SnoreCoach – Give That Snoring a Rest

Consumer Update

Everyone understands how important getting a good night’s rest is especially if you snore or worse, sleep next to someone who does.

Well, luckily with a little gadget called SnoreCoach, it can track your sleep and send a vibration if it senses you snoring so you can roll over to a different position.

The SnoreCoach will continually track your body position as you sleep and will communicate with the SnoreTrack app on your Apple or Android device.

Filtering out noises like conversation, television, and even ambient sounds, SnoreCoach will make sure that ONLY your snoring is tracked. SnoreCoach will also pair with your phone via Bluetooth and records sleep stats in the SnoreTrack app. You can then see how much time you’ve spent in each sleep position, when you’ve snored and when SnoreCoach helped you stop. You can also even listen to the audio of your snoring the next morning and view sleep trends through the months and years.

If you’re serious about getting your snoring under control, SnoreCoach can help get you there. In efforts to significantly reduce snoring, SnoreCoach takes the place of a sleep partner who gives you the standard “face-push” or subtle, “Shhh!”

With SnoreCoach, users don’t typically know when they’ve been “buzzed” and are able to see on SnoreTrack that they’ve snored. These efforts lead to helping change the snorer’s position so they stop snoring and the sleep partners are relieved.

So, for the sake of your sleep and partner’s sanity, regain the minutes and hours lost to snoring. SnoreTrack is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices and SnoreCoach is available for $98.

If you want to learn more about how you and your partner can have a better and snore-free sleep, head to today.



SpareHire – Helping Your Company Find Quality Talent

Consumer Update

Is your company in need of an extra set of hands? Do you need expertise that you don’t have in-house? What if you needed to start staffing up for a new product launch?

Well lucky for you, SpareHire is a source for finding quality talent for an hourly or temporary position.

With a pool of over 4,000 highly vetted business consultants, you can hire the type of people you need on demand.

For example, if your company is launching a new digital media campaign or if you’ll need extra help around tax season, SpareHire as candidates for the types of roles your company needs fulfilling.

To begin, all you have to do is simply head to, post your job, and start receiving interest from high-end business professionals. You can then compare the candidates and message them directly to schedule a time to speak. And you won’t have to worry about hiring, managing, and paying your worker because it’s all handled through SpareHire. Best of all, you can post a job and review of the applicants all for free. The only time you’ll have to pay is if you decide to bring that person on – which is much cheaper and faster than using a recruiter.

SpareHire’s objective is to help hire top talent via flexible hourly contacts and eventually bring them on full-time.

For contract purposes, SpareHire offers flexible hourly relationships, structured as needed and with rates from $50-$200/hour – 50% less than consulting and staffing firms.

For full-time, top-tier candidates are available on-site in local geographies at a 75% discount to traditional recruiters’ fees. In addition, applicants are fully vetted by the SpareHire team for full-time roles.

So, whether you’re seeking professionals with a strategy, finance, marketing, or IT knowledge, SpareHire can help.

To learn more, head to today.

SkillCrush – Forge Your Own Path in the Tech Industry

Tech Report

The tech industry may strike you as a male-dominated industry, but in reality, technology is for everyone. This means that regardless of age, gender, race, or background, tech is a career path that’s easy to achieve with surprisingly low investment in time, money, and experience.

There’s just one question people usually ask themselves: “Where do I start?”

Enter SkillCrush.

SkillCrush is an online coding school that welcomes anyone with a passion for tech. What’s most ideal about SkillCrush is its ability to adapt to your schedule so you can take classes at your own pace.

Changing careers or learning something entirely new is a daunting thought, but that’s why SkillCrush created a system that’s adaptable to students. Students will also receive one-on-one career counseling, resume and portfolio help, and a community to ask questions and collaborate with other students.

Once students complete their courses, they’ll have access to resources that will help them find jobs and explore new careers.

Once you take the plunge to learn these tech skills, it’ll change your life without requiring a computer science degree. Go ahead, make more money regardless of what your background is. And did you know that Web Developers make an average of $64,000 per year, making it one of the highest paying jobs that doesn’t require a college degree? Sounds like a pretty lucrative and achievable business to get into if you ask us.

Let SkillCrush help get you to the level of achieving your passions in the tech industry. So start learning how to code in a way that fits your life while also forging a path towards your dreams!

Head to today to get started.

Prezi Presentations – Highly Interactive Presentations for Your Audience

Consumer Update

Are you on the verge of giving up on making your presentation methods more engaging? Well, don’t! Prezi Presentations has pioneered a new and improved way of presenting to your audience.

According to a double-blind study, over 1,000 participants compared decades-old PowerPoint format with a new platform called Prezi and with using no visual aids at all.

The results were surprising, except maybe for the people at Prezi. They’ve maintained a unique brand of presenting works better than PowerPoint. To sum it up, Prezi was found to be exponentially more engaging, more persuasive, and more effective than PowerPoint. Unlike PowerPoint slides or presentations lacking visual aids, Prezi’s interactive and visually stimulating format encourages real conversation and contribution.

By zooming and panning over a virtual canvas at will, presenters can share their content in the order that’s most relevant to their given audience without flipping through slides. Prezi refers to this method as “conversational presenting” which is what makes it so different than anything else out there.

