RapidScale – Providing Cloud Services to Businesses of All Sizes

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Cloud services have become a real option for businesses worldwide. With the reliability of the internet, companies are taking their IT needs to the cloud. However, that move comes a decision on whether to do it yourself or partner with a managed cloud provider.

And if you’re on the prowl for a cloud partner, be sure to check out RapidScale.

Listed by Citrix as Top Innovator for Enablement and Growth last year, RapidScale offers managed hybrid cloud services to businesses of all sizes, excelling in application performance, uptime, security and delivering a great IT experience.

With their full suite of services, a company’s IT department can eliminate the hassle of day-to-day updates, patches, and user management and simply rely on RapidScale’s white glove service for reliable, innovative, and secure services.

RapidScale provides the following in services:

  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Recovery
  • Mail
  • Office
  • Backup
  • Security
  • SD-WAN

RapidScale’s CloudDesktop allows companies to move their applications to the cloud and access them on any device. Their portfolio of CloudSecurity services keeps businesses secure and compliant.

Their fully managed cloud solutions make it simple to integrate applications, users, accessibility, and efficiency into a business of any size and industry. Rest assured with RapidScale, you’ll never be left to fend for yourself.

In addition, their CloudRecovery solution offers peace of mind in any situation.

So, if you’re interested in moving your business to the cloud and look for a reliable partner along the way, head to rapidscale.net today.


Soundog Solutions – Engage More Efficiently with Your Customers

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If you’re someone who, let’s say, manages a restaurant, you know how easily your wait and kitchen staff can get busy.

Well, here’s a solution that will help increase efficiency in your restaurant. It’s called Soundog.

Soundog is an app for both your guests and waitstaff. Your guests are able to download the app and order for the whole table. But if you’re not interested in your guests ordering from their personal devices, the waitstaff can easily go to the table and take orders from a WiFi-enabled device of their own.

The information is then sent to your existing POS systems, so there’ s no need to worry about purchasing extra hardware. If your guests need any more reason to download the app, they can take advantage of the Soundog Network which permits them to listen to any TV in the restaurant.

In addition, Soundog lets you receive push notifications with special offers through the app. You, the manager, control these notifications through the Command Center.

This center also grants you access to all the information from the customers who signed up for the app, like their email address and what they ordered. There’s even an option to post and schedule posts on social media.

If you’re interested in increasing customer and employee satisfaction, head to mysoundog.com today.

Service Assistant – CRM Solution to Grow Your Business

Biz Report

For lawn and pest control professionals, you understand that managing clients and employees is an uphill battle. In order to keep up with it all is a mobile software solution geared towards the industry.

This is where Real Green Systems’ Service Assistant comes in.

Mobile software is an all in one business-in-a-box CRM solution that can help your business expand. From managing the entire marketing lifecycle of a prospect to the client; to managing your assets and employees; to handling internal business operations such as accounting and invoicing. Essentially, it’s an easy-to-use digital assistant that never sleeps or goes on vacation.

But it’s not only a solution for small businesses, it’s totally scalable to help grow a company to the large or franchise business level. And due to its mobile solution, it can be used by field staff on the go and administrators in an office.

Currently, Service Assistant is the engine that runs a full suite of services provided by Real Green Systems and they can you do a lot – anything from lawn signage to payment processing or truck routing.

So, if you’re interested in growing your business and reduce the workload that accompanies the client, employee, and administrative management, then you need to check out Real Green Systems’ Service Assistant by heading to realgreen.com today.

Good2Drive Fleet – Check Yourself with Just a Single Smartphone App


Did you know that over 1.2 million people die in car accidents every year while an additional 20 million are injured? Though some accidents are caused by drinking and driving, others are caused because one or more drivers were simply unaware due to exhaustion or other conditions.

And for those yearning to get behind the wheel, it’s an incredible feeling of independence but includes a lot of responsibility. Give your parents the impression that you’re on a mission to becoming a defensive driver by staying focused enough to drive. And as you guessed it, there’s an app for that. It’s called Good2Drive.

Good2Drive helps you in a situation when you’re not 100% sure if you’re ready to drive, call an Uber, Lyft, or a friend who is ready to drive. This app ensures that you have several options.

