Full Segment of, “Chris Grows a Beard”

If you couldn’t tune in to NewsWatch’s episode on Monday, February 13, then you missed Chris growing a beard under some fierce coaching by Andrew. If you’re not sure what we mean, we recommend taking a look at the full segment below.

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NewsWatch Valentine’s Day Episode Recap

If you weren’t able to tune in to our show on Monday, February 13th, then we can give you the full rundown right here. You can catch all of our segments, recaps, and teasers for past and future shows when you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

From Chris growing his beard in efforts of pleasing his date to street reports with Leslie Alston asking the public what their Valentine’s plans are. As long as you subscribe, you will get the scoop.

Drones During Super Bowl Halftime Show Were Pre-recorded

It appeared that whenever a drone was in sight for the Super Bowl halftime show, it wasn’t actually live. This also included Lady Gaga’s beginning performance of “This Land is Your Land” and “God Bless America.”


Before feeling like the wool was pulled over your eyes, there was good reason for recording the lit drones days prior to the Super Bowl 51 halftime show.

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NewsWatch February 13 Episode Teaser

Don’t miss an all new fresh and upcoming episode of NewsWatch airing Monday, February 13 on AMC Network at 7 AM.

Here’s a clip to give you an idea of what’s in store:

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Biz Report

Purses are an accessory that most women use and wear every day. But there hasn’t been a tool for women to create their own purse to fit their unique style, until now. Check out DIZAIND.

This Swiss bag brand allows you to design and create a personalized handbag. With their state of the art 3D design tool you can create your unique bag from scratch. The options are endless. In fact, there are over 1 million combinations possible. Start by selecting from one of seven models: a handbag, clutch, tote, backpack, shoulder bag, travel bag, and sports bag. Now start designing. Do you want to add shoulder straps? How about adding leather tassels? Now choose what color grain or nappa leather you want or if you prefer suede, leather, or canvas for the interior. Do you want it all one color or multi-colored? Again, the choice is yours. Once you’ve designed it, the bag is handcrafted from the finest leathers according to your instructions and within 4 weeks you’ll be sporting your very own designed chic handbag. You can also emboss your own monogram to make a bag uniquely yours.

“DIZAIND stands for creativity and Slow Fashion. Nothing makes this more possible as exploring your imagination and expressing your identity through designing a bag that you will cherish for many seasons.

We believe that perfection takes time, so there is no pre-production in our bag creation. Each one starts when you place an order. All materials are then selected and each bag is handmade to your design specifications. ”

DIZAIND is changing the face of luxury handbags. Go to dizaindbags.com today to create your very own handbag today.

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What You Should Know About Social Media and Smartphone Etiquette

In a world full of robust technology, we find ourselves buried in all kinds of mobile devices and online distractions. In these events, it’s always important to keep in mind how to be a responsible social media and smartphone user.

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Walmart Competes with the Kings of Online Shopping

In efforts to compete with major online merchants such as Amazon, Walmart steps its game up by offering free 2-day shipping on orders of $35 or more and with NO membership necessary.

walmart 2 day shipping

Whether you’re a regular Walmart customer or not, you’re not exempt from the benefits of this expedited shipping service.

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