The 5 Kickstarter Campaigns You Need To Watch For

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

By Hazel-Lovely Saunders

Kickstarter has built a crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. They give creative minds an opportunity to showcase their product on a campaign so people can take a took at what creative products are surfacing. Their mission is to bring creative projects to life. Here is a list of five projects to watch for on Kickstarter.

  1. KeyMAX G5 Titanium Clip-On Key Ring & 22 in 1 Multi-tool EDC

Need something convenient? Ready to go and lightweight? There’s the new Clip-On G5 Titanium Unibody Key Ring & Multi-Tool EDC. With 22 features that is built for anything that comes your way, its like a mini on-the-go tool box and survivor gadget.

KeyMax Dimensions: 3.70” Wide x 1.20” Deep x .140” Thick

22 Features

Uni-Body Key Ring, Bottle opener, 10 Wrench sizes, 2 Spoke Wrenches, ¼” Hex Driver with Built-in Hex bit Holder and added O-Ring, Letter opener, Wire Stripper, Emergency Can Opener, Glass Breaker, Soda can popper, Paint Can Opener, and many more.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

There will also be versions of the classic RocketHEX and MicrosharkHEX with O-Rings.

  1. LIFT

A new innovative levitating system that charges your Apple Watch or Pebble. Life is the only smartwatch charges that levitates your device in midair. The charging base is lightweight and portable. Lift is also a portable battery charger giving you two full charges on your smartwatch. Although it’s the only system to charge and levitate your smartwatch, it can also charge your phone (but it won’t levitate it.)

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

What’s it made of?

High quality aluminum and ceramic, and more.


The Orb

When your smartwatch it’s not being charged, it can also be used as a smart lamp. The Orb is the very first wireless smart lamp in the business. It even magnetically attaches to any metal surface for your convenience.

The best thing about this charging system is that it doesn’t kill your battery life. Once your watch reaches 100% it will intelligently turn off to protect the lifespan of your smartwatch.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

ALCHEMA is a new brewing system that enables you to turn your fruits into your own flavor of hard cider in three easy steps. With Alchema you can create your cider within 2 weeks. This new system is great for everyone especially beginners. With just three easy steps you can make your own drinks.

How it works?

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Don’t forget about the Alchema app on iOS and Android devices. The app helps you explore a variety of recipes, monitor your brewing process, and even share a recipe you created.

  1. RoVa4D Full Color Blender 3D Printer
Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

The RoVa4D works by extruding spate cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white filaments into a single patent pending hot end where they blend together into a single nozzle. This new printer lets you print unlimited colors in one single print. The RoVa4d has three separate hot ends. One prints in any color, hue, tone, tints, or shade. The second one is dedicated to flexible materials like Ninjaflex, and the third is a dissolvable support material.

How does it work?

With just 5 colors you can produce ANY color in the world, any hue, tint, shade or tone.

  1. WOOLF: Speed Trap Ahead

WOOLF is the perfect for bikers and car drivers to be warned about speed traps, red light camera, and school zones. It is made of high quality water-resistant leather and it wraps around your wrist so your eyes are paying attention on the road.

How it works?

woolf1WOOLF pairs with iOS and Android devices. The app measures speed and constantly updates zones around you. The wristband vibrates in different levels so you know when to slow down.

The testing prototype provides 15 days of battery (2 hours per day) while “driving” and recharging takes approximately 3 hours.

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Beautifully Unique Jewelry

Consumer Report

Are you looking to make a fashion statement that’ll help you stand out? If so, then check out Artistic Falls. This brand new Canadian company specializes in one-of-a kind custom jewelry.  Artistic Falls is a unique jewelry line using precious stones, including genuine gemstones and semi-precious stones, as well as gold, sterling silver and metal chains. All of their gemstones are AB Grade, which means they are of the highest quality, while all their metals are nickel-free so customers will not experience any irritation if they have sensitive skin.

