Spotted Places – Oh The Places That You’ll Spot


Attention travelers! If you’re always on the go or yearning for a new adventure, you probably want your recommendations from a friend or fellow nomad.

If you’re looking for that new bar or restaurant to try, you may be more apt to try them if they’re recommended by those you trust or follow. Spotted Places helps achieve exactly this.

Spotted Places lets you follow and view recommendations from friends or fellow travelers. It works by creating a personalized map of their experiences around the world. Talk about getting all worldly from a mobile device!

What makes Spotted Places versatile? You don’t have to only receive recommendations from people in other states or countries, but also discover experiences from those who are right around you.

Need to get to that destination ASAP? No problem! If there’s a spot you have in mind and it’s nearby, you can call an Uber, get driving directions, or even book a hotel by tapping on an icon in the app.

After you’ve had the time of your life at your newly discovered whereabout, go ahead and mark it on the map so others can see and share your experience! Sharing is caring, right?

What makes Spotted Places optimized for the user is that the app has partnered with hundreds of food and travel bloggers. Select your preferred users to follow and receive quality options from them, even if they’re outside of your personal network.

So, say “No,” to misguided recommendations and take the word of those you can trust. Did we also mention that you can follow celebrities on the app too?

If you’re traveling to somewhere abroad or just simply remaining local, follow those you know you can receive legitimate reviews from. Save time and find the perfect sweet spot. Download Spotted Places on the App Store or Google Play. You can also visit

Fun with Chess Revolutionizes a New Way to Student Learning


Did you know that the U.S. ranks at number 25 out of the top 30 countries academically? Educational professionals have studied this problem in an effort to assist students’ math and reading skills.

Introducing a chess program into schools can dramatically lead to improving scores. So when you put two and two together, you get, Fun with Chess!

Founded by Youth Development Systems, this program provides instruction led classes as well as online exercises. These online exercises provide fun and practical ways of thinking as well as strategies to apply to real life situations.

Fun with Chess implements strategies that apply to real life situations and also cater to students who have learning disabilities. With also a fun video game, animation style, Fun with Chess will track scoring when you play with either another player or against the computer.

Benefits of Fun with Chess can, not only provide an entertaining way to learn but revolutionizes a way children can be taught. Though it’s seen as more of a chess variant, it’s a perfect option for those who are beginners.

What’s even more convenient about Fun with Chess is that for every move a student makes, it is recorded so students, parents, and instructors can review the games and learn from them. Scores are also kept on a leaderboard so students can keep track of how well they’re doing.

Fun with Chess allows students the chance to improve critical thinking and the ability to strategically sort through problems, their studies, or just life in general.

For more information, visit today!

Act! – Make Your Small or Midsize Business Act Right

Consumer Update

The competition seems to get more and more stiff as small and midsize businesses go against the big boys. In order for these smaller businesses to succeed, they should invest in an innovative customer relationship management (CRM) solution that increases their sales and grows their business.

This is where Act! comes in.

Act! offers numerous solutions and services to businesses that need the extra kick to shoot for the stars. Efficiency is maximized as all customer information is stored in one place and all while tying into an intuitive email marketing platform. Lead generation is simplified while there are tools to assist in organizing calendars, managing activities, and more.

Here’s where we tackle the financial portion. You may ask,”This is probably a really expensive program, right?” Wrong! Act! is in fact, an affordable, user friendly, and trusting solution that individuals in small businesses can trust. Send emails, market products and services more efficiently so you can continue driving sales towards your business.

Platforms that Act! offers are:

  • Premium
  • Pro
  • Emarketing
  • Connections

Act! will act as the heart of your business and will even help you get to know your customers. It will also help prepare you with customer prospects, maintaining internal notes, and to personalize interactions – i.e. group similar contacts so you can target email marketing goals.

Act! also easily integrates with other existing applications such as:

  • Outlook
  • PayPal
  • QuickBooks

And popular eCommerce solutions:

  • BigCommerce
  • Etsy
  • Shopify

Enhance your CRM so you can start growing your business on a national or worldwide scale.

Don’t stall and let the competition run you over! Act now and get Act! (we love the play on words here) by visiting You can even get started with a 14-day free trial to see if it’s a program fit for you and your company.

HydraKlick – We Got Water on Your Side


No, we really do mean that. HydraKlick has created a product that lets you carry water (or other preferred running beverage) that’s attached to your side. What’s better than a hands-free run? Let’s start from the beginning.

If you’re an avid runner, chances are you love running on the outdoor’s great terrain. Chances are that you ALSO appreciate hydration while you run your heart out.

