Pest Identifier – What’s Creeping Around Your House?

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When I got in the shower yesterday, I looked down and saw a gigantic bug! I instantly jumped, screeched, and dashed out of the bathroom.  After I made my dramatic exit, I went straight to Google to find out what monster is in my shower. I spent a good hour looking up different bugs – but I couldn’t find the same creepy-crawly-critter.

az pest pic

If you live in a state like Arizona, you probably go through these traumatic experiences all the time. Thankfully, there is the Pest Identifier to help identify these creepy crawlers. The app has a list of the most common bugs and a description for each bug. And if you still don’t know which bug is in your bathroom, you can submit a picture for identification. Smart, eh? Wish I found out about this one sooner. If you want to know what’s crawling in your house, head to

For more information, head to

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