Smart Irrigation System

Tech Report

Maintaining a healthy garden or yard takes quite a bit of work. Sure traditional garden watering systems help but what about the days where it needs more water or the days where it needs less? That’s where viRaCube comes in.

viRaCube is the ultimate smart garden irrigation system. Using highly precise sensors it measures the water in the ground and determines whether or not more water is needed. There’s even a rain sensor that stops irrigation as soon as it starts raining. The accompanying viRaCube app allows you an overview of your garden, showing you what kind of condition it’s in. You can change settings and directly configure and control the system right in the app. Now the Cube is the brain of the whole system. Now the Cube is the brain of the whole system. There’s an option to use an internet connection through their cloud service or you can control the system through your local network. This sustainable system doesn’t use batteries so you never have to worry about it running out of juice.

“Traditional garden watering systems only know two actions: water or no water. But they are not able to stop watering at some places, where no water is needed or continue watering, when the soil needs more water. viRaCube uses highly precise developed sensors that measure the water in the ground and therefore know if more water is needed or not. Due to four components that viRaCube uses the ideal water supply for your garden can be granted.”

The viRaCube system starts at $355. To pre-order it today search for “viRaCube” on Kickstarter.

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Innovative Stretch Tech

Consumer Update

So, our bodies can be a real pain sometimes. Literally. With aches, pains, and sudden injuries when we’re doing something easy like moving a chair or something extreme like crossfit or a dance routine, it’d be nice to upgrade to a newer model. Here’s something to help. It’s called FLEXFIT.


FLEXFIT is a 3-in-1 self-care, wellness tool that performs self-myofascial release – in other words it helps ease muscle tension, as well as trigger point therapy and easy controlled static stretching. Founded by inspired teens after winning a STEM project on injury prevention, FLEXFIT was then clinically tested by the Micheli Center where results showed a 20 percent increase in range of motion. And it was specially designed over 8 generations with input from physical therapists and fitness experts before being assembled by individuals with disabilities. Tests have shown improvements in flexibility and increased range of motion.  Users have reported improved performance, stress relief, improved posture, reduced soreness, improved tissue recovery –  the list goes on and on. And all that while still being mobile and a piece of cake to travel with.

Not to mention the fact that every single part of the FlexFit has been specially made for the best possible fit and comfort and a great work out the handle has a comfort grip made of integrated foam roller, webbing that is adjustable and non-elastic, a flexible foot saddle with anti-slip technology, one-click extreme transformation flex clip, and dual end custom Designed roller caps.

The FLEXFIT is available for $40.00 – $35.00 for the early bird – which is a steal compared to other at-home therapies like a trigger point kit. You can search for FLEXFIT on Kickstarter to buy one today.  It also comes with an e-stretching book and an easy to use instruction guide.

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Go On Head, Retweet Yourself: Twitter Gets an Update

We bet that quite a few of you are on Twitter. And since there are over 300 million active monthly users, the odds are in our favor. Well, just so ya know, Twitter got a whole lot cooler this week. Here’s our breakdown of what’s new in the Twitter-sphere:


  1. Say bye-bye to harsh 140 character restrictions
    • You heard us right. Twitter just got a little more lenient with the character count. You’re now able to add pictures, GIFs, quoted tweets, and videos without adding to the total number of characters. Alas!
  2. Go on head, retweet yourself.
    •  Did we stutter? You can retweet yourself. Feel free to share all the glorious comments from your Twitter’s past.
  3. Replies sans @username
    • When you’d reply to a tweet, the tweet would start with @username before your comment. That’s no longer the case. Now there’s a thread line that shows who you’re replying to with your tweet below. So that just means that you have even more characters to share your reply.

So what do you think? Was this update everything you hoped for and more? If so, you can – shameless plug – tweet us @newswatchtv. Or if the update didn’t live up to the hype, you can still tweet us; we’ll be happy to reply.

Community Communication App

App Watch

September is Emergency Preparedness Month and the CDC offers some great tips on their website – like having an emergency kit on hand and making an emergency plan. But, it’s also the 21st century – and there are new and innovative ways to make sure you’re prepared and informed if there is an imminent threat to your life or property. That’s where the free app, In-telligent, comes into play.

In the event of an emergency, community managers need to directly communicate with their residents and visitors in real-time.  During a crisis, a community leader can send a message through In-telligent that overrides the silent settings on a phone ensuring that it’s noticed when sent.  While these life safety benefits of In-telligent are obvious, community leaders can also use the same app to keep their residents and visitors aware and informed of other important local information. For instance, if there is a get together or fun mixer they can let all the residents know at once. And, even though In-telligent is free to the community and the users, In-telligent will give back a portion of its revenue to the community each time that it uses In-telligent, transforming communicating with residents and visitors into a revenue raiser for the community.  Integrating In-telligent is a must for every community dedicated to keeping its residents and visitors safer and more informed.  No one knows when emergencies will occur and a tool like In-telligent will keep people safer and better informed.

