Creative Virtual – Helping Your Brand Be Adaptive in New Ways

Biz Report

For all the times you need help with your phone bill, bank account or travel reservations, most often you head to the company’s website. When you have a message conversation with a customer service rep that gets you exactly what you need.

However, did you know that the rep is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant created specifically for that company?

With as many innovations that come along constantly, Creative Virtual has tried to work towards keeping a product open that can always be adaptive to new ways in which consumers can engage their brand.

Whether that means ordering products through Alexa or checking account balances through Google Home or texting your company through your phone and getting automated solutions, Creative Virtual stays flexible to whatever new medium that comes along. With Creative Virtual, your business can continue leveraging the incredible work that these new channels have been doing.

Creative Virtual focuses on ensuring that customer experience for the companies they work for is above satisfactory. Overall, Creative Virtual’s goal is to lower the level of effort that customers go through to get answers to their questions.

Creative Virtual provides the following:

  • Customer experience
  • Analyst report
  • 5-point checklist
  • Live Demo

Creative Virtual has experts in all technology verticals and industry sectors. They have conversations with their clients about their business objectives that are well beyond AI solutions or chatbots.

For more information on V Person or the work Creative Virtual is involved in, visit today.


MONDO – So, You Want to Learn Japanese?


It’s easy enough to get lost in our phones, what, with the endless amounts of mobile game playing and social media wormholes. Though, have we ever thought of putting our spare time to more productive use?

Enter, MONDO.

MONDO is a free app for anyone who is interested in learning Japanese.

How do you use it?

You start by selecting what type of Japanese articles you’re interested in, from business news to food, manga and more.

Another feature that MONDO includes is articles displaying the anticipated reading time so you can choose to read shorter or longer articles based on your available time. From here, MONDO introduces you to your own personal newsfeed with articles on the categories that you selected.

You can choose to open the article and read at your own pace or utilize the smart scrolling option.

Pronunciations of Chinese letters, articles with Ruby, help improve your Japanese study more efficiently.

And if you want to save a word that you wish to go back to later, you can save it in your wordbook and take automated quizzes on those words later. Use the word tests and flash-cards function to learn and master both pronunciations and meaning.

MONDO’s objective is to enrich your Japanese vocabulary and help you learn through its “smart study” ability.  It functions as follows:

  • Your Wordbook: Words you look up are automatically saved into your wordbook which creates an automatic dictionary of new words you are learning for future reference and study.
  • Word Test: MONDO creates automated quizzes for you based on the words in your wordbook to help you learn the meaning and the kanji.

In addition, MONDO provides an internal dictionary function. With this, you can tap a word or Chinese letter to immediately check its pronunciation and meaning.

And to make things even a little more life-like, you can virtually shake hands with other users once you compare and chat on what the other is studying.

If you’re interested in learning more about MONDO, you can download the app from the App or Google Play store today!

FaceChex – Ensuring that Your Private Content Stays Private

Consumer Update

Every time you take photos or videos of private events, you think that that content is private, right? However, the kind of world we live in nowadays doesn’t make this a given by any means.

With social media ever-so rampant, it’s easy enough to steal identities and misuse images. Luckily, FaceChex understands this plight and works to stop third parties from using your private content without your permission.


FaceChex has the latest technology to monitor the internet 24/7 in the event that someone has taken your posted content and used it to their advantage – whether it be to steal your identity, engage in revenge porn, or catfish you or your loved ones.

FaceChex ensures that each of its users whether adults, parents, or teens using social media, will know how to protect themselves.

If someone is using or abusing your content, FaceChex immediately alerts you and then contacts server admins and files legal DMCA-takedowns on your behalf. And for the record, Facebook has even begun to use similar practices because FaceChex is that good.

If you want to start being protected under FaceChex, all you have to do is sign up for a protection plan and simply continue on with your life. FaceChex will take control of your security and stop thieves in their tracks from taking your content.

FaceChex also offers multiple plans to protect yourself or your loved ones – from monthly to yearly options.

If you’re eager to learn more, head over to today.

Party Play – Let Your Guests Pick The Music


Ever been to a party and been stressed about the kind of playlist you should have? Not only is it a HUGE responsibility, but it’s one that someone shouldn’t have to do alone.

This is where Party Play comes in.

Party Play is an app that lets you and your guests create a collaborative playlist so you don’t have to be so concerned if people will rag on your song choices. Think of it as a free social jukebox that has you share a collaborative playlist with friends, family or other party guests.

How does it work?

Everyone simply downloads the app and connects to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. From there, you can add music to one central playlist.

This essentially means adding any song to the playlist from music you’ve previously downloaded to your phone or any song on the Spotify and Apple Music library.

And if you’re itching for your song to play next, you can set easily set it up to do so. All you have to do is move your song to the top of the queue and wait for it to play!

