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So, you want to make an app, but you seem to struggle with having it take off. That appears to be the common denominator among several app developers, but what you should know is that it doesn’t have to be.

Apps I Like is a company that will help your concept come to life. It will assist you in making apps that are iPhone, Kindle, and Android friendly. We have to say, the selling point for Apps I Like is that it doesn’t require you to be an Xcode expert, a Java guru or software developer- unless that’s your jam. But rest assured if you solely have a concept, but aren’t sure how to execute it, Apps I Like will help you to build your own iPhone or Android app.

Apps I Like makes it easier to follow your passions and having your dream app come to life. What’s even more convenient about is its simple-to-use application that will help you create your app in less than an hour and sans coding knowledge.

What you can expect with Apps I Like is  that its subscribers have access to hundreds of templates to select from, can easily edit and format the content. Where your expertise comes in is figuring out which template speaks to your app the most.

And if you change your mind, you can simply go back to change the text and pictures and submit it for creation.

Apps I Like will then takeover with their technical support team and build the app to submit it to the App Store or provide a code that subscribers can upload to Google Play or Amazon developer accounts.

Further features you can expect:

  • Sync – new content for your live app as well as updates through the cloud to every device that contains your app
  • Push Notifications – pop-up messages from the website to all your users’ devices
  • In-App – providing digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more

Did we also mention revenue potential?

Apps I Like is part of the ShareASale affiliate program and by just simply sharing a specific link with others who subsequently click on it, subscribers get paid for referrals who sign up.

So stop procrastinating and get to creating! Head to today.

The Final Specimen – Attention, 90s Kids! This One’s For You


Let’s take it back a couple decades. Listen up 90s kids, this one’s for you!

We mean it when we say nostalgic. The Final Specimen is a 2D Sci-Fi adventure game coated in the style of classic gaming platforms.

And we’re actually just going to go ahead and say that this game was conceptualized back when the creator was a child, so you know it’s legit!

Levels are packed with lives of their own and nefarious enemies with personalities. You can count on whimsical gameplay and a good time of entertainment.

But part of the entertainment is the adventure! You can travel from grassy terrain to mountainous grounds or even cruise through the aquatics. Rope swing and grapple with hooks. While we’re at it, let’s throw in some humor. This is quite the recipe, isn’t it?

So, you’re also probably wondering, “What’s the story?” Let’s now take it to the premise:

You’re playing as the character, Tom, who is being transported to a distant planet where he is now an alien. You’ll the be put up against that world’s inhabitants and soon discover that your placement there was no accident.

Tom’s/your mission, as you choose to accept it, is to prevent total destruction of the planet and keep his own planet Earth from being conquered by an evil alien tyrant. You are the only one, the only human (The Final Specimen) to prevent alien invasion to both planets.

Again, you are, THE FINAL SPECIMEN – we thought we’d capitalize it for dramatic effect.

Want to give it a whirl? Start playing through Steam today.

Geek My Tree – Stay Festive All Year Round

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Hold up. Before you go on saying, “It’s the summer and there’s no room for holiday festivity!” A) haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July? And B) this is not your average holiday tree.

So, with all that being said, let’s get into the Geek My Tree spirit, shall we?

Geek My Tree provides a fun and convenient solution for decoration and when the holiday season rolls around, makes being prepared a cinch. Geek My Tree offers a holiday decorative solution as well as a piece that can, as we said, be used during and beyond the holiday season.

Need some suggestions on where to put it? We got those spaces covered:

  • child’s room
  • your room
  • dorm room
  • office
  • bathroom

And the list goes on depending on where you feel like being the most festive. On a side note, we have one in our office and it really makes the room feel that much more cozy.

Other benefits Geek My Tree provides is not needing to clean up a barrage of needles. C’mon, we know you hate clean up duty when it’s time to kick the tree to the curb. Purchasing real trees is always a nice thought, but having to clean up its mess isn’t so nice. You’re responsible for putting away enough decorations so eliminating the need of tedious needle pickup, is essential.

Did we also mention that every LED is individually controlled and a unique pixel cap that can be changed to either, stars, pumpkins, or pet paws. If you want to tack this guy up in a further away place, no worries, there’s a 6 foot USB cable cord for that. You can conveniently plug it into a wall, computer or even a cell phone battery.

So, because you can change out those pixel caps, you have NO reason for why you can’t use Geek My Tree. Whether it’s the centerpiece at your next party or a festive nightlight, Geek My Tree is meant to be diverse and versatile in your living space.

Have we convinced you? If so, you can head to to pre-order your own tree today and if not, well then you’re missing out on some super cool lighting and festivity.


Haulme – Simply Connecting Shippers and Drivers in Just One App

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We all love efficiency and organization, right? Well, let us tell you a little something about Haulme. Haulme is an online, software-based alternative to conventional load boards and brokers. And in addition to long boards and brokers, Haulme allows small and medium business shippers to locate and use capacity of highly qualified, insured owner operators and small fleets.

Shippers receive the ultimate benefit with full disclosure pricing in addition to in-transit tracking and speedy proof of delivery confirmation. By doing this, it allows for complete supply chain visibility and heightened efficiency. See? We’re all about efficiency, here.

