Nano Can Seamer – Can and Fully Seal Your Own Beverages or Food

Consumer Update

Nothing beats cracking open a can of your favorite beverage whether it be beer, soda, or something simple like seltzer – sometimes it’s just the simple things in life.

And if you’re a business or just someone looking to can your own beverages, simply check out the Nano Can Seamer by Sigma Delta Technologies.

This unique piece of machinery takes the loud and expensive factory machine and scales it down for the home or small business.

We’re talking about the size of a coffee machine, meaning it fits perfectly on the shelf in your home or office.

The Nano Can Seamer fully and securely seals any beverage or food inside an aluminum can to preserve it longer. No matter if you’re a microbrewer, a small cafe, or you just care about preserving your beverage for longer, Nano Can Seamer is the nifty gadget to have by your side. Just crack it open and it’s ready for consumption!

Sigma Delta Technologies will sell the Nano Can Seamer as well as the aluminum cans needed for the whole process, so you don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of cans in bulk.

The Nano Can Seamer will be available on Kickstarter soon this year. Head over to their website at for more information.


Onelink Safe & Sound – Two in One Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Alarm with Alexa

Consumer Update

The number of connected products in the average American household continues to rise, as is the use of virtual assistants. But what if there was an innovative way to combine a necessary life safety product with the convenience of a virtual assistant?

This bad boy may be you and your family’s new best friend. Its name? Onelink Safe & Sound, by First Alert.

To make this gadget even better than the household detector norm is that it combines a carbon monoxide detector with a smoke alarm. And it doesn’t just stop there, Amazon Alexa is also integrated into the product.

Everyone needs a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in their home. Onelink cuts down on the clutter while still offering the convenience of hands-free voice commands.

If you place Onelink on the ceiling, you’re getting optimal sound with the high-performance speakers built into it. You can also ask any question you want just as you would with the Amazon Echo.

The Onelink Safe & Sound connects directly to your home’s existing wiring as well as to other hardwired alarms.

And with the accompanying app, you’re notified if you’re even away from home.

If you also want to get on the customized side of things, you can change the night color and brightness.

If you’re interested in purchasing this two-in-one product or just want to peruse the Onelink collection, head to today.

Wagz – Keep Track Of Your Dog, Wherever!

Consumer Update

We buy our dogs food and take them on walks, but how else can we make them feel safer, healthier, and happier?

Well, that where Wagz comes in.

Wagz is a first of its kind smart dog collar and app that helps humans stay connected to their dogs. It also tracks everything about your dog, including activity, barking, exercise, food, and location – while providing live HD video streaming and invisible fencing and leashing.

Features that Wagz’ smart dog collar provides are:

  • GPS tracking
  • Activity monitor
  • HD Live streaming video camera
  • Invisible leash
  • LED light with headlight sensor
  • Smart ID

In addition, Wagz’s smart collar also houses all of your dog’s vital information stored in it. Wagz’s mission is to ensure that your dog is kept safe, healthy, and happy.

Wagz has also just announced a partnership with BLACK + Decker to release new products under their brand. So far, they’ve introduced the BLACK + DECKER Smart Dog Collar with the Smart Dog Feeder and Smart Dog Door coming soon.

For more information on Wagz connected home products for dogs, head on over to today.

ECOVACS Robotics – Smart Home Technology Right At Your Feet (Literally)

Consumer Update

If you’re interested in smart home automation, then you’ve probably heard of ECOVACS. And if you don’t know about ECOVACS, know that they’re kind of a big deal when it comes to intelligent cleaning solutions.

One of their newest products? THe DEEBOT OZMO 930 floor cleaning robot. This little guy not only vacuums floors and carpets but mops hardwood floors too.

You can easily program DEEBOT to clean exactly where you need it using an accompanying app. By drawing lines, you can create virtual boundaries that instruct it to avoid specific areas.

Adaptive Floor Sensing technology allows DEEBOT to intelligently increase suction power depending on the surface type and automatically avoids carpets when the mop is attached.

It contains an intelligent navigation system, a vacuum and mop combo and the ability to recognize the floor surface.

Other features include:

  • Smart Navi
  • Vacuum and mop combo
  • Visual map
  • Carpet Identification

Laser-based Smart Navi constantly learns and adapts to your home, minimizing collisions and accidental mishaps. But not to worry, the map stays inside the device, ensuring your data won’t be sold to third parties.