Designer Salwa Yak, who decided to start the jewelry line with the intention of creating pieces for women who appreciate fine quality and unique and colorful jewelry, founded Artistic Falls in the spring of 2016. Artistic Falls custom jewelry consists of necklaces, bracelets, jewelry sets and even pieces for parties, events and bridal wear. All of the pieces consist mainly of beads strung together in artful arrangements made with materials such as onyx, Siam rubes, snow quartz and Japanese seed beads.

Along with the pieces sold on the Artistic Falls website, jewelry sets and pieces can also be made specifically for you to shine and sparkle on your birthday, holiday and even your wedding day. Salwa Yak cares about whom she does business with and ensures the quality of service Artistic Falls provides to each and every customer. By treating each customer with respect and integrity, the shopping experience compliments her artistic expression within the handmade jewelry.  Artistic Falls uses it’s jewelry pieces to inspire the courageous woman within while adding to their outer beauty. If you dare to be different and ravishing, pick up Artistic Falls’ unique pieces and be the belle of the ball.

To find out more about Artistic Falls and their creations go to their website at

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Educational, Interactive Game App

App Watch

Now, engaging kids in the classroom can be a particularly difficult task. But what if we combined learning with something kids enjoy, like gaming? PaGamO is a unique learning app that allows kids to study any subject while competing in a game based on the principles of classic board matches like Risk and Settlers of Catan.

All the child does is click on a hexagon to occupy a new territory. A question will pop up. By answering correctly they expand their territory! While playing, they repeat class materials and finish assignments! The game keeps their motivation up and rewards you accordingly!

PaGamO encourages kids to build their own kingdom of knowledge, wealth, and land by answering questions and solving quizzes. All the core subjects like math and spelling are covered, as well as general knowledge and pop culture. Different versions of the game exist for all levels of schooling. Now it can be used independently by students at home but can also be used by teachers in the classroom. Teachers can create their own content and questions tailored to their students. They can even send assignments right through the app, track students’ progress, and it even offers the opportunity to hold competitions on the platform. Now it is a game so there is a ranking system to keep it competitive as well as a messaging system so kids can communicate with each other. They can even include pictures, video and audio files in your questions – make it as interactive as you like! Any subject in any grade can be taught through our PaGamO platform.

PaGamO is free for iOS and Android devices or through the web. For more information, head to

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Customer Review Site

Consumer Report

Have you ever had a really bad experience with a company’s product or service but had no recourse to right the wrong? Of course you have. Well you don’t have to bottle it up anymore. Check out the website

Pissed Consumer allows you to publish your complaints and reviews and air your grievances about the company. Just select a title for your complaint and type it all up. Add any relevant photos or videos to support your claims. Then just hit submit to post it on the site. Now if you want to check out other reviews, Pissed Consumer will detect your location and find companies near you. Or you can search for the one you’re looking for. Each company on the site has stats like number of reviews, claimed losses, and number of issues resolved. Because let’s be honest – that’s what we want to know, does the company work to right their wrong? There’s also a section that allows you to compare companies if you’re looking to make a large purchase. Let’s say you’re interested in a new home security system. You can take two companies like Vivint and ADT and compare their ratings and complaints to see which one is the better of the two. Additionally, there are comments from people like you, regarding this comparison that gives you other customers’ perspective. Now, just because the site is called Pissed Consumer doesn’t mean it’s all negative. You can see what people liked – whether it be price or the product itself or the customer service. That way you can see their strong points as well.

To start using Pissed Consumer go to today.

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Netgear’s Multi-Unit Wi-Fi Solution

Courtesy of Engadget.

Courtesy of Engadget.

By Hazel-Lovely Saunders

The worst part of Wi-Fi connection is not getting a connection if you’re too far away from the router. This is definitely a first world problem people hate, especially for those tech savvy humans. Wi-Fi routers can be set up in any area in your home, but a majority of people loose connection in certain areas of their home. After all, who likes using their data in order to use the internet or play Pokémon Go?

Netgear is an American global networking company that delivers products to consumers, businesses and service providers. The company’s products are built on a variety of proven technologies such as wireless (Wi-Fi and LTE), Ethernet and powerline.

