Geyser Technologies – Hot Water On-the-Go

Tech Report

If you’re a real outdoor enthusiast, then you’ll be a fan of this next invention. The Geyser System is the world’s most portable, hot shower that lets you take a hot shower no matter where you are. All that’s needed to get it going is one gallon of water.

All you have to do to get started is plug the Geyser into a power source such as your car or small deep cell battery.

This portable hot shower is geared towards campers, athletes, festival goers, all the dirty sweaty people who need a good rinse.

The two-tubed Geyser apparatus requires a car charger and takes 20-30 minutes to heat up your 4 quarts of grime remover.

All you have to do is open the lid and pour in a gallon of water. Attach a “Skrub” to the Geyser System and begin your cleansing with a steady flow of water. If you want a hot, refreshing shower, wait 15-35 minutes before turning on the pump. You can also have a hot shower in 5 minutes if you add a small amount of hot water from your camp stove.

Think about it, how good would it feel to scrub down after a long hike or camping trip without having to wait until you actually find a shower?

And not just for showers, Geyser can also be used to clean off dishes and gear. A sponge is attached at the end of the hose for continuous, but controlled, water flow which lasts up to 7 minutes per gallon.

When you do this, it’ll use less water to avoid waste. Water level sensors will let you know when you’re running low so you can plan as needed.

Simply, adventure is redefined with Geyser Systems.

For more information head over to today or donate to their Kickstarter.


Picwell – Helping to Make Finding Health Insurance Simple

Consumer Update

It’s no doubt that the healthcare system is complex and difficult for the average consumer to navigate. So, the moment a person chooses a healthcare plan, there’s a good chance they’re not selecting a plan that’s the best for them.

This is where Picwell comes in.

Created by academics and industry experts, Picwell offers products to help people get the benefits for their needs.

Primarily what’s done is to help people select health insurance plans. In doing so, Picwell collects information about people and use that to match them to the right health insurance benefit.

Picwell’s goal is to help ensure that you’re making a better decision when it comes to picking your plan because let’s face it, it’s a daunting task.

It all goes back to the primary benefit of getting matched to the correct health insurance plan and save money in the process. Picwell also knows that people who use their platform save an average of $1,000.

With Picwell, consumers get matched with the right plans and spending less on them. In addition, this helps with cost growth which is a big driver of cost for employers but is leaving the consumer with more money in their pocket.

Looking at the cost alone isn’t enough and it ignores the reason we get health insurance in the first place. With this, you have to bring in that element of risk and evaluate it properly and that’s where Picwell’s background comes into play.

Picwell’s strength is to think about the trade-off between cost, risk, and knowing how much people really should be paying to buy extra risk protection. And if you avoid that, then you’re really ignoring an imperative part of health insurance. There are other things that people care about as well, such as, “Can I continue seeing my doctor?” and “How much money could I save if I switched doctors?” Those questions are the important questions that Picwell considers vital information to people picking a health insurance plan.

If you’d like to learn more about Picwell, head to today.

Shepherd Shield – Always Be in the Know When it Comes to Security Threats


It’s sometimes a question we pose to ourselves to only be on the safe side… “Is this new place I’m going to safe?” “What’s the criminal activity here?”

Luckily, there’s an app called Shepherd Shield that can put your mind at ease.

Shepherd Shield’s mission is to have users stay vigilant of security threats while simultaneously keeping appraised of personal security.

If you’re in an area where there’s a threat, such as an active shooter, you’ll instantly get a push notification straight to your phone so you can take the necessary safety precautions.

Users have a customized choice of categories, including high crime areas, active shooter alerts, terrorist threats, weather emergencies, and the addresses of registered sex offenders.

If you happen to enter an area where there’s a current threat, you immediately be notified by the app without having to open it. In addition, there’s a feature that allows you to warn others of any nearby dangers. All you have to do is report the crime, enter the date, time, and any media you may have to validate your claim.

In addition, a user can pre-set their “Top 5 Safety Spots” such as school, office building, etc, etc. If an alert were to show in one of those spots, the user’s Shepherd Shield would automatically send a notice.

Every second counts in life-threatening situations, so you can count on Shepherd Shield.

Learn more by heading to or go directly to the App or Google Play Store.


Swimline – Get Your Float On

Consumer Update

It seems like spring just got here, but alas, summer is making its way upon us. Well, usually when one thinks of summer, they think of beaches, cruises, pools, and more. And what do you need other than your swimsuit? A huge, attention-grabbing float.

Well, in that case, time to get acquainted with Swimline.

Swimline sells pool inflatables that are made for all ages.

Since 1971, Swimline has been family-owned and on a mission to set trends with their innovative products. At the outset, they were the largest global manufacturer of above-ground pool liners and covers and later made a huge splash (no pun intended) with their high-quality water toys and accessories.

Babies, kids, adults, you name it! Swimline is friendly for all ages and provides a fun way to lounge on the water.

In fact, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris & Kim Kardashian have gotten in on the fun on one of the giant swan floats.

Swimline provides all of the following:

  • Pool toys, games, and inflatables
  • Pool floating lounges & mattresses
  • Pool liners & covers
  • Solstice water sports
  • HyrdroTools pool maintenance

Swimline offers ample fun and innovative designs so if you’re looking for a particular kind, chances are that they have it. From pizzas and flamingoes to rainbows and cookies, Swimline can help you stand out for the best.