In addition to the DEEBOT OZMO 930, ECOVACS has the WINBOT X.  WINBOT X is a cordless window cleaning robot and provides a 4-stage cleaning process.

The WINBOT X also offers advanced fan technology which facilitates cleaning various kinds of windows. You can watch it freely navigate your windows, moving intelligently and safely for an efficient clean.

ECOVACS’ robot has garnered buzz as a 2018 CES Innovation Award winner.

If you’re interested in finding out more or purchasing your own floor/window-cleaning robot, head to today.


SignOnTheGo – Sign on the Dotted Line Right From Your Mobile Device

Biz Report

Chances are you’ve needed a signature for an important document and you’ve had to drive somewhere out of your way to go sign it. Well, here’s a new way to easily acquire signatures without having to sign up for an expensive subscription service.

It’s called SignOnTheGo. This is a full-featured, secure and affordable business application that you can use to edit, sign and send business agreements or documents from your mobile device or PC.

With SignOnTheGo, you and your business partners can edit, annotate, or simply sign on the dotted line using their own mobile device or PC. In the event you need common business document templates, you can purchase one from their library for just $1 or let them help you convert your documents in your own custom templates.

You can make changes that meet your specific needs and create customized agreements with your business partner(s).

Other features SignOnTheGo include:

  • User Profile & partner list
  • Document templates
  • Upload and use your own PDFs
  • Unlimited revisions of unsigned documents
  • eSign documents and add security
  • Share, print and store documents
  • Connect to your cloud
  • Document archive and search

And if that still doesn’t persuade you to get with SignOnTheGo, here are some reasons why you should consider getting it:

  • Execute a signed document quickly – anywhere, anytime
  • Edit, sign and send documents from all your favorite devices
  • Save time & money spent sending and waiting for paper documents
  • Access all of your documents with convenient share and print options
  • Pay-as-you-go. No monthly or annual fees and no limits
  • Generate professional documents with customizable templates
  • Your information is protected; safe, secure, and private
  • Suitable for businesses, organizations or leagues of all sizes

If you’d like to learn more about how to start e-signing, head to today.


FOREO – Turning a 20-Minute Facial Treatment into a 90-Second Treat

Consumer Update

Have you ever used a sheet mask before? Chances are you have, but if you’re someone who’s on the more restless side, sitting under a cold mask doesn’t sound super appealing.

Fortunately, FOREO, shortened from the phrase, ‘for everyone,’ has created a solution to this problem with their latest product (debuted) at CES 2018, the UFO.

Essentially, the UFO is an invention of beauty technology that redefines face masks everywhere. And while facial masks are a popular beauty trend, is laying under a cold wet sheet for 20 minutes the best we can do?

Millions of women use facial masks daily to leave their skin softer, smoother and more radiant, but the UFO is the world’s most advanced smart mask. This is basically putting you on the fast track to flawless-looking skin and turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second treat.

The UFO combines beauty and technology to ensure that you get the most out of every mask, with even better facial coverage and deeper penetration of mask essence.

The UFO features Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating plus cooling plus T-Sonic pulsations) & LED light therapy. The UFO offers a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your own home.

With this new little beauty regimen, you can expect superior results in just seconds.

So, if you’re ready to throw away the old method and start with the new, head over to to purchase your UFO today.

Circle – Connecting Your Entire Family’s Devices with a Single App


With all the latest technology and an abundance of social media platforms it can be hard to fully manage and oversee what your children are looking at. Well Newswatch has found a hot new technology that does just that. Circle is an amazing wireless device that controls the internet and how your children use it. With the device along with the iOS and Android app you can monitor what your children are looking at on the web, set internet bedtimes and even pause the internet so they no longer have access to any further use.

Circle has some really neat features where you can track and see which site and apps your kids are specifically using and how much time they’ve spent on each platform. I don’t know about you but this is definitely a device I need in the home, especially when my kids need to get their homework done or just simply get to sleep. Instead of having the whole family on Instagram and Facebook during dinner time, pause the internet with Circle and allow for a quality meal with good conversation and laughter.

You can purchase Circle for only $99 by heading to today or on Amazon or Best Buy.

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