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Every year our phones seem to get smarter and smarter with apps developed to take full advantage of the newest technological advances.  Fyuse is doing just that as it sits on the front lines of innovation.

Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows you to capture 3D images. At first glance you might think the app is just capturing photos or videos, but it’s creating an entirely new visual format. By capturing space, not time, you’re able to view the image from multiple angles by simply tilting your phone or by swiping the screen. You can tilt at your own pace allowing you to feel like you’re actually there.  Fyuse brings the image to life creating an immersive experience that can be shared right through the app or embedded or shared on social media platforms, e-mails, or texts.  You can even find similar content to a fyuse you’re viewing by accessing a feature they call ‘Visual Find’. With over 10 million users, Fyuse is the next big thing in advanced imagery.

You can download it on iOS or Android devices for free by searching for “Fyuse” in the Google Play or App Store today.

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Airbus Promises Flying Car Prototype by End of 2017

This could be the answer to several stop-and-go traffic prayers. Airbus has not only announced, but promised to release their flying car prototype by the end of 2017.

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Most Anticipated Films Coming in 2017

Curious to know what some of the most anticipated movies are to hit the theaters in 2017?

From the latest NewsWatch episode, entertainment host, Michelle Ison, breaks down her list of top 5 movies to come out this year.

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CES History Lessons on Chris’ Coffee Corner and Latest Episode of NewsWatch

On the latest episode of NewsWatch, Chris tested Guy’s knowledge on CES. See if Guy had what it took to be a CES expert. Catch the full segment below.

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All Natural Energy Boost

Did you know that humans are one of only four species in the world that lack the natural ability to make vitamin C? That means we have to intake daily vitamin C from either food or supplementation. Did you also know that Vitamin C is involved in over 300 separate body processes, which is more than any other single vitamin? Well, if you think that you could benefit from more vitamin C in your diet in 2017, then you need to check out The Right C.

From the same group that brought the Ester-C product to the market many years ago, The Right C provides up to 400 percent superior absorption over other vitamin C products. Backed by clinical studies, this doctor recommended supplement is stomach-friendly, pH-neutral, non-acidic, and there’s no sugar added. What’s more is that this is the only vitamin C product to contain a Riboperine Metabolite Complex, which is shown to further boost absorption, as well as adenosine triphosphate, for an all-natural energy boost for active lifestyles. The Right C is currently available in caplets or powder form.

“Conventional Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), along with other nutrients, utilizes only the glucose pathway into the cells. This pathway, due to a reduced availability of transporter proteins, can impair the uptake of Vitamin C into the cells and lead to it having to “wait in line” for absorption. The Right C® has been complexed with other nutrients that enable the utilization of different pathways into the cell (MultiPath® Technology), providing significantly better uptake compared to other Vitamin C products.”

You can find it on Amazon, Jet, or just in time to get started on your New Year’s resolution today.

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Enhancing Memory Through Science

Biz Report

So, currently over 5 million people in the U.S. are living with Alzheimer’s. Often times, those suffering are told there’s nothing they can do – but that’s far from true. In reality, many things have been shown to be helpful, but the key to success is to act early. AFFIRMATIVhealth and their partner AidCube are focused on doing all they can to improve cognitive health.

Their founding team of physicians and scientists believe there is growing evidence that lifestyle modifications, metabolic optimization, and other non-pharmaceutical approaches provide substantial benefits to those at risk and sufferers of early-stage Alzheimer’s and dementia. The RE:mind program was created to bring the most cutting edge research on brain health to the millions who are unaware of the current science. RE:mind focuses on educating and empowering individuals and their families on key nutrition, lifestyle and medical changes known to impact brain health. RE:mind includes an analysis of laboratory data, DNA tests, and other medical information to produce an individualized protocol, presented in a 4-day educational retreat followed by months of coaching. They have partnered with AidCube to create an app that helps each participant to keep track of their individualized program to be successful.

For more information on RE:mind go to today.

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