Flex-Eboard – A Longboard in a League of its Own

Consumer Update

If you’re a longboard lover, then you’ll want to sit tight for this next one.

We encourage you to check out Flex-Eboard Rough Stuff Electric Longboard. And though there are a ton of electric longboards on the market, this board is in a league of its own.

Flex-Eboard works by instead integrating a battery pack into the deck and provides a flexible ‘bolt-on’ style for a further grounded ride. It also allows for deck changes and customization – so you won’t be stuck with just one design.

The board comes with regular wheels for regular cruising, but can be switched for their rough stuff wheels, which are larger and have a more knobbly tread for rougher terrain.

The Flex-Eboard goes up to 22 miles per hour and contains a wireless remote control that allows you to change speed and brake. Once you brake, the battery recharges and puts on a parking brake so you don’t have to get off the board.

Receive a total of 12 miles before you need to recharge, but due to its versatility, you can always ride without the motor. And if you’re also yearning to take your trip uphill, the Flex-Eboard cruises up to 10-20% slopes with ease.

In addition, you can stay protected from dust as well as from water with the anti-splash casing.

With the deck being made of multiple layers of bamboo, it’s super flexible and durable. It also comes with a full 1-year warranty with full UK support and spares available.

Just head to slickrevolution.co.uk to pick one up.



iSecure – Stop Hackers Connecting to Your Computer Anywhere in the World

Consumer Update

With our large reliance on internet and computers, the threat of cyber-crimes continues to grow. With incessant email scams and other attempts to hack personal and corporate computers, it only begs a solution that prevents access to our personal devices.

Hackers are able to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world and upload malware, viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other things of the like.

With iSign International, it’s leading the change with several acts of defense aimed at nullifying the efforts of hackers and giving you back your privacy.

One of the ways you can start doing this? Is with iSecure Protector. This gives you full control of your firewall to see all incoming connections that would otherwise go unnoticed. What better way to prevent cyber attacks than taking full control of your firewall and blocking all incoming connections? iSecure ensures that you’ll be protected from these connections that contain detailed analytics and information from devices accessing your computer.

Additionally, iSecure creates barriers that prevent attempts at connecting to and spying on your computer. iSecure will work even if your computer has already been compromised.

iSecure goes to work by finding data that’s flowing to suspicious ISPs and shuts it down immediately. Devices that are managed by those ISPs will be blocked in the future.

To make iSecure even more security-oriented, it works with advertisers who may not be considered “hackers” but are still unwanted nonetheless. These companies are pulling data from your computer and can be quite invasive. iSecure works to protect you against these companies that pull data analytics based on your browsing history and behavior.

If you’re interested in signing for iSecure Protector, it’s only $10 a month with an initial-10-day free trial if you enter the code, “newswatch.” You’ll receive a $15 discount with that code.

Head to isignapps.com today to get started.

Quilo – A Humidifier, Fan and A/C Unit All in One

Consumer Update

While summer comes to a steady halt, the temperature will still likely remain warm until the next few months, at least where we are in the D.C. metropolitan area.

And once you think about it, instead of investing in separate units such as fans, humidifiers, and additional AC units to keep your cool, why not get an all-in-one system instead?

That’s where Quilo comes in.

With its eco-friendly fan, Quilo has an extremely low power consumption of only 36 watts in the highest speed setting. With this, it can transform into an evaporative air cooler and a humidifier.

In addition, Quilo’s patent-pending, evaporative air cooling system can help cool an area down by up to 10-15 degrees. The humidifier will rehydrate the air and you won’t have to worry about irritated skin.

And though air coolers are known to be loud, Quilo changes it up by being more on the silent side while also providing a comfort light. This helps to make it perfect for cooling the bedroom or living room.

And if you also need to transport Quilo for any reason, you can easily do so by rolling it out on its durable wheels.

On hotter days when you’re in need of a cool-down, Quilo has an ice compartment you can fill up for quicker cooling. All it takes is adding water to the tank and Quilo’s evaporative cooling technology to rapidly reduce the temperature of incoming warm air, thus creating a refreshing cool breeze.

And for optimal comfort, Quilo provides a remote control that functions across the room and a low water alarm that alerts you when you need to refill for easy maintenance.

It doesn’t get any better than easy portability, optimal efficiency, and maximum convenience.

So, you want to find your own Quilo today, head on over to indiegogo.com and search for “Quilo.”

PowerLix – Power Up Your Kitchen Appliances and Tools

Consumer Update

A common area where people tend to spend most of their time is in the kitchen. And though cooking a specific type of meal (or any meal) can feel like a chore, having the right tools and appliances can help make it fun.

Developed by a team of kitchen-savvy engineers, PowerLix has come up with a line of products designed to improve and enhance your tasks in the kitchen.

