos with friends and family in a simple and quick way.

These are only a few examples of gadget accessories and portable designs PlusUs has to offer. One bonus in buying accessories from PlusUs is that with each purchase the company donates to a charitable project of the customer’s choice.

To find out more about PlusUs products and to buy a few of your own go to PlusUs.com.au.

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Wearable, Interactive Posture Training

With advances in technology like tablets and smartphones we’ve seen certain problems arise. One such problem is Gameboy disease. Gameboy disease is a common problem among kids between 8 and 18.  It has symptoms like poor posture, neck pain, back pain, headaches and vision problems. It can even lead to obesity, herniated disks and high blood pressure.  These complications can result in significant disability in early adulthood and later life. A new product is being developed with a solution to this problem. Medical Wearable Solutions is developing a product called EyeForcer. They’ve come to CES to highlight their product.

The disease is visible in children age 8-18.  Prevention can start at age 3.  In children Bone responds in the same way as wood.  If you force it in a certain direction over a prolonged period, it will grow in that direction.

EyeForcer consists of glassless frames that are worn on the face.  After installing the accompanying app on the device being used, EyeForcer goes into action.  When the child’s head drops below 20 degrees a warning is sent to the app so the child can be corrected. The glasses are able to detect when the child is slouching or sitting and whether or not it is a position that could potentially hard their physical development over time. If the child ignores the warnings then the app can shut down the game. And based on the number of warnings, the app can increase or decrease playing time. By controlling the game in this way EyeForcer promotes safe and proper use of electronics for kids. The product can be used by kids as young as 3 years old to prevent the possible onslaught of Gameboy Disease before it happens. Parents can log into the app using a password so they can create settings like how long the child can play and even what apps they can access.

For more information on EyeForcer go to MedicalWearableSolutions.com.

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Enabling Everything For Your Smart House

You might not be familiar with Z-Wave, but it’s the technology behind those gadgets that make your home smart.  Well, we want to tell you a little about that tech and some cool new Z-Wave products, so we caught up with the Z-Wave Alliance Executive Director, Mitchell Klein, to give us the details.

“Z-Wave is a wireless technology which is designed to communicate from device to device, so that equipment can talk to itself and to each other. Also enabling you to communicate and control directly to devices with your smart phone and with other devices in your home. BeONHome are light bulbs that the home owner can screw in themselves that provide smart light bulb type security in the house, tie into your security system, to your doorbells, and even be able to replay the last several days of lighting in the home to make it look like somebody is in the house while you’re away.” For more information about BeONHome visit: BeONHome.com

“The GoControl Irrigation Controller is a device that will take over and control the irrigation and the sprinklers in your home. In addition to controlling it fundamentally, it will take a look at the weather forecast and existing weather conditions and adapt accordingly.” To see what else Nortek has coming soon visit their website.

“Fibaro SWIPE is a gesture controller that connects up to all the smart devices in the house and enables the home owner to program the gestures, whether left, right up, and down. Maybe we can raise and lower the volume, perhaps this can turn the lights on. Oh, and by the way, it works through walls, you can put it underneath your cabinet in the kitchen, this is a really cool product.” To get your own visit: Fibaro.com.

“The important aspect for the consumer is what we would call inter-operability. So that rather than focusing on ‘what technology do it need to deploy in the home?’ You can look at the different products and the different brands and as long as they are all Z-Wave enabled, they will all work together and communicate with each other.”

If you want more info on how Z-Wave can help make your home smart, head to z-wave.com today.

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Perfect Smartphone Photos

Mobile phone usage has grown far beyond making calls and sending texts. The majority of people are now using their smartphones as cameras. While most phones take decent photos, this isn’t always enough. Enter ExoLens. ExoLens turns your phone into a powerful photography and videography tool. It features three types of interchangeable, low-distortion lenses and a precision-engineered aluminum bracket with an integrated standard tripod mount. When you’re ready to take a picture, just attach a lens of your choice. The lenses screw in quickly and easily. ExoLens lenses dramatically raise the quality of your smartphone’s photos.

“ExoLens for iPhone helps you capture professional-level photos and videos. It delivers clear, crisp visuals thanks to meticulously engineered lenses made from the highest-grade materials. You can swap these lenses in seconds using the compact and functional machined aluminum bracket lined with ultra-soft protective foam. ExoLens’ optics open up new dimensions for the already powerful iPhone camera: The 165-degree wide-angle lens expands the iPhone’s frame by up to 35% capturing more context and allowing your images to reflect the way the human eye actually sees the world. The telephoto lens, one of the highest power on the market, provides an optical zoom for crisp distant images and pixel-perfect portrait photography.”

