Get The Best Workouts with the Dumbbell 2

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As an ex-college cheerleader, I definitely know a thing or two about working out. I’ve done so many different exercises, from running the stairs of my alma mater’s stadium to bench pressing and squating. Our practices typically started with running 3 miles around campus, and then going into the weight room to workout our abs, legs, and arms.

I learned how important it is to workout your entire body in cheerleading, and that’s why I’m so  impressed by the Dumbbell 2. Everyone’s seen or used a normal dumbbell — they have two weights with a small pole in the middle. They’re great to train with, but you can only workout one arm at a time, and they’re not easy to hold onto.

Dumbbell 2

Dumbbell 2

The Dumbbell 2 is a better approach to the normal dumbbell. Instead of having two weights on the sides, the Dumbbell 2 has one center weight with two poles on the outside. The two poles makes it easier to grip the weight, and it also makes it safer to use. The Dumbbell 2 is also more beneficial than a normal dumbbell because you can workout two arms instead of one.

I’ve tried some of the full body workouts with the Dumbbell 2 and I would recommend anyone to try it. There’s several different colors of the Dumbbell 2 and they range from 4-50 lbs. If you’re interested in improving your body, you should head to today.

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