PowerLix has a list of different items that can help making cooking or baking fun.

First is the PowerLix Can Opener

With its sharp wheel and easy-to-turn knob, this can opener transforms opening cans so it makes it an effortless task. This can opener opens cans from the side in a smooth manner in order to avoid injuries and if health is a concern, the blades will never touch the food.

Second on the list is the PowerLix Popcorn Maker which facilitates an easy and effortless snack. This product comes with a collapsible silicone bowl for simple microwaving without the typical mess.

All you have to do is drop kernels and salt (oil and butter are optional) in the bowl and you’re ready to go.

Third on PowerLix’s featured list of must-have kitchen tools is their Milk Frother. This gadget helps to make a luxury homemade cappuccino or latte to start your day. All you have to do is place it in hot or cold milk and let it do the rest! It’ll foam up in no time.

And if you truly want to own the kitchen while you prepare beverages or food, get on board with PowerLix’s aprons that feature a variety of Superhero-themed aprons such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and more.

Discover all of the things by visiting Power-Lix.com today.

SingleCare – One-Stop Shop for Discounted Health Services


We all know how costly health services and medications can be. Even with a good insurance policy, health care ain’t cheap.

Luckily, an app called SingleCare is taking the industry by storm and can help you find the care you need at a decent price.

All you have to do to access these discounted health prices is open the app, tap the prescriptions, search for the drug you’re in need of, edit your prescription, then select the price and location that works for you. Same goes for your appointments such as dental or vision exams.

The great part about SingleCare is that it compares prices and you can select what works best for you. If anything, you can think of it as the kayak.com of healthcare.

SingleCare lets you know what you’ll owe before you go. And the more you use it, the more you’ll save. Start with a single card and watch the savings multiply.

SingleCare savings include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Video visits

SingleCare has provided savings of up to 80 percent on FDA-approved, prescription medications, up to 55 percent on dental care, and up to 75 percent on vision services.

SingleCare gives consumers access to great care for less money and partners with the best providers so you can save without compromising. Once your visit is complete, your provider will charge the payment method on file in your SingleCare account, and you’ll see the price – and savings – for every service rendered.

If you’re in a bind and on a budget money wise, seek out SingleCare so you can start saving money on health services and prescription medication. Check out the SingleCare app by heading to Google Play or the App Store today.

Seaking Hunter – Seek This Action-Packed Game


If you’re a fan of shooting games then you’re going to like this one.

Seaking Hunter by Game Attack is a game that takes place in deep seas where giant underwater creatures with tentacles, claws, and razor-sharp teeth have emerged to take back what was originally theirs.

Your mission is to track down these monsters and eradicate them before they destroy Earth. You’ll have been hired The Seaking Hunter Association in order to complete this task.

So let’s get into how you play.

Being that this is a shooter game, you’ll be firing nonstop. Your duty is to determine where to aim and your location on the battlefield. By just tapping on the screen you can change where you’re aiming and switch targets.

You’ll also notice that when you tilt your phone, you can float up, down, left or right. In addition, you can run along the seafloor for faster movements. And your character is a simple choice made with a virtual joystick.

Be sure you pay attention, though! This game will test your vigilance as these bosses have loyal little minions that will try and take you down with guns.

You’ll also see how good you’re getting when you see the bosses getting bigger and their defeats harder. But with any bigger and badder bosses, come deadlier and stronger weapons.

To test your fighting skill and shooting accuracy, search for Seaking Hunter in the App Store today.

Apprais-All App – Find Out How Much Your Items are Worth


When it comes to valuable items, do you ever wonder how many you have that are just laying around the house? These items, which may be worth a small fortune mind you, should be appraised by a certified appraiser. However, the downside to this is that it’ll cost you around $200. We’re not sure about you, but that sounds like it goes against the whole money-making thing.

Fortunately, there’s an app you can use that will appraise your items for way less than a certified appraiser. It’s called Apprais-All

Apprais-All lets you find out exactly how much your items are worth and valued at without costing you an arm and a leg.

All you have to do is fill out the form in the app and upload relevant pictures of your items. Once this is done, a certified appraiser reviews everything so he or she can give you an accurate valuation without a full report full of extraneous information.

Whether it’s art, cars, antiques, equipment, watches, china, etc. Apprais-All is your one-stop app to appraise it. You can also rest assured that all valuations are accurate for your location and reflective of today’s market conditions.

Valuations are done in real-time by certified appraisers, not computers. With this, you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal (no pun intended). In the midst of the appraising process, you can even chat with the appraiser if you have any questions regarding your item.

If you have a list of items or just one prized possession to sell, Apprais-All is the app to use. You can download it for free on your iPhone or Android while each valuation will only cost you $30. Head to Google Play or App Store to download Apprais-All today.

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