helio – Making Learning Fun and Interesting

Consumer Update

It’s pretty safe to say that parents know how difficult it can be to get their kids to study at home. If it’s one thing we know, however, it’s that kids don’t mind studying when they’re having fun.

A great learning tool that takes this concept to heart? The helio.

The helio is a light projector that emits LED light and shines educational content on the ceiling. It can be used to play games, study, and have interaction family fun. In addition, helio provides soothing light before going to bed.

Helio contains interchangeable discs that reflect the child’s interest and learning level. Their grade-specific discs cover anything from reading to wildlife to vehicles.

For example, if your child wishes to learn more about the solar system, you can put the astronomy disc on and it will illuminate above your child’s bed at night.

In addition, the helio assists children in putting down the iPad and instead using their imagination. With the help of teaching professionals, helio has created a big database for children’s education and entertainment purposes.

By visually and interactively learning, children won’t even notice that they’re studying – which is essentially the objective of what the helio is trying to achieve. With this method of learning, it creates higher content retention while also doubling as a soothing and calming night light.

The helio comes in five different colors for both girls and boys along with five starter discs.

So if you’re interested in your child learning new and interesting topics without even realizing it, then head on over to heliosite.com!


Carepoynt – Taking Healthcare to an Interactive Level

Consumer Update

It’s not too much of a surprise to know that healthcare is complicated and expensive. In comparison to other countries, the U.S. healthcare system is more costly, chaotic, and uncoordinated than anywhere else.

Fortunately, there’s a system that cares enough to take us all into consideration. It’s called Carepoynt.


Essentially, Carepoynt is the world’s first health-related reward program, platform, and network that puts the consumer at the heart of their healthcare experience.

Carepoynts main focuses are activities, behaviors, purchases, and connections that assist members to live their best and healthiest life. Think of it as a points-based travel, retail or credit card program. It’s also free to joyn.

Earn poynts from an extensive community of partners by visiting your doctor, purchasing from your preferred retailers, exercising regularly, eating well, participating in wellness programs, following a doctor’s care plan and more.

By doing this, you can cover your healthcare costs, or treat yourself to the rewards of living well.

In addition, you can redeem poynts from the same partners for hundreds of online products and services or share them with family.

What’s great about Carepoynt is that it’s making healthcare more rewarding for EVERYONE. How great is that?

So if you want to live well, get rewarded for it and share it in the Carepoynt Community, ‘Joyn” today at carepoynt.com.

The Engagement Cards – Building Stronger Relationships Between Employers and Employees

Consumer Update

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that the biggest reason people leave their company is due to a poor relationship with their boss.

Well, luckily, a company called The Piras Group created a unique concept called The Engagement Cards.

Their intention? To help build stronger communication and learning between managers and employees.

The Engagement Cards is a tool that’s been created, tested, and measured to improve employee engagement. It’s basically simple enough for any manager to use with any employee.

These cards will also facilitate conversations that will be chalk full of transparent communication, mutual feedback, learning, and of course, engagement. The Engagement Cards will help promote better and more meaningful conversation that will ultimately lead to a better work environment.

How do you play?

Each deck comes with 56 question cards that are divided into 5 categories related to organization, team, and individual experiences.

The categories are as follows:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Successes and Wins
  • Job Satisfaction and Improvement
  • Learning and Development
  • Direction and Alignment

You can use these categories in one-on-one meetings to remove that “awkward” factor or staff meetings and teams.

These efforts essentially create an environment for proper exchange and dialogue that removes the daunting factor that may accompany a manager-to-employee conversation. The Engagement Cards are intended to eliminate the guesswork of what to say and get the ball on what to say.

In addition, The Engagement Cards offer a free 1/2 consulting session to help plan what you’ll say in conversation and be successful.

Take the stress and that “awkward” factor out of an otherwise difficult situation with gamification!

If you wish to purchase your own set of The Engagement Cards, you can head to thepirasgroup.com/engagement-cards.

GO CLIP – Get Your Earbud Cords Straight

Tech Report

Chances are you have a pair of headphones that you enjoy wearing whether it’s for music or to take/make calls. Chances are that you also retrieve your headphones in a tangled mess. Whatever the case may be to get your headphones, we can all agree that nobody’s got time for untangling cords.

That’s why GO CLIP was invented to keep your earbuds carefully intact.

This magnetic earbud organizer is specifically designed for iPhone EarPods, whether they use the 3.5 mm jack, lightning connector, and the 3.5mm to lighting port adapter. So in case you’re wondering, yes, it will work with the newly released iPhone 8 and X.

The idea is quite simple.

Lead the GO CLIP connected to your earbuds, even when plugged into your iPhone. It installs in SECONDS and you’re required to only do it once. So rest assured that you never have to look for it when you need it.