Visit today to learn more and to help make your community Intelligent.

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Software Assurance Marketplace

Biz Report

Software controls so many aspects of our lives. Software developers work hard to make their software secure and do their best to remove all potential weaknesses. The Software Assurance Marketplace, or “SWAMP,” is dedicated to helping place the best possible tools in the hands of these developers and to train them to get the most out of these tools through its shared facility.

SWAMP lowers the barriers for researchers, educators, and software and tool developers to do continuous software assurance by offering multiple software analysis tools and a library of software applications with known vulnerabilities.

According to their websites, the capabilities of SWAMP include:

Static analysis

  • Operates on the original source code
  • Tracks problems down to the location in the original code
  • Relatively quick and easy to use
  • Provides complete code coverage
Collaborate with others

  • Create projects
  • Invite new members
  • Share assessment results
Analyze your results

  • View results using Code Dx™
  • Compare results from multiple tools
  • Find and visualize overlaps
  • Correlate results

Who can benefit from the SWAMP?

Software developers

  • Commercial software developers – create better products
  • Open source software developers – write code that will withstand rigorous code review

Students and educators

  • Learn secure coding practices
  • Learn to use industry standard tools
  • Learn how to fix the problems the tools report
  • Learn to use the SWAMP

Software assurance professionals

  • SwA tool developers – test SwA tools against hundreds of curated software packages
  • SwA researchers – analyze a large body of assessment results from many tools and packages

They’re currently reaching out to software developers, educators, students, and tool developers to join the marketplace. For more information on SWAMP, visit their website at

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SOFIE Regulatory Intelligence System

Biz Report

So, we live in an increasingly regulated environment.  Regulated industries like healthcare are finding themselves buried in new regulations and massive amounts of information.   A company called Graematter has developed a patented software solution that integrates and cross references this data into a regulatory intelligence system with advanced search capabilities.

Healthcare regulation has taken the spotlight – namely, medical devices and pharmaceuticals – which are regulated by the FDA. Much like a lawyer reviews case law to prepare a position they will defend in court; regulatory professionals must research precedent information to develop a regulatory strategy that they can present before the FDA.   The problem is that this vast information is spread over more than 130 databases.  It is very time-consuming and if critical documents are missed, the regulatory process will be much longer and more-costly or they can even fail to get approval.  The Graematter System allows regulatory professionals to find, organizes, and analyze critical data they would have otherwise missed.  It also reduces the typical research process from a three-week process to less than two hours. Created from government data, the Graematter System is what is now referred to as an Open Data system and has the potential to be used in any regulated environment.

“The original concept for the regulatory intelligence system was conceived by Graematter’s founder, Melissa Walker, in 1999. An early-stage, pre-prototype version of the system was first created in 2000. It began as an effort to simply improve the ability to locate key information. As the volume of regulatory information began to expand dramatically and as the regulatory environment became increasingly complex, it continued to evolve.  Over time, Ms. Walker developed an intelligence system that provided simple, lower cost ways to better retrieve and analyze large amounts of data that reside in numerous locations. The evolving system has been in continuous use in actual applications during that time as its capabilities were expanded and improved.”

To learn more, head to today. Or join them at one of their upcoming events such as RAPS Regulatory Convergence in Baltimore, Maryland from October 26-27th.

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Photo Editing App

App Watch

So are you looking to surprise someone special? Well we found a cool new app that might just help you out in that department. It’s called LoveCollage and it’s a photo editing app that’s super simple to use.

By selecting the photos you want to use, you can place them into a collage and dress them up with frames, text, grids, filters and other effects. Who says you have to be a professional photographer or editor to create fun and exciting photos?  No one anymore – that’s who.  So let’s say you’ve created a collage of you and someone you love. You can choose to add some text, like “I love you” or something personal. And there are over 30 grids to choose from to stitch your photos together and over 30 collage frames to choose from. And each photo can get its own frame with over 80 to pick from.  Next, there are well over 100 stickers to add to the collage. And of course what’s a photo editing app without filters. Choose from over 20 of those for just the right look.

Who wants to be limited by just one filter? Who wants to send a meaningless 5 second photo that erases itself? Now you can personalize your own little homage to the one you love and send them something truly special.

Think this is just for Valetine’s day? Think again! Try an anniversary, birthday, or just to let that certain someone know that you are thinking of them. Hey, if you are really brave, you could even use this bad boy to ask someone out on a date!

Love Collage is free to download on iOS and Android. Head to the App or Google Play store or visit today.

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