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When you’re making a PowerPoint presentation, there’s a lot of tools and tricks to make your presentation great. However, it’s hard to fully get your message across without the audiance seeing you.

Knovio allows users to enhance their presentations by adding video and audio to the presentations. You may be thinking, “I can already do that.” Well, you’re right. You can add video to powerpoints, but Knovio allows you to put the videos on the side so they aren’t obtrusive. Unlike adding video right on your PowerPoint slide, you can include a video to the side so people are seeing information or graphics. Also, you can add the video to already existing presentations, and then share them by email or social media.

Knovio is a unique way to enhance any presentation, so click here to find out more.

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  1. Tagmeblog says:

    awesome app! 🙂

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