Netgear is introducing a multi-unit router called Orbi. It is a “Wi-Fi system” that is a combination of a router and a range extender. This single router is capable of covering 4,000 square feet of space to provide strong but fast Wi-Fi signal. Something we all want of course.

Courtesy of Engadget.

Courtesy of Engadget.

Orbi consists of two units. The main router, which you plug into the modem has a blue top and the secondary unit that should be placed somewhere in the “central” of your home (the satellite, has a white top). Although the Orbi is bigger it is faster. It’s standout feature is its tri-band mesh system that dedicates one channel to extending the internet from the router to the satellite while keeping the other two free for your other device’ connections. Netgear has two competitors, Ero and Luma, both of which already have multi-unit routers, but have a three-piece system. They are less noticeable being smaller than the Orbi.

Netgear’s vice president, David Henry, says, “Today we can’t sell a Wi-Fi router less than $99 because the products less than $99 are no better than what you have in your home.”

Courtesy of TechCrunch.

Courtesy of TechCrunch.

The Orbi will go on sale in early September, with the two-pack selling for $399.99. The single add-on units will eventually be on sale for $249.99.

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Caribbean Digital Currency Wallet

App Watch

People from the Caribbean know that sending and receiving money can be pretty costly. If they have to go to the bank to pay a bill, the actual travel costs can be more expensive than the bill itself. And that’s if they even have a bank account, which can take months to setup. That’s where the app Caricoin comes into play. Caricoin is a bitcoin wallet designed specifically for people in the Caribbean.

Caricoin makes it easy to setup a simple account by linking it to the user’s mobile number. Once the account is set up, the user now has access to bitcoins, the new digital currency. Bitcoins are digital tokens that you buy with regular currency and store in Caricoin digital wallet. Bitcoins can be sent instantly to anyone around the world without going through a bank or any other financial institution.

There are no preconditions to qualify and sending and receiving money is as easy as using your email. By using Caricoin you also avoid any fees normal financial institutes impose. There’s even a great social function integrated into the mobile app with the ability to chat with other users. Caricoin basically created a streamline communication between the sender and receiver, making it easy to know who sent the money and when it should be received. Caricoin also offers a feature that allows for instant refilling of pre-paid minutes on mobile phones. Caricoin isn’t just good for sending money at the touch of a button, it can also be used to pay for products and services at thousands of participating online retailers.

Caricoin is available for Android devices with an iOS app coming soon. You can download it for free at the GooglePlay store or by going to today.

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Planet of the Apps: Unscripted

Courtesy of Apple Insider.

Courtesy of Apple Insider.

By Hazel-Lovely Saunders

A new series is on its way and you will never guess what it’s about. Well from the title above you’ve guessed it already.

Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood.

Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood.

Apple Inc., a multinational technology company is launching its first original TV series about the “app economy.” Executive producers, Ben Silverman, and Howard Owens, are teaming up to create this unscripted series about the people who create innovative apps for the world. The show is also being co-produced with Propagate, a production company co-owned by Ben Silverman and Howard Owens.

Actress-entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow will also be on board to mentor contestants. Paltrow stated, “Developing and launching a business based on your own original idea can be exhilarating, but intimidating.” In addition, Tech Investor Gary Vaynerchuk is also joining the project and will serve as an advisor.

Planet of the Apps partnered up with Product Hunt, a website for discovering new technology products, mobile apps, and websites, went on a four-city tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York to meet entrepreneurs and discuss the concept of the new TV series between August 1-3.

Courtesy of Citrusbits.

Courtesy of CitrusBits.

There is a casting call looking for app creators who have a vision to “shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives” says Silverman. If you want to apply you can visit the series website. Applications are accepted until Friday, August 26 and only 100 of you can make it.

If accepted you have the chance to receive:

  1. Mentorship: Hands-on guidance from tech experts.
  2. Funding: If you make it to the final round you’ll get investment for your app created.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Placement of your app will be featured in the App Store at the end of the show. Basically, millions of people will see your app everywhere.

Interested applicants must be 18-years-old and be available for shooting later this year through Spring 2017. 

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