Cue HydraKlick by Solo 8. They are the premier hands-free, beltless hydration system. Basically, it’s as simple and convenient as it gets. HydraKlick stays by your side to provide a simple grab and replace system.

What do you do?

  • Secure the 8 oz bottle in the bottle cage which is connected to a sport clip that clamps onto your waistband.
  • The contoured pad keeps the holder in place and securely against your body while you run.
  • When you get thirsty, take a sip and place it back with a simple click!

And if that doesn’t sway you, perhaps knowing the benefits to hands-free running will:

  • Carrying an extra water bottle can put on extra weight that can potentially cause muscle discomfort or arm restriction.
  • Holding an object in hand can restrain the natural movement of your arm, thus causing running efficiency to decrease.
  • Running with a water bottle in hand causes a greater chance of dropping the item and damaging.

Run hands-free and stay thoroughly hydrated without the annoyance of needing to carry water.

Learn more about HydraKlick today when you go to their website,

Apps That Pay – Make Money & Donate to Charity


Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope! It’s in fact not a scam (plus we’d never do that to you). There is indeed a way to make some cash all while you donate to a great cause.  See for yourself below.

Zap Surveys has come out with an app, Apps that Pay, that will give you a decent payday for that chosen Starbucks in your life or if you want it through an Amazon e-gift card, you can swing that way too.

Did we mention that you can also get money by playing games? Yep, they have that option too.

So we’ve established that everyone loves money, so now comes the part where we tell you how to go about it.

  • Download Zap on your iPhone or Android device
  • Take your first survey
  • Receive $6 for your first survey

By the end of your gameplay or survey, you’ll be instantly paid in real dollars and will automatically donate to the AAH – a non-profit organization that helps starving children all around the world. You’re even given $.03 just for logging on!

Want to know more you can do when you download Apps that Pay? Check it out:

  • Earn movie money by watching the daily 20 videos. You’ll get paid $5 in cash or get an Amazon gift card.
  • Catch millions of pounds of fish (not in real life) and earn $15 by playing, “Fish for Money.”

Your money will go through PayPal and takes just a few days to process through Amazon e-Gift card.

OK, we know $6 isn’t the jackpot, but if you want to earn more profit, spread the love on your social media accounts and refer friends!

Make that side money with Apps that Pay and give back to charities that need it the most.

All you need is your phone to get started and to head over to

Finland – Technology Superpower


We all have our imagined superpowers. Some of the most common can include: running at the speed of light, brute strength, teleportation, telepathy etc. But the one superpower Finland has over others is technology.

Not just known for its clean air and the prime place to ski, Finland is the heart of some of the most iconic mobile technologies like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds. Another organization that you may have heard of that uses Finland technology? Facebook. And it doesn’t stop there. Finland’s technology footprint is only widening as it advances in 5G knowledge, artificial intelligence, and IoT.

Finpro helps Finnish small and medium enterprises (SME) go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes travel to Finland. Finpro is a public organization consisting of Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland.

We at NewsWatch, got an up-close look at some of the other cool products Finland is responsible for. The DoCover for example, transforms a plain phone cover into something innovational and custom — a cool holographic cover.

In Team Finland, Finpro manages almost 40 significant Growth Programs such as:

  • Cleantech Finland
  • Food from Finland
  • FinlandCare

And Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs such as:

  • Connectivity from Finland
  • Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility
  • Capitalizing Knowledge
  • eComGrowth

Care to find out more? Take a peek at Finpro’s website by going to

Netronome – Prepare Your Company for Network Infrastructure Challenges


Prepare yourselves, there’s a lot about to be thrown your way: global mobile traffic growth, infrastructure challenges, increased data service requirements, etc. See? We told you.

Let’s break it down.

Your company and its data are constantly on the go and always growing. With this natural growth comes high-performance challenges and operational difficulties. What do you do during times like this? Get Netronome.

Netronome SmartNICs and software enables the highest application performance and CPU efficiency for Telco and cloud data center server infrastructures.

What happens is data centers become overwhelmed with information and can interfere with the process of simple data transference. The real struggle happens when these data centers are asked to do more, but with fewer resources. Due to this information overload, data centers are in need of delivering services in a better and secure way without it getting too costly.

Netronome’s solution is with server-based networking that enables fast innovation for maneuvering network software used in servers and to speed up networking functions.

What optimized features can you anticipate with Netronome?

  • Virtual switching
  • Virtual routing
  • Connecting tracking
  • Virtual network functions

How does it do it?

Netronome implements a flow-processing-optimized silicon and software architecture that works alongside standard and open source server-based networking software. The final product? Innovative solutions for its efficiency and major companies that can show for it, such as:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google

If you’re interested in learning more information on Netronome, go to today.

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