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Bryan Producer (1)“Bryan is a Senior Producer at NewsWatch with an extensive background in technology, travel, and dominating life.  He’s one of the more outspoken producers on the team and loves sharing his thoughts on segments we aired.  Bryan will guest blog several times a week, so be sure to follow us so you can hear his thoughts.  It’s sure to be interesting.”

bidding picWashington, D.C. is such a competitive area. Businesses are always trying to beat out their neighbor. And since NewsWatchTV is based in the nation’s capital, this is something that we’re particularly interested in.

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Lone Star’s TruPredict™ software is designed to help companies determine their chances of winning a contract. The software generates pricing simulations and delivers insight into drivers that determine the price an agency is likely to receive based on what competitors will likely offer. Essentially, the software tells companies how much to bid and if it’s even worth it to bid. If this is something that you want for your business, visit lone-star.com today.

For more information, vist lone-star.com.

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