DiliVer – Delivering the Best for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Have you heard of due diligence for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Well, if you’re not familiar with M&A, it’s defined as the process during a business transaction where the buyer can learn and verify information about a candidate seller.

As you can imagine, this process is imperative for any buyer so they can avoid bad outcomes down the road.

One Financial Tech company (FinTech) that’s changing the landscape of how M&A is completed is DiliVer.

Basically, any company involved in an M&A transaction that wishes to evaluate the seller, can use DiliVer’s software to conduct due diligence using enterprise-wide metric-based scorecard system instead of the usual M&A due diligence checklist.

The secret to DiliVer’s success has been surrounding themselves with a great team of people and terrific partners. Their executive team has been together from the start and have made a fantastic advisory board. In addition, they’ve had wonderful partners such as John Hopkins University, Founder Institute, The Center for Advancing Innovation, Angel to Exit and Mindshare.

CEO, Neik Kleinberg’s view an ideal solution for the next century is to obtain an integrated solution of M&A packages where at least four main ones which would include Diliver’s for due diligence, virtual data room, and some type of workflow software. Those minimum qualities combined under one tent, fully integrated for a cost-effective solution that doesn’t exist today.

If you’d like to learn more, head to diliver.com today.


BLOXVOX – Keeping Public Conversations Private

Tech Report

When it comes to having a conversation on the phone in public and you’re nervous about being in earshot of someone nearby, that can be difficult to achieve – especially if you’re in a metropolitan area.

Sure, there’s always the option of trying to speak softly or leave the room if possible but doesn’t that sort of just feel like doing extra work?

That’s what BLOXVOX is for.

This is a device that was created for you to speak into as it blocks your voice from reaching other people nearby. Its design is to fit perfectly and securely around the mouth so all you have to do is hold it up, slip your headphone mic in the side compartment, and you’re ready to talk privately in public spots.

But if you’re not feeling up to holding BLOXVOX around your mouth, you can attach the adjustable head strap and go hands-free. The sound is crystal clear from the receiver’s end, so they’ll never know you’re using a privacy device.

This is an ideal solution for using a laptop while talking on the phone. BLOXVOX is small and light, weighing just two ounces and fitting easily in backpacks and purses.

So stop sharing your personal information today by finding BLOXVOX on Kickstarter or bloxvox.com.

Otixo – A Communications Hub for Your Whole Organization

Biz Report

With the advent of cloud services, working with a team, no matter where they are has become seamless. There are plenty of collaboration tools out there, but not all of them are created equal.

Coming into the picture is Otixo. This hub was designed from the ground up for groups who create a ton of content and rely on several cloud-based tools to get their jobs done.

What makes Otixo different is that it’s not trying to replace tools that you’re using, but makes them more manageable across teams.

For example, if you use Dropbox, G Suite, Evernote, Desk, etc. you can keep on using them! Otixo works as a communication and notification hub for your entire organization. And if we’re being honest, Workspace chat is where the real work happens.

You can use this securely to communicate with your team as well as external customers. Here you can also integrate dozens of services into your Work Space to receive notifications whenever something is added or changed.

Otixo also includes a unique multi-cloud file manager that allows you to organize files between different services, securely share files/folders and search across all your clouds in one simple step.

Basically, if your business lives in the cloud, Otixo is an absolute life-saver.

For more information on this easy-to-use tool, head over to Otixo.com today.

PowerDecal – Light Up Your Car with Your Favorite Team, Logo, and More

Consumer Update

Whether it’s one, a few, or a whole decked out bumper, for as long as you’ve been driving, you’ve probably seen variations seen some colorful bumpers.

Bumper stickers and decals have always been a small, yet noticeable way to announce your beliefs or views. But what about when the sun goes down? Do people have to wait until sunrise to get a good glimpse of your passions?

Well, that’s where PowerDecal comes into play.

PowerDecal light-up decals are the only LED back-lit logos for car windows.

You can choose from a limitless variety of logos including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college sports, support our troops, baby on board and so much more. What’s better than representing your team day and night? And if you’re wondering about the setup time, no fear, it’s simple! All you have to do is mount it to the inside of your window using the provided window clips with an easy peel and stick.

The moment the sun sets, the decal will automatically light up using sensor technology and will shut off once you’ve parked for two minutes. This means that you don’t need to worry about any unwanted attention being drawn to your parked car.

It’s totally self-sufficient and takes care of everything. And if you’re looking to switch it up, the lenses are interchangeable.

So, whether it’s night or day, this is the best way to show everyone that you’re the ultimate fan and brightest way to show your spirit wherever you may go.