When you’re done using your earbuds, simply place the buds near the GO CLIP and let the powerful magnet secure the bud into place. The earpod wires can be wrapped around the GO CLIP to achieve maximum cord management. Once earbuds are engaged with the magnet, grab the wires and wrap them around the GO CLIP and loop the remaining “U” section around the audio jack.

With this easy U-wrap of the wires around the GO CLIP, you’ll be sure to secure a full proof way for the wires not to get tangled.

Once you’re done using the earbuds, simply pinch the audio jack connector and the GO CLIP simultaneously and pull out your earbuds. And if they happen to get caught by your keys, sunglasses or other objects, they’ll stay fastened in the GO CLIP.

If you wish to purchase the GO CLIP, you can by selecting from your color of choice in either blue, orange, pink, white, or yellow for $9.99. And I mean, hey, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the holidays, that’s a prime present.

So start leaving the mess behind and head to go-clip.com today.

WikiMaster – Turn Your Researched Articles into Fun Quizzes


It’s no question that Wikipedia has revolutionized the way we take in information. With tons of articles on virtually any subject, we’ve found the next best thing that can help you learn more from Wikipedia while also having fun.

WikiMaster essentially turns any Wikipedia article you’ve researched into a game by creating quizzes. All you have to do is download the app and search for an article.

WikiMaster will have a quiz based on that article and have over 330,000 multiple choice questions in addition to the Wikipedia articles.

Once you start this, you can earn points (called WOKbits) by answering questions correctly. And if you’re looking to garner more points, the faster you’ll have to answer questions.

At the end of the quiz, you can check your answers to see which ones you got right and wrong. For the answers you got wrong, you can click to learn more about that subject and further educate yourself! Think of it like a hashtag on Instagram.

It’s also no surprise that when you make education fun, there’s a higher chance of retention. And as if making a quiz out of what you researched isn’t already amusing, WikiMaster allows you to challenge other players, known as WOKers, giving a social element to the game.

Known as the Knowledge Network with WikiMaster as the main app combining all the fun in learning, WOK lets you learn from Wikipedia and play trivia. It’s known as a community of knowledge and where WOKers create good and interesting questions in the Wikipedia articles for other WOKers to take.

And similar to other social media apps, each quiz is tagged allowing you to click and follow through to other similar subjects.

Over 350,000 questions have already been made in English, Spanish, and four other languages by the WOK community.

If you wish to download WikiMaster, you can do so for free by visiting the App or Google Play Store today.

Bannersnack – Need That Extra Marketing Push for Your Business?

Biz Report

It’s probably no question that banner ads are a key marketing tool when it comes to growing your business. With your banner on the forefront of social media platforms and other places on the internet, your business will begin engaging audience ranging in the millions.

Before all of these wonderful things can happen, however, you must create an awesome banner. Something that can help with that? Bannersnack.

Bannersnack is the leading online tool to assist you with your banner-making needs. They make it easy to design a single banner or generate as many banners or visuals as you want based on a single design.

Once you’ve harnessed your fabulous idea and envision what it is that you want to create, you’re ready for the next step: the Banner Generator.

Select the sizes you want and pick a template that appeals most to you. Once you’ve done this, you can create your banner, complete with image, text, and animations.

And if you had any questions regarding coding, just know that no coding skills or designers are needed! Everything basically takes a drag, drop and a click to complete. Easy, huh?

Just think, in a matter of seconds, you can have your design in over 20 different sizes. Whether its static or animated ads, Bannersnack has you covered.

And with it’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, it’ll have you running in minutes.

If you’re looking to use the Banner Generator, you’ll need a PRO subscription which comes with a slew of cool features. Head over to bannersnack.com to begin your banner-making journey today.

Rogue Maille – Fashionable Accessories for Your Cosplay Wardrobe

Consumer Update

Ever heard of the Renaissance Festival? Well, if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out. It will surely take you back to the 16th century and immerse you in the activities of jousting and knife throwing – just to name a few.

And nothing beats dressing up like your favorite character or feeling like you’re in a different era than completely throwing yourself into that character’s culture.

That’s where Rogue Maille comes in.

Rogue Maille creates jewelry, accessories, and more using aluminum, brass, stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, niobium, and titanium metals.

Rogue Maille’s pieces are carefully crafted using high-quality materials like Swarovski crystals and Czech pressed glass.

Well if you thought Rogue Maille was your average joe in jewelry making, know that they’re set apart by their ability to create custom pieces.

Say, for example, you wanted a red or orange dragon tail, you know what? No problem. A steampunk necklace? Yup, they got you.

With jewelry ranging from any of the following:

  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Headpieces
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

Every item created is lightweight and delicate with the ability to be worn outside of the festival confines. Rogue Maille’s mission is to always create custom and unique pieces of jewelry while also providing their customers excellent one-on-one service.

So if you’re interested in spicing up your cosplay accessories, Rogue Maille is the place to get what you need.

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