SENTEQ – Providing Gentle Therapy with High-Quality Material

Consumer Update

If you’re one that lives an active lifestyle, chances are you’ve experienced pain at some point. Whether it’s in your back, your joints, or any other part of your body, handling it and preventing additional pain is vital to living life comfortably.

This is where braces by SENTEQ comes in.

Founded in 1987 by a team of tailors in Taiwan, The SENTEQ Healthcare Team is committed to providing relief to patients suffering from body pain.

Their braces can be used for indoor homecare or outdoor activities and provide gentle therapy, prevent injuries, and accelerate the speed of recovery for people living active lifestyles.

Made of high-quality material, like bamboo charcoal blended fabric and elastic neoprene, their braces are breathable, flexible, and protective.

So if you experience pain in your back or wrists but want to continue working out or do physical activities, they have a brace that’ll protect you from future injuries. Their braces support weak joints, promote blood circulation, and provide warmth to your body.

So if you want to find a brace to protect yourself or reduce current pain in your body, head on over to today and find the brace that works for you.


Capitalise – Trade Like a Machine

Biz Report

Though it may sound easy, trading is certainly no simple task. Part of the art is accepting that you’ll win and lose, but if you stick to your guns and use statistical analysis, you’ll come out victorious.

But because we are only human, we tend to be driven by emotion. This can interfere with making some pretty sound decisions.

When a stock goes up, we ride that wave and push our chances to get more and when it’s down, we’re too scared to cut our losses. So, the question remains, what if you could take the emotion out of trading? That’s exactly where Capitalise comes in with their automated trading platform.

This platform not only takes the emotions out of trading, but it also understands natural human language so traders of all levels can use it. In addition, it has access to thousands of data points from prices and technical analysis indicators so it can execute your strategies even if you’re sleeping or enjoying dinner with friends.

Capitalise also works for traders everywhere – from traditional markets to crypto traders. And depending on the strategy you want to take, you can run multiple strategies simultaneously.

So, if you’re eager to go simple such as buying an asset at a specific market price; or complicated with conditions on entry and exit, you can. And no worries on sticking to your guns or cutting your losses because the machine is in charge.

To learn more, head to today.


UrboLabs – Receive Promotions from the Businesses You Care About


The trend seems to be that no matter where we go, there’s a new store with a rewards system in place. You know the drill, you wait in line to pay for your items, get to the cashier and they ask you for your email address. But before you know it, you’ve multiplied this instance over the course of several months and your inbox is now inundated with emails full of specials and discounts.

Well, a company called UrboLabs just released its mobile platform called Urbo that offers an effective solution. Urbo gives control BACK to its user by allowing them to reconstruct their real-world virtually in the app. Users retain total control over which businesses they would like to receive promotions from.

You begin by searching for your favorite businesses, from your grocery store to your doctor’s office, and then add them to your very own map. The businesses work hand in hand with Urbo, so you receive the deals, promotions, and event information. Urbo controls the timing and content of what’s on the app.

Instead of shuffling through junk mail, you can simply access deals and other relevant information such as phone numbers and directions to your favorite businesses all in one central hub.

Not only are you purging the dead weight of shops you don’t care for, you’re saving money by having clear visibility into what’s what.

To top this off, there’s a rewards program for performing daily tasks such as checking in and sharing deals redeemable immediately for fun prizes and real monetary rewards.

Start consolidating your life today by downloading Urbo for free on the App or Google Play store.

Sports Made Easy – Simply Connecting Fellow Athletes and Sports Venues


Looking to play some tennis or golf, but not sure where to look? Well, you can always seek the venue you play at, but how do you go about finding a new coach for your game?

There really wasn’t an answer to that, until this moment. We’re here to introduce the app, Sports Made Easy.

Sports Made Easy is an app designed for both iOS and Android devices that connects tennis and golf players, coaches, and clubs -right at the tap of a button!

If you’re traveling to a new area and wish to find a partner to rally with, all you have to do is open the app and look for nearby tennis players, coaches, and venues. Start looking forward to getting on the court in minutes with their real-time notification system.

