Karnage Chronicles – The Ultimate VR Experience


It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of virtual reality. How much more immersive can gaming get when you’re basically being put in the setting itself? Exactly.

So this brings us to a company of long time gamers and developers who go by the name of Nordic Trolls. Their industry experience range from titles like Age of Conan, Path of Exile, The Secret World, and more. Now, Nordic Trolls has come out with a pretty bomb game called Karnage Chronicles.

Karnage Chronicles provides an action RPG and includes an immersive experience you’ll most certainly want to check out.

In this game, you’re essentially under siege by unknown horrors and creatures capable of bending the Laws of Magic. What should you do when you’re placed in this situation? Fight. At least, we hope that’s what you would do.

Choose your unique classe of either Warrior or Archer and play as a Murkwraith. Pause, let us explain what a Murkwraith is. A Murkwraith is an undead entity on a mission to defeat enemies of the lands in efforts to restore order onto the world.

This game paints good and evil shades of the same color while you play as a part of a Murkwraith. The questions you’ll need to find answers to will be where you come from and what your purpose is in order to uncover and shape your future.

This fantasy epic will leave you wanting to play more as you immerse yourself in stunning visuals and awesome depth. In addition, you’ll be battling monsters and apply action-focused VR combat that will provide incredible realism and detail.

And sit tight for their support of 1-4 player co-op which is coming during early access as well as online multiplayer. The full version of Karnage Chronicles will also feature two extra classes, additional content, additional RPG elements, game difficulty settings, a village hub hand-crafted Steam Trading Cards, and more.

If you want to get started with Karnage Chronicles, you can download it on Steam today. It’s compatible with HTC Vive and will be made available for Oculus and PlayStation VR. Head to karnagechronicles.com for more information.

InvizBox – Privacy Made Simple

Tech Report

When it comes to private networks, they are the go-to solution for securing your digital information when accessing WiFi. And let’s face it, with the constant advancement in technology, comes further sophisticated threats. And while everyone appreciates access to WiFi, they appreciate it even more when they know that their browsing is secure.

But wait for it, here’s a VPN you can bring ANYWHERE with you. It’s called InvizBox – But we kinda figured that the title already gave that away.

With its portability, this VPN device allows you to secure your mobile devices while you’re out and about. No more having to worry about if others are prying into your browsing history or other sensitive data.

Features you can expect with InvizBox:

  • Ultimate privacy protection: it’s never safe to assume that our information is secure. So in order to ensure our information is safe, we have to take the necessary security measures and InvizBox is that security measure.
  • Fast setup: Simply turn it on, connect over WiFi, complete the wizard, and you’re good-to-go. Any device can connect over WiFi and is then immediately secured by a VPN.
  • Payment privacy: All major credit cards are accepted as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, and Dogecoin.
  • Blocked ads
  • 24/7 protection
  • Streaming of content that isn’t available in your country
  • Ability to charge your mobile device

Though it’s small, don’t let that fool you. InvizBox is equipped with ironclad security when in operation. It can also act as a WiFi booster for weak signals when you apply the Extender mode. This just leads us to recommend InvizBox as the perfect gadget to have when you’re traveling and on the go.

Take charge of your privacy today and set up your phone, tablet, laptop or computer to InvizBox. So, if you want to make the moves to purchase it, head on over to invizbox.com today.


Inmagine – Spice Up Your Life with Royalty-Free Images

Biz Report

We don’t know about you but finding quality images without having to pay for them can be quite the nuisance. Royalty-free images are considered the safer way to go rather than using a potentially copywritten image

Luckily, there’s a one-stop shop that has several kinds of images for you to choose from.

Inmagine provides quality images, sound, and video by world-class artists, as well as software solutions and services. They have developed a creative platform for clients to tap into when they wish to express themselves.

Being the parent company to 123RF, Inmagine has a content library of over 72 million images – so yeah, pretty good chance you’re going to find the photo that you need. And in addition to images, Inmagine also has vectors, footage, audio, and more.