Other benefits to lookout for?

  • Unlock capacity with no broker calls
  • On-time delivery and pickup
  • Transparent pricing
  • On-demand freight visibility
  • Fast delivery confirmation

Shippers also have the convenience of INSTANTLY receiving an estimated price for shipment after inputting just a few pieces of information.

Drivers will too benefit from transparent freight rates, know-before-you-go visibility and quick payments. They’ll know how much to make for each load via Haulme’s convenient mobile app.

Drivers can expect the following benefits:

  • Make more money by finding more loads
  • Get paid faster
  • Decrease empty backhauls
  • Paid in just 3 business days

If you’re a driver who wants to increase his or her income, then Haulme wants to help you. Receive more load opportunities by gaining more access.

Small fleets, we didn’t forget about you! Download the free app right to your smartphone and see your transparent freight rate and quick payments. Nothing is better than knowing how much you’ll expect to receive for a booked load. Another benefit? Haulme will increase awareness to shippers who they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

For more information, visit today!

Hawk Search – Optimizing Your Brand So You Can Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Every company is thinking it, “How can I be better than the rest?” or “What’s going to give me that competitive edge?” Well, for starters, you have to be sure you’re tackling your online marketing correctly and successfully turning those who are just browsing into actual customers.

This can be a tough situation to tackle, but luckily there’s a solution that can take care of those kinds of concerns for you.

Hawk Search is designed and formatted to augment any E-Commerce platform and offers features to accelerate revenue and growth.

How does it do it?

First, Hawk Search drives shoppers to find products and helps them to discover products they may have never known they wanted.

Whether a shopper begins from the site search box or landing on a content landing page, Hawk Search has customized features that will enhance the experience up to checkout and successfully convert a browse into a sale.

Essentially, Hawk Search is your total site search and e-merchandising solution for your business. Its built upon experience and designed to be future-proof. In a nutshell, Hawk Search is the next generation site search platform.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, Hawk Search can find solutions for both intelligent search and predictive recommendations.

Let yourself as a merchandiser, have complete control over the experience all from one unified Workbench tool provided by Hawk Search. This will be the heart of all your configurations to create a custom digital experience for online shoppers.

For more information on how to increase your E-Commerce conversion rates head to today.

Medal – Preventing Medical Errors One Record Transfer at a Time


Imagine a world where medical errors have ceased to exist. Awesome, right? Did you also know that a quarter of a million Americans die from medical error each year? That is the third leading cause of death in the country all just from a medical mistake or administrative error.

This is where Medal comes in. Medal corrects these systemic problems such as poorly coordinated care, fragmented insurance networks, and lack of safety nets. Its mission is to provide timely, secure, and hassle-free sharing of patient records from any EMR. The best part? It takes less than a minute to install.

What makes Medal so convenient? You can request records from ANYWHERE in the United States. Medal also nips the prospect for making medical mistakes in the bud by allowing data to be transferred by and to any doctor. This data transfer can be made in just a few minutes and is completely secure.

Further benefits Medal has for health payers:

  • Medal works with existing systems and frameworks to export, structure, and identify clinical data for payers, providers, and their IT teams
  • No custom integration required
  • Human and machine readable by recognizing clinical synonyms

Healthcare providers can rest assured that they have the right data needed to deliver to clinicians prior to the patient arriving.

Talk about a win-win and a totally awesome solution that can, not only provide convenience, but prevent death by medical error.

Want to learn more? Visit today.

Fix-it-Fuel – Give Your Engine Something it Deserves


Now is the time to especially be cognizant of the kind of equipment you have laying around in the shed. And let’s also be honest with ourselves, the last thing we need when we know the grass needs a good mowin’ is our power equipment giving up on us. Yeah, not the most useful.

Want to know a secret? Your problem is likely to be the fuel due to pump gas you purchase at the corner gas station, blended with ethanol.

Ethanol can be the culprit in causing damage due to it absorbing moisture and forming deposits that degrade fuel lines. Total outcome? Your equipment doesn’t start and that’s a pain.

What’s even more of a pain is ethanol causing expensive repairs down the road because manufacturers’ warranties won’t cover the cost.

This is where Fix-it-Fuel saves the day. Fix-it-Fuel by VP Racing ensures that your engines are taken care of and that your equipment runs smoothly. VP Racing Fuels also continue to introduce new fuels each year so it sets the standards in automotive, powersports and other everyday fuel applications.

Fix-it-Fuel will rejuvenate and clean engines that have been corroded and destroyed by ethanol-filled products.

Results you can expect from Fix-it-Fuel:

  • Removes water that has caused corrosion
  • Revitalize stale fuel
  • Reduce expensive repairs
  • Fix ethanol issues in pump gas

Application process:

  1. Remove any fuel that’s in your equipment
  2. Pour in Fix-it-Fuel
  3. Prime the engine
  4. Let it sit for a few hours to clean the system

So, if you’re hankering to save time and money or just simply over the aggravation of your equipment not starting, give Fix-it-Fuel a try today.  Everyone needs a good cleanse, even your engine.

You can find Fix-it-Fuel at AutoZone, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart or learn more by heading to today.

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