If you are looking for an everyday case solution with attachable lenses, look no further than ExoLens Case. ExoLens Case is a sleek and protective case for your iPhone® that features interchangeable, photo enhancing-lenses.  Prices on these products range from $69.99 to $149.99. Every ExoLens kit includes lenses. You can view and purchase their products at exolens.com andAmazon.com.  At CES, ExoLens announced their partnership with optics manufacturer, Zeiss. This partnership allows ExoLens to bring never-before-seen quality and versatility to the rapidly growing mobile photography market. ExoLens with Optics by Zeiss will launch later this year so don’t forget to keep an eye out for that.

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All Your Streaming In One

Streaming video sites are becoming increasingly popular these days. With a new platform seeming to pop up every other week it’s hard to stay on top of it all or stay organized.  The app PlayOn has found a unique angle.

This PC app allows you to aggregate all your various streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu into one easy-to-use interface on your PC.  Once installed PlayOn uses your home network to stream through any streaming device you have connected to your TV – like a Roku, Chromecast or gaming console.  Beyond that, PlayOn allows you to record anything from your streaming services, from movies to entire show series.  These recordings are automatically saved to your computer as an MP4, which is great because you can watch them on any device, like your ipad or tablet without needing internet.  And with your recordings, you have the option to automatically skip all the ads.  Additionally, you don’t have to be at your computer to record content, you can set a subscription to automatically record any new episodes as soon as they are released.  PlayOn also lets you add your local media and watch it on any device. This ranges from home videos, music, movies, to photos and enables you to watch from anywhere and anytime. PlayOn is affordable, convenient, and efficient.

“All your favorite TV shows, music and movies are organized under one roof. It’s never been easier to watch what you want now. You’re just one click away from watching any show from any streaming site on your PC, TV, tablet, or mobile device. Upgrade to record streaming video so you can watch anytime anywhere on any device. Skip the ads on playback with AdSkip.”

To download and install PlayOn for free head to playon.tv and be sure to download the free accompanying apps on iOS and Android devices.

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Roast, Grind, Brew Coffee Maker

Most of us can’t live without coffee, especially during CES. And what could possibly be better than making coffee more accessible and more affordable for everyone? Also ensuring that the sourcing of said coffee is accountable. One emerging company is bringing coffee makers to the 21st century by creating not only a machine but a way of life and a community.

It is called Bonaverde and they are here to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. Bonaverde’s Founder, Hans Stier, describes his product as, “the world’s 1st Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee maker that connects you directly with the coffee grower – in your kitchen, in your office, in your local coffee shop.” It appears that this new machine can do it all. It connects all aspects of one simple pot of coffee in one transaction making that first morning cup all the more savory. According to Hans, “Bonaverde internet-connected all machines to be a network of the freshest coffee ever: you check on the map where to get your favorite cup, you go and identify yourself as a “CoffeeChanger” and get free Coffee wherever there is a Bonaverde Coffee Corner. “It’s like a Spotify for coffee.” The new company has expanded the world of coffee.

While coffee is a necessity for most of us in the working world, it can also get quite expensive paying for it daily. So for all the coffee lovers out there, Bonaverde is letting people sign up free of charge on their platform with six months of free coffee. As of May, Bonaverde’s founder states the company will install machines in all major cities with $10 memberships per month. As a perk to signing up in advance the company guarantees its first members six months of free coffee, so if you are addicted to coffee or enjoy it on a daily basis, head to bonaverde.com today.

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Interactive Exercise App and Pod

If you’re interested in muscle strength training for sports, bodybuilding or just to look and feel good then pay attention to this product.  Mpower works with your muscles to get the results you want by removing the mystery from working out.

It’s a small pod that attaches to any muscle on your body with a strap or adhesive.  It then measures a specific muscle or up to four muscles at one time. It does this by using state-of-the-art sEMG signal analysis, which allows Mpower to measure the electrical signals your muscles produce during training. It can measure fast and slow muscle fibers and detect fatigue. By doing this it can inform you how effectively your training and specific exercises activate your muscles – and especially your fast muscle fibers that are needed for speed and maximum strength and growth of muscle.  This also allows you then to observe the impact and progress of your training in numbers rather than in the mirror. These number results can help motivate you to pursue higher goals even when you can’t see physical results. Everyone can benefit from strength training and Mpower’s mission is to inform and help athletes to understand their bodies and train in a healthy way that will build the most possible strength.

Their website says it best: “We are a company passionate about sports and how strength training can change how strong, fast and healthy people are. Our aim is to develop the Mpower strength trainer so that people can understand what’s happening in their muscles when they train – and be strong.

All you need to do is strap on the Mpower and start up the accompanying app. Use the app to plan, track and record your workouts so you can see what’s working or not. So to track your workouts and get more analysis into your conditioning, go to http://igg.me/at/mpowerbestrong.

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