123RF is the very first stock company of its kind to create a Google Chrome extension that allows users to search for images across a variety of categories.

Inmagine had a mission to curate categories that are hand-selected by designers for designers. And by being a royalty-free stock image provider that they are, Inmagine works to meet the demands of advertising agencies, graphic design firms, and corporate businesses.

Categories you can expect to find with Inmagine are:

  • Picnic
  • Music
  • Ocean
  • Vintage
  • Dancing
  • Landscape
  • And more

And if you’re a fan of Pixlr, 123RF has acquired them too. If you haven’t heard of Pixlr, it’s basically just the world’s most widely used cloud and mobile photo editors – no biggie.

With this acquisition having propelled Inmagine towards 50 million monthly active users, there have been over 100 million installs of the Pixlr mobile apps – again, no biggie.

Best of all, Inmagine creates a solid user-friendly environment and enhances the user experience in the creative realm. You should take our word for it, but in case you don’t, see for yourself! Visit inmaginegroup.com today.


iGon – Make Plans and Make Friends


“Oh! I know her,” you say to yourself as you roll by in the car. Just FYI though, this app we’re about to talk about can let you know from the get-go that your friend is right around the corner.

The app that’s taking a new way to connect and meet up by storm is iGon.

With GPS implementation, you’re able to see what people are up to within a 5-mile radius of you. You can take a look at all the close by activities and see whether you want to join them or not.

Now, we’re pretty sure the benefits to knowing who’s in close proximity are well implied, but we’d thought we’d list them out anyway.

  • Know the specific proximity of your friends as well as other people you may want to meet up with
  • Invite friends to enjoy activities that you plan with them
  • Continue to meet people and connect with new ones by discovering similar interests that you may share!

Conversely, you can also post your own activities via iGon and choose to make friends by seeing what they’re doing. If you’re feeling social and looking to make friends, make what activity you’re up to, public. And as an iGon tip, plan and set up a ride-share so someone can pick you up on the way to your activity.  It’s basically like an Uber for making friends. All you have to do is set your location and destination.

With iGon’s messaging feature, you can text your friends or prospective friends. These messages can be categorized according to plans such as “Bike Ride to Mordor” or “Hang-gliding off the Cliffs of Insanity.”

So, revolutionize the way you meet and greet! iGon paves the way to enrich your life with people you probably never thought you could have kicked it with before.

If you’re hesitant to give this social app a try, just know there’s no harm in trying it out! However, iGon is only available to iOS users. So those with the iPhone, iPad, etc., head on over to the App Store and search for “iGon” today!


iAmSapien – Collectively Thinking of the Next Best Thing


Everyone has great ideas, or so they claim. Imagine if there was a platform that was dedicated to getting unheard thoughts and ideas off the ground? Well, with iAmSapien, there is.

Created by WorldWisePeople, iAmSapien is a revolutionary way to collaborate and create with others worldwide. For anyone and everyone on a single mission to think of the next best thing, iAmSapien provides the platform to do it.

Realistically, there is just too much information that gets lost and isn’t thoroughly maintained on the web. This information overload gets frustrating to suss through and for the most part, merely falls into a black hole of the internet. iAmSapien’s mission is to form plans with ideas and resources and put them all in one centralized location.

iAmSapien makes the platform easy to use with just these simple steps:

  • Ask anything of the collective group.
  • iAmSapien will present the best ideas from the collective.
  • The final step is crowdsourcing for the most appropriate plan of action where people are brought together to get the job done.

What kinds of things can you discuss on iAmSapien?

  • Liberal Arts Education
  • Where Good Ideas Come From
  • Designing Social Media that Drives Real Change
  • Visual History of Human Knowledge
  • And much more

iAmSapien’s goal is to ensure that humanity will speak within a creative space to construct ideas that can create a chain reaction and be shared.