And don’t feel intimidated! Though Prezi offers an incredible aesthetic, it’s actually quite simple to put together. With its ready-to-use templates for almost any occasion, it’s easy to create captivating presentations that your audience will love. And honestly, nothing is better than genuine and interest-filled feedback.

Prezi Presentations also adapt on the fly and can be tailored to each audience member’s preference. In addition, Prezi allows you to analyze and track your success so you can see who’s viewing, what they’re interested in, and how to target your follow-up.

So whether you’re putting together a presentation for sales, business, or educational purposes, Prezi can accomplish what you’re to demonstrate.

If you’re interested in taking your presentation to new heights and upgrade from PowerPoint, go to today.


First Alert – Be the First to Know When CO Monoxide Enters Your Home

Consumer Update

Carbon Monoxide is not a substance you ever want to mess with. It’s one of the leading causes of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States and it’s a poison you can’t see. It’s a colorless and odorless gas that’s impossible to detect without an alarm, so you should make it a priority to protect your home at all times.

CO has been known to escape from common fossil-fuel burning sources like heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, and cooking appliances. But a detector, in particular, that can track CO immediately is First Alert.

First Alert is the most trusted brand in home safety and it contains a 10-year carbon monoxide alarm that features top technology and features for premium protection. With its 10-year sealed battery multi-function, carbon monoxide alarm uses an electromechanical sensor to capture and read the highest CO levels in the home.

The First Alert CO alarm emits a loud, 85dB alarm if carbon monoxide levels are detected at dangerous levels.Its peak function captures and allows you to retrieve the highest CO level recorded in the home.

With its design to sit attractively such as on a tabletop or dresser, the First Alert CO alarm blends perfectly in the home. The lengthy lifespan of this guy lowers the risk of forgetting to replace the battery and leaves you reassured that your home is protected.

Take a look at some of the other features that First Alert offers:

  • Multi-function, backlit digital display to view CO levels or room temperature
  • Peak level feature that retrieves the highest concentration of carbon monoxide measured
  • Ten-year lithium batteries that provide continuous protection without the need for replacement
  • Sleek and compact design that allows easy tabletop or wall mount placement

If you’re in the market for a carbon monoxide detector, scope out First Alert’s list of top safety products that are available at stores nationwide and online.

PlantSnap – An App for All Your Plant Identification Needs


When you walk outside, do you ever wonder how many plants there are to identify? Honestly, the average person can’t name many plant species, but did you know that there are over 400,000 species of plant on this planet? Yeah, we’d say there’s plenty of room to learn there.

Well, you guessed it, we have an app for that.

With PlantSnap, all you have to do is snap a picture of a plant, flower, or tree to find out exactly what it is. Instantaneously, PlantSnap will identify vegetation using powerful A.I. technology and a large resident database.

This database is ever-growing as it’s added by users who photograph and upload the plant species to the platform. Currently, PlantSnap recognizes 103,000 species of plants and trees that cover most of North America and Europe. About 50,000 species are added every month to the algorithm in efforts to help recognize more exotic plant life.

PlantSnap functions by a powerful learning and artificial intelligence, meaning it actually learns and improves with every image you provide so it can better grow its Plant Database.

This app doesn’t only offer an educational experience, but an active one. You’ll learn the name of plants, flowers, and trees with just a snap of a picture – thanks, technology! – while also getting your exercise on.

PlantSnap hopes to fully cover nearly every known type of plant on Earth by the end of 2017. We’d say that’s a pretty achievable goal since identification can be easily made in just a matter of seconds. Did we also mention that the app is ad-free? Yep, it is. So when you’re on a mission of knowing your plants, you can do so without the interruption of pesky ads.

Once you access the Plant Database, you can stay up-to-date on newly identified plant species. So, for all the plant enthusiasts and aspiring botanists, download PlantSnap today for $3.99 in either the Google Play or App Store today.

Zen Yoga Style – Comfortable and Stylish Yoga Accessories

Consumer Update

We know, stress is a usual occurrence in everyday life. A great way to combat that stress, however, is to practice Yoga.

The solution to preparing for Yoga in the best way possible is Zen Yoga Style.

What’s great about Zen Yoga Style is that it’s dedicated to bringing classic, traditional, and quality selections that help make yoga sessions as comfortable as possible.

With a variety of selections for men, women, and children, Zen Yoga covers all sizes for anyone wishing to be a yogi. Some of their most popular clothing items include:

  • Capris
  • Yoga pants
  • Versatile tank tops
  • Soft towels
  • Yoga mats
  • Tote bags
  • And more

It’s important that when you’re relieving your mind and body of stress that you’re at your most comfortable. And whether it’s men apparel, jogging, biking or practicing yoga, Zen Yoga Style offers clothing that will suit your needs.

The majority of their products are also made with organic fabrics while still maintaining a level of fashion-forward style. Subscribing to the yoga lifestyle means caring about others as well as staying community-minded. Zen Yoga takes this to heart. Working with multiple non-profit organizations which clothe the homeless, feed the hungry and help educate those that require help.

In addition, Zen Yoga Style rewards loyal customers with discounts. When you shop and spend $200, you get $10 off your next purchase.

Time to join the Zen Yoga Style lifestyle today by heading to Peruse through their site and see which clothing and accessories you’ll need for your yoga class.

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