However, if someone else (another collaborator) is also yearning to play their song pick, he or she can bump your song down in the queue. If this happens, you’ll receive a push notification that will let you know and that you’ll have to start battling your way back to the top again.

Party Play is the perfect addition to your next get-together, but it’s also awesome if you’re somewhere you don’t have access to the internet. Here, you can easily use downloaded music or connect to a hotspot for Wi-Fi use.

But if you’re so keen on your song to be played next, you can purchase “Drops” which are in-app purchases that give you the power to control what’s coming up next on the playlist. Simply, the more Drops you have, the more your favorite music gets played first.

And if you also have an affinity for DJing, but there’s someone else on the rotation, Party Play will send you a notification and give you 20 seconds to battle it out for the top spot.

Party Play not only keeps the party going but can even turn the party into a game itself by competing for music selections. So if you’re interested in this concept, download Party Play for free from the iOS or Google Play stores today.

helio – Making Learning Fun and Interesting

Consumer Update

It’s pretty safe to say that parents know how difficult it can be to get their kids to study at home. If it’s one thing we know, however, it’s that kids don’t mind studying when they’re having fun.

A great learning tool that takes this concept to heart? The helio.

The helio is a light projector that emits LED light and shines educational content on the ceiling. It can be used to play games, study, and have interaction family fun. In addition, helio provides soothing light before going to bed.

Helio contains interchangeable discs that reflect the child’s interest and learning level. Their grade-specific discs cover anything from reading to wildlife to vehicles.

For example, if your child wishes to learn more about the solar system, you can put the astronomy disc on and it will illuminate above your child’s bed at night.

In addition, the helio assists children in putting down the iPad and instead using their imagination. With the help of teaching professionals, helio has created a big database for children’s education and entertainment purposes.

By visually and interactively learning, children won’t even notice that they’re studying – which is essentially the objective of what the helio is trying to achieve. With this method of learning, it creates higher content retention while also doubling as a soothing and calming night light.

The helio comes in five different colors for both girls and boys along with five starter discs.

So if you’re interested in your child learning new and interesting topics without even realizing it, then head on over to!

Carepoynt – Taking Healthcare to an Interactive Level

Consumer Update

It’s not too much of a surprise to know that healthcare is complicated and expensive. In comparison to other countries, the U.S. healthcare system is more costly, chaotic, and uncoordinated than anywhere else.

Fortunately, there’s a system that cares enough to take us all into consideration. It’s called Carepoynt.


Essentially, Carepoynt is the world’s first health-related reward program, platform, and network that puts the consumer at the heart of their healthcare experience.

Carepoynts main focuses are activities, behaviors, purchases, and connections that assist members to live their best and healthiest life. Think of it as a points-based travel, retail or credit card program. It’s also free to joyn.

Earn poynts from an extensive community of partners by visiting your doctor, purchasing from your preferred retailers, exercising regularly, eating well, participating in wellness programs, following a doctor’s care plan and more.

By doing this, you can cover your healthcare costs, or treat yourself to the rewards of living well.

In addition, you can redeem poynts from the same partners for hundreds of online products and services or share them with family.

What’s great about Carepoynt is that it’s making healthcare more rewarding for EVERYONE. How great is that?

So if you want to live well, get rewarded for it and share it in the Carepoynt Community, ‘Joyn” today at

The Engagement Cards – Building Stronger Relationships Between Employers and Employees

Consumer Update

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that the biggest reason people leave their company is due to a poor relationship with their boss.

Well, luckily, a company called The Piras Group created a unique concept called The Engagement Cards.

Their intention? To help build stronger communication and learning between managers and employees.

The Engagement Cards is a tool that’s been created, tested, and measured to improve employee engagement. It’s basically simple enough for any manager to use with any employee.

These cards will also facilitate conversations that will be chalk full of transparent communication, mutual feedback, learning, and of course, engagement. The Engagement Cards will help promote better and more meaningful conversation that will ultimately lead to a better work environment.

How do you play?

Each deck comes with 56 question cards that are divided into 5 categories related to organization, team, and individual experiences.

The categories are as follows:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Successes and Wins
  • Job Satisfaction and Improvement
  • Learning and Development
  • Direction and Alignment

You can use these categories in one-on-one meetings to remove that “awkward” factor or staff meetings and teams.

These efforts essentially create an environment for proper exchange and dialogue that removes the daunting factor that may accompany a manager-to-employee conversation. The Engagement Cards are intended to eliminate the guesswork of what to say and get the ball on what to say.

In addition, The Engagement Cards offer a free 1/2 consulting session to help plan what you’ll say in conversation and be successful.

Take the stress and that “awkward” factor out of an otherwise difficult situation with gamification!

If you wish to purchase your own set of The Engagement Cards, you can head to

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