So if you’ve been sitting on an idea, get inside your headspace and discuss it with others! For all you know, it could simply be the push you need to turn your thoughts from concept to reality.

If you want to jump in and get involved with the beta version of iAmSapien, sign up at iAmSapien.com or to just try it out for yourself check out Beta.iAmSapien.com.

GrillEye – What’s Cookin’?

Consumer Update

Well, summer is here and the grills are firing up! Want to hear a cool thing though? OK, here it goes. Imagine that you can cook your meat or use your smoker WITHOUT having to physically check the temperature every few minutes.

The product that makes smoking and grilling this simple? GrillEye.

With its top of the line smart, Bluetooth grilling and smoking thermometer, it easily monitors your grill or smoker while allowing you to step away and relax.

When your food reaches optimum temperature, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone letting you know it’s good-to-go! What’s great about GrillEye is that it saves you the time it takes or the inconvenience of having to constantly check your food’s temperature.

Making it the best Bluetooth range in the market, GrillEye can reach up to 300 feet in open space. Additionally, it includes 2 Pro-grade meat thermometer probes, made of space-grade aluminum and stainless steel, and 2 clips for ambient temperature readings.

Also, peep these other nifty features GrillEye has going on:

  • Dual temperature display – per probe, the GrillEye displays simultaneously the current and target temperature by using 2 LED indicators so you know what’s cooking.
  • 2 in 1 temperature probes – includes the Pro-grade meat thermometer probes.
  • 6 available ports – grill without the concern of how many guests you have.

And no worries about probe damage! The 6 ports offer a rugged design that was made to safeguard against rough conditions of grilling without losing its aesthetics.

If you’re interested in gettin’ your grill on with convenience, you can purchase GrillEye today for $89.90 in one of the official resellers found on GrillEye.com.

Go Fan Yourself – It’s All About Keeping Your Cool

Consumer Update

Let’s put it to you this way: you wouldn’t buy a water faucet without both hot and cold water, right? Well, consider this analogy for this next product we’re going to be talking to you about.

Are you also familiar with those uncomfortable, stuffy rooms that you have to sometimes live or work through? Yeah, it’s the worst.

Fortunately, Go Fan Yourself has combined two products: recirculation fans and a LED light fixture to alleviate the insufferable conditions of these rooms.

Take a look for yourself below to see how it works:

We’ve shown you how it works. Now, let’s give you a little bit of the benefits you can expect with ReCircuLite.

  • Helps to reduce hot and cold spots in the office, retail spaces, and anywhere that there’s a drop ceiling
  • Enhances poor airflow and ventilation
  • Helps to reduce condensation/moisture that produces mold
  • Doesn’t require a connection to an HVAC system
  • Provides high-quality LED lighting solution
  • Extends life of LED components through management qualities

ReCircuLite features include:

  • High quality fully dimmable LED lighting
  • Quiet operation
  • Long lasting 100,000-hour life at 35 C
  • Airflow of 750 CFM at 5400 RPM
  • Five 4″ fans per lighting fixture

Designed to enhance air movement and air quality, ReCircuLite is the perfect product to balance uncomfortable air temperatures. In addition, it also helps reduce a condition known as sick building syndrome which affects close to 30% of the buildings today.

Go Fan Yourself also offers the following products:

  • Z-Tech fan – helps the hottest of environments to cool down
  • Z-Tech3 fan – whether a medium-sized or big space, this fan can cool your environment with its size
  • Z-Chill fan & diffuser system – a system to spot cool an unconditioned space within a facility by distributing tempered air
  • Taz fan – alternative cooling option to reduce cooling bills. Adjustable industrial fan to replace four large single-speed, panel-aisle fans.

So, we gave you the specs, now you have to decide if you want to make the transition to cooler living spaces and work environments.

Keep your cool and learn more about ReCircuLite by visiting gofanyourself.com today.

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