Tiny Powerful Laser

So do you know what’s one of the biggest trends in the high-tech world this year? Lasers. The reason lasers are big news is that they are used in LIDAR systems. LIDAR is a laser radar or 3D scanner that’s used for things like mapping a forest to help fight fires or what the highway patrol uses to know exactly how fast you were really going. Back in the day these lasers used to be the size of moving vans, but now they’re extremely small and portable. But how small can lasers get? Well, we got our hands on the newest laser from Quantum Composers and it’s crazy tiny.

It’s only 3 inches long, weighs about 40 grams, and is surprisingly durable. This is one of the first rugged, solid state lasers to be built with 8 millijoules of energy in this small of a package and still be tough enough for this… It’s designed to resist all kinds of bumps and knocks with its powerful shot to shot stabilizing system. It also contains an efficient, reliable diode pump. Quantum Composers already has plans for this guy to be mounted in submersible vehicles, planes, balloons, and they even have plans to bring them to cube satellites in space.  The possibilities are endless. “It also features an integrated thermal management system designed for applications that require high reliability. In addition, we can customize different optical configurations that are optimized for different parameters (divergence vs energy).”

For more information, check out their website at quantumcomposers.com today.

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Travel without Roaming

Traveling without decent access to the internet can be challenging. Sometimes we need guidance so we arrive at our intended destinations. That’s where Pocket Earth comes in.

Pocket Earth provides detailed worldwide maps and travel guides, completely offline. This comes in handy especially if you’re abroad and want to avoid expensive data roaming charges.  These beautiful, retina quality maps arrive on your phone at only a fraction of the size of Apple or Google Maps. Downloading cities or even entire countries is a breeze. And it’s all for the traveler so you’ll get access to thousands of interesting places including restaurants and hotels,

tourist sites, and public transports.

“Our ultra-fast OpenGL ES based MagikEngine uses the same graphics technology as video games to render vector maps in real time. So, unlike other map apps which only download pre-rendered images (map tiles), our maps are only a fraction of the size, and you can better control the appearance of the map with different style sheets and data layers.”

Pocket Earth is also great for trip planning. Pin destinations, get directions, and save your trips for later while traveling offline. There are more than 25,000 detailed Travel Guides as well as over 1 million Wikipedia articles directly accessible from the map. For the outdoors, Pocket Earth offers worldwide topographic maps so you see contour lines and understand the terrain and explore with confidence. Pocket Earth is loaded with features. We can’t help but recommend it to all you world travelers out there!

You can download Pocket Earth for iOS for free or get the Pro version for $4.99. Download it on the App Store today.

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Fun Kid’s Mobile Games

If you’re into multi-themed games that scratch that gaming itch then you should check out Berzerk Studio.

Berzerk Studio started in Quebec City during the winter of 2008 by its three founders, Étienne, Marc and Simon.  Coming from children entertainment, they took the next logical step: making games featuring macho commandos and burly Vikings sporting silly hats.  Makes sense of course.  They’ve now created over 26 web and mobile games, each wildly different from the other.  A good example of this is Berzerk Ball which features tongue in cheek slapstick humor mixed with an action-packed arcade game. They are now setting their sight on console gaming. Their first game in the arena is Just Shapes & Beats. The studio describes it as less “Rambo-y” and more “Weird rave I attended in the late 90s.”  This 4-player co-op music party game is reminiscent of the space shooter games of old but with a twist: you don’t shoot back.

Another cool feature of the Berzerk Studio operation is that they show you the behind the scenes side of video game development in a daily show! Ok, we think that is really cool because not a lot of people get to see that side of things. Aren’t you curious what happens during those meetings? Want to know where they get the ideas that turn into your favorite games? All of that is shown on their website at noon every day.

For more information on Berzerk Studio go to berzerkstudio.com and to find out about Just Shapes and Beats head to justshapesandbeats.com.

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Wireless Internet Amplification

Ubiquiti Networks has been leading the way in internet connectivity solutions for over ten years, providing a variety of wireless networking products to businesses and service providers. Now, with their new Ubiquiti Labs consumer subdivision they’re bringing AmpliFi to the market and introducing consumers to never-before-available high-end home connectivity.

Let’s face it – there’s almost nothing more frustrating than a weak internet signal or a dropped connection. AmpliFi is the solution, ensuring you always have a strong, reliable signal in your home regardless of where you are or what device you’re using. Say goodbye to dead zones in your house. Not only is AmpliFi a Wi-Fi router in itself but it’s also a beautifully designed home connectivity system. With the advent of smart homes this means everything is connected right through AmpliFi. You have the option of three models. The AmpliFi System includes a router base station and two wireless mesh points to create a mesh network that blankets your entire home with Wi-Fi. Then the AmpliFi LR or Long Range extends for even broader coverage. And AmpliFi HD is the ultimate system with maximum coverage and fastest speeds in even the biggest of homes. Each model works with the accompanying AmpliFi app so everything can be controlled right from your phone.

Head to AmpliFi.com or amazon.com to find the system that is right for you and then download the app for free today in the App or Google Play Store.

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Andrew gets to keep his suede shoes in mint condition while Chris puts a lid on it

It seemed to be that no matter what, Chris found himself spilling his drink and on top of every office electronic.

Nothing was solving Chris’ drinking problem…until there came a drinking solution.

RevoMax has now fully treated Chris’ liquid casualties and his contents now remain contained (no matter how often he still drops his cup).

And of course, Andrew’s shoes stay dry and oh-so stylish.

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Doc Scanning On The Go

In recent years the cameras on our phone have reached heights of quality I don’t think we ever saw coming. Images are so crisp and so clear that they open our phone up to numerous applications, including the ability to scan. Scanbot is a premium mobile scanning app that allows you to scan documents comparable to a desktop scanner.

Once you take a photo of a document or QR code, Scanbot creates a high-quality PDF or JPG. The whole process is simple and only requires one or two clicks. Once you’ve got your document captured you then have the option of sending the file through e-mail or uploading it to iCloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and several other cloud services. Now, one thing that several other scanning apps partake in, is sharing your information with third parties. Scanbot on the other hand keeps all of your actions in the app private. With 7 million users there’s no doubt this is one of the best scanning apps out there. They were even granted Top Developer by Google and nominated Best of 2014 to 2015 by Apple.

You can download Scanbot for free with in-app purchases from the App or Google Play Store.

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Innovative Ski Gear

If you love skiing and snowboarding, then you likely love the way you look in ski goggles.   But you probably hate how goggles are a breeding ground for bacteria which irritate your skin. D-Curve understands and they came into the market and changed everything.

Blending style, function, and safety, D-Curve goggles feature the world’s first removable, washable and reusable snow goggle foam while at the same time expanding peripheral view… making sure your vision and comfort are on the top of the list when hitting the slopes. The 3-layer goggle foam is made with natural material that deodorizes, comforts, and stimulates antibiosis. This results in a bacteria-free zone on your goggle foam, protecting your skin. So whether you build up sweat or accumulate makeup, sunscreen or facial oils, it’s as simple as removing, washing, and reusing the foam. And as mentioned, D-Curve goggles provide increased vision and use NASA lens technology to protect your eyes from UV rays and harmful blue light.

Once you remove your goggles, you’re going to want to continue looking good and protecting your eyes, so make sure you wear a pair of D-Curve’s state of the art Bio Titanium Sunglasses which use the same advanced lens technology. Whether you choose the sunglasses or the goggles, know you’re going to look great because their designs are downright sexy. To complete your look, add a safe and stylish D-Curve helmet that works perfectly in tandem with the goggles.

You can pick up the snow goggles and sunglasses by heading to dcurve.com today.

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