And if you’re having a more adult-themed party, Swimline has an ice-cold beer, Bloody Mary, Margarita, and a bottle of rose float to fill the bar.

The quality is what makes their products stand out. And to sweeten the pot, all of Swimline floats come with a one-year warranty.

So get onboard one of Swimline’s epic floats today!

Titanium Sunglasses – Block Sunrays in Style

Consumer Update

Sunglasses aren’t only imperative when you’re out in the sun, but they also contribute a hint of style. Though sunglasses are a popular wearable, they’re usually not made for adventurous activity.

Well, that is until we heard about William Painter’s Titanium Sunglasses.

Titanium Sunglasses were designed to withstand any condition without losing points for style. And as one of the largest sunglasses campaigns on Kickstarter, William Painter rapidly became popular for their blend of premium materials such as Titanium and high-grade polarized nylon lenses.

And you may be wondering, “Why William Painter?” Well, here’s a list we came up with that may give you the answers you’re looking for:

  1. Stronger – crafted with Aerospace grade titanium and made with the same material as Fighter Jets and Lamborghinis. Just try and break them. But if you happen to break them, don’t worry. William Painter provides a lifetime guarantee and will replace the sunglasses no matter what happens to them.
  2. Lighter – Titanium is the well-kept secret behind these strong yet light glasses. They’re light enough to take anywhere and tough enough to make it there
  3. Scratch resistant – the Titanium is coated with “Black Armour” so it is protective anodizing inspired by drill bits, knives, and firearms.
  4. Optically Superior – with their Japanese Nylon Polarized lenses, they integrate both polarizing and tint layers all the way through the lens so you receive incredible optics with superior durability.

And if your style is unique – don’t stray from it! William Painter is bound to have designs and styles that speak to your personality. But in case you may be curious, The Hook and The Empire are one of their most popular designs.

For instance, with The Hook, you’ll see forged from aerospace grade Titanium. The Hook offers total comfort and durability that’s accompanied by a lifelong guarantee. You don’t ever have to worry about taking them along for the adventure!

In addition, William Painter’s Titanium Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, but keep you looking fashionable.

To purchase a pair of these well-made sunglasses head on over to today.


Paww Headphones – Not Just Stylish, But Delivers Exquisite Sound Quality

Consumer Update

When it comes to your headphones’ sound quality, you never want it shortchanged. And you’re probably always willing to make sure that they’re comfortable, noise-canceling, and inexpensive, right? I mean, after all, you may be wearing these daily and want something that’s going to be worth wearing.

Well, Paww provides unique headphones that are not only designed to look stylish but to also give a great listening experience. How do they do this? They use cutting-edge technology.

Paww took off with the thought that in-ear headphones would greatly benefit by utilizing 2 drivers instead of one.

DualSound was designed for active wear and features clips that securely fasten to your shirt when you’re on the go.

Its features include:

  • Dual driver technology
  • CD quality sound
  • Noise suppression
  • User-focused design
  • High-Quality Microphone for making and receiving calls

Their next product showcases a rapidly winding tech curve with their over-the-ear headphones.

It sports state-of-the-art noise canceling and Bluetooth equipped technologies. It provides ample comfort as the WaveSound 3 is great for getting lost in your own world without pesky interference of cables.

The WaveSound 3 is available in “Black Glow” or “White Shine” and offers the following qualities:

  • Incredible Sound – combining two 30 mm Neodymium drivers, Paww WaveSound 3 headphones recreate an amazing sound that’s balanced, yet punchy
  • Durable and Ergonomic – specially designed for more comfort over your ears
  • Compact Design – aside from its elegant looks, WaveSound 3 headphones are practical and portable
  • High-Quality Microphone for Making and Receiving Calls – a built-in microphone that can be used to make or receive calls when connected to your cell phone.

Or if you happen to be interested in a more lightweight option, the WaveSound 2.1 headphones offer an even further affordable option that delivers quality sound and the convenience of Bluetooth.

For more information or to peruse Paww’s collection, head over to today.

O-Yaki – The Better Way to Cook Kebabs

Consumer Update

It’s summertime and that means firing up the grill! And what cookout menu doesn’t have kebabs? And if you don’t have skewers, 1) how are you doing BBQs right?! and 2) If you need some, there’s no better skewer set to get than O-YAKI.

What’s great about these skewers is that you can leave them on the grill without constant tending and need for rotation.

These skewers were created to provide a more efficient way to cook with skewers, whether it’s outside on the grill or inside your oven. In addition, O-YAKI’s skewers let you cook several at once.

In addition, O-YAKI offers a reduced risk to uneven cooking and prevents loss of precious marinade juices. With this, you’re able to enjoy grilled skewers regardless of the weather!

The set of metal skewers rests on a specifically designed stand and will let you cook anything you want right in your oven – from kebabs to shrimp or even a whole chicken!

O-YAKI’s set of nine high-grade steel skewers stand up vertically to cook evenly on all sides so there’s no need to turn as you would with traditional skewers. And since you put the stand directly on a baking sheet, the grease won’t touch the grates in the oven.

O-YAKI’s Skewer System can also fit in a grill, just as long as the dome is at least 8 1/2 inches high.

So, if you want to give this one-of-a-kind skewer system a try, head on over to

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