Essentially, Good2Drive is a smartphone app that measures cognitive ability through a 60 to 90-second test. Once you take the test, the app analyzes the results and tells you if you’re good to drive. Even if you haven’t had a drink, it’ll tell you if you’re too exhausted or groggy to be behind the wheel.

This app isn’t just great for the individual driver, but for a company that wants to track the vigilance of all the drivers in its fleet. The results are sent directly to an email or phone of the employer along with a photo, so they know the driver is the one who took the test. Alerts can be set for failed or skipped tests.

Good2Drive is an app that is there to make the roads safer for everyone by making sure only those who are alert enough, get behind the wheel.

Drive defensively when you download Good2Drive for free from the iTunes or Google Play store. today.

RapidX X5 Car Charger – Charge Multiple Devices in Your Vehicle

Consumer Update

When you’re on a long road trip and traveling with a group of people, it’s essential to have several charging ports for your mobile devices.

This is where the X5 Charger comes into play.

The X5 USB Car Charger delivers lightning fast charging speeds while supporting up to 5 devices at once. Its smart recognition technology identifies your device, adjusts to its capabilities, and delivers the fastest charge for that device.

What the X5 Charger offers:

  • 5 intelligent USB ports – detects your device and delivers fast as possible charge
  • 2 USB ports for the front and 3 for the back connected with a 5 ft. cable
  • Up to 2.4 amps per port of 10.8 amps overall
  • Works with 12v-24v vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters

All you have to do is clip the USB hub extension onto your car seat pocket to enable those in the back to charge their devices, tangle-free. This car charger is a high efficient USB charger that is part of a new wave of aesthetically clean electronics.

With its color-accented rubberized finish, the X5 provides flexibility for everyone in the car. For instance, if you’re charging a tablet and charging a smartphone isn’t the same. No more having to constantly switch out phones and devices.

If you’re interested in purchasing your X5 Car Charger for $24.99, you can do so by visiting rapidx.io.

ClearCreekTubes – Need a Ride Down a Snowy Slope?

Consumer Update

With winter being right around the corner and if you’re in an area where you can expect snow, you better start prioritizing! We’re talking snow tubes. Specifically, ClearCreekTubes that offer some of the highest quality snow and river tubes around.

ClearCreekTubes has it all – towable tubes, commercial tubes, and every other tubing device in between.

And if you’re questioning their make and durability, rest assured – they’re made in Denver, Colorado so you know they know a thing or two about snow.  They also stand behind their work and guarantee all products from manufacturer’s defects.

Choose from thick bottoms, hard shell bottoms, or soft-shell bottoms depending on your preference.

What’s better is that these tubes are guaranteed. They’re made from butyl rubber, our inflatable tubes are durable. But one of their best-selling products is the Super Slick Line tube.

Sporting an extremely slick bottom with a special coating on the base you’ll zip through the snow at speeds that’ll make your eyes water. Their premiere tube was even featured in Daddy’s Home 2 with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg.

And because style is also important, no other company offers as many color options as ClearCreekTubes.

If you’re interested in browsing their selection of snow or river tubes, head to clearcreektubes.com today.

AIVIA Speaker – Combined Smart Speaker and Tablet

Consumer Update

SproutBox Design specializes in creating products that use smart technology in order to push the concept of premium portable entertainment to the next level.

With these efforts, that’s exactly what SproutBox Design has done with AIVIA. In short, it’s a slick, portable, and high-quality smart speaker with a built-in subwoofer.

The sound emanating from it is clear and crisp with maximum fidelity. However, the audio quality isn’t the only feature of the AIVIA. It contains a built-in touch screen that works like a tablet – allowing you to watch videos, read or to simply browse your favorite content.

AIVIA is ideal for following a cooking recipe or just watching music videos with friends. And what’s more is that most Android apps are compatible with it, allowing you to download for even more functionality.

But that’s not all! AIVIA also allows you to interact with its resident Google Assistant so you can play a song, look up something for you, or tell you the weather.

And to take it even further, the multi-functional speaker acts as a charging station for any wireless charging-enabled phone. All you have to do is place your phone on top of the speaker and it will start immediately charging.

So if you want in on this, be sure to head over to aiviaspeaker.com today.

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