Do you prefer to hit the links? Simply find players to complete your foursome and get out on the greens as fast as possible. Also be sure to customize your search and find players at your skill level. Within the app, you can quickly connect with tennis and golf courses nearby.

This app is designed to help you stay on top of your game while also providing access to exclusive sporting equipment deals and highlights events that are coming up in your area.

Sports Made Easy is currently available along the East Coast, with more locations coming soon.

Interested in finding your next playing partner, new venue, or simply wish to learn more about Sports Made Easy? Download it today in either the App or Google Play store.

For more info on upcoming sports details, please check out our website at

My Fashion Crate – Receive a Value of More than $200 Worth of Items for $35 a Month

Consumer Update

Being so busy, how do we make sure that we’re on the cutting edge of trends? That’s why it’s important to check out My Fashion Crate. My Fashion Crate is a curated subscription box with fun and trendy clothing and accessories, coupons, and gift cards for fashionistas.

What’s better than feeling fashionable and trendy all the time? The products in this box range from clothing, accessories, bags, and jewelry, straight from the runway.

And just think, for $35 a month, you receive a value of more than $200 worth of items at your door. Unlike most subscription boxes where you need to pay for extra for items, you decide to keep, My Fashion Crate lets you keep everything at no extra cost.

And it’s no question that keeping up with trends can be tricky and ever-changing. In order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, you can watch Fashion Week shows or get some magazines or go shopping around.

But if you’re over shopping or just simply don’t have the time, you can subscribe to Fashion Subscription Box and have all the trendiest items delivered right to your door every month.

Just think, you can get a new outfit without any commitment or time spent browsing around endlessly.

Want to get started? Head to today.

DiliVer – Delivering the Best for Mergers and Acquisitions

Biz Report

Have you heard of due diligence for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Well, if you’re not familiar with M&A, it’s defined as the process during a business transaction where the buyer can learn and verify information about a candidate seller.

As you can imagine, this process is imperative for any buyer so they can avoid bad outcomes down the road.

One Financial Tech company (FinTech) that’s changing the landscape of how M&A is completed is DiliVer.

Basically, any company involved in an M&A transaction that wishes to evaluate the seller, can use DiliVer’s software to conduct due diligence using enterprise-wide metric-based scorecard system instead of the usual M&A due diligence checklist.

The secret to DiliVer’s success has been surrounding themselves with a great team of people and terrific partners. Their executive team has been together from the start and have made a fantastic advisory board. In addition, they’ve had wonderful partners such as John Hopkins University, Founder Institute, The Center for Advancing Innovation, Angel to Exit and Mindshare.

CEO, Neik Kleinberg’s view an ideal solution for the next century is to obtain an integrated solution of M&A packages where at least four main ones which would include Diliver’s for due diligence, virtual data room, and some type of workflow software. Those minimum qualities combined under one tent, fully integrated for a cost-effective solution that doesn’t exist today.

If you’d like to learn more, head to today.

BLOXVOX – Keeping Public Conversations Private

Tech Report

When it comes to having a conversation on the phone in public and you’re nervous about being in earshot of someone nearby, that can be difficult to achieve – especially if you’re in a metropolitan area.

Sure, there’s always the option of trying to speak softly or leave the room if possible but doesn’t that sort of just feel like doing extra work?

That’s what BLOXVOX is for.

This is a device that was created for you to speak into as it blocks your voice from reaching other people nearby. Its design is to fit perfectly and securely around the mouth so all you have to do is hold it up, slip your headphone mic in the side compartment, and you’re ready to talk privately in public spots.

But if you’re not feeling up to holding BLOXVOX around your mouth, you can attach the adjustable head strap and go hands-free. The sound is crystal clear from the receiver’s end, so they’ll never know you’re using a privacy device.

This is an ideal solution for using a laptop while talking on the phone. BLOXVOX is small and light, weighing just two ounces and fitting easily in backpacks and purses.

So stop sharing your personal information today by finding BLOXVOX on Kickstarter or

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