Head over to powerdecal.com to purchase your LED-lit decal today.


Swift Bed – A Stylish, Ready-to-Assemble Mattress Right at Your Door

Consumer Update

Moving is hard enough, especially when you live in a small apartment with at least one flight of stairs or a home with narrow doorframes. Well, lucky for you the time has come for beds and furniture to fit into our varying lifestyles.

Swift Bed provides stylish and ready-to-assemble mattresses and furniture to simply move into your home.

What’s amazing about Swift Bed is that you’re able to buy it straight from their website, receive it at your door, easily move it inside your home, and you have it go from box to sofa in just 15 minutes or less.

Swift Bed has a premium mattress made with the best materials and their sofas are made for easy access and entry into the home.

One of the things about conventional mattresses is that they’re usually difficult to ship and get into the home. Swift Bed takes the headache out of that process. Swift Bed’s mission is to spare you a trip to the mattress store, deal with shopping, and deal with the hassle of salesmen. All you have to do is simply log on to their website and order their bed and it will be at your door in 10 days.

What’s wonderful about Swift Bed is that they implement innovative Talalay latex top layer as well as a gel-infused memory foam that offers a cool night’s sleep. By doing this, Swift Bed guarantees one of the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have.

And did you know that you can also enter to win a Swift Bed Queen Mattress & Foundation Set of your very own? Well, you can by signing up when you visit their website!

The contest runs until July 15th, 2018 at 12:00 AM EDT. There’s a limit of one entry per person, per email address, and per household. Entries received from any person, e-mail address, or household in excess of the stated limitation will be void.

So submit an entry today if you’re in need of a bed! Head to swiftbed.com now!

TAAS by RSupport – Create Test Scripts Instantly and Simply

Biz Report

When it comes to those who’ve developed a mobile app, you’re probably aware of just how much effort goes into testing it.

A company that’s reinventing the way apps are tested, however, is TAAS by RSupport.

Standing for Test As a Service or TAAS is RSUPPORT’s automated mobile app testing service for both Android and iOS applications.

Essentially, this is made by developers for developers and non-developers alike to simply and instantly create test scripts. Tstudio makes the process as simple as running your app on a device.

Tstudio will automatically code and log your actions creating a fully functional test script.

With Tstudio, you can expect the following:

  • Follows WebDriver specification
  • Supports Layout Inspector
  • Code Assistant
  • “One Script on Mutliple Devices” testing

All you have to do is upload your script into Tconsole where it can be edited, altered, or changed to create and run a test scenario. You can also distribute the test project by registering a test device and uploading the script. Once this is finished, you can monitor the status and results during the progress of the test.

Then when you want to use Tplayer, a stand-alone mobile test player, it will start testing your scenarios on your targeted devices; from a single Android or iOS device to numerous devices and OS versions at once. Once that test is finalized, the result is uploaded to Tconsole.

All the information will be uploaded back into Tconsole where you can go over the entire test process from start to finish. Tconsole is a cloud-based test project result management service that generates screenshots and alerts letting you to simply identify exactly where your process may have failed.

In addition, you can receive a detailed report once the test has completed and review the logs, resources used, and more.

So, if you’d like to start testing your apps, learn more by heading to taas.rsupport.comtoday!


Heroku – Quickly, Build, Deploy and Scale Your Own Apps

Biz Report

A cloud-based platform as a service that’s part of Salesforce, Heroku enables companies to build, deploy and scale their apps easily and quickly while allowing developers to focus on what they do best and that’s building awesome apps.

What exactly is Heroku? It’s a cloud application development platform that lets its users scale and manage apps written in open language sources and frameworks.

What this essentially means is that it’s very simple for a company of any size, age, or type to build an app that truly delivers cutting-edge customer experience and runs in the cloud.

This is imperative as it helps those applications scale up to address millions of users in diverse geographies at pretty much the click of a button.

Let’s say, for instance, your website goes viral on social media, with Heroku, it can simply add servers to handle that spike. Once traffic settles, the numbers can slide back down to normal.

And with Heroku, the user only pays for servers that they use. The way the Heroku product was built is reflective of the way that software has been moving over the past few years. Say good-bye to the day you create a software on a green and black screen – that’s just simply not the case anymore.

Today, software is built by teams, sometimes small, sometimes big, but in order to build, they need a visual, collaborative environment where they understand their roles and can produce the kind of software that you see in world-class apps that grow quickly and require a lot of upkeep.

By taking care of the infrustructure required to properly deploy apps across numerous spheres, Heroku allows developers to do what they do best and that’s develop.

For more information and to see how easy it is to build your own app, visit Heroku.comand sign up today.

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