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Privacy on a smartphone is a concept we have all tried to master. From various forms of passcodes just to unlock a phone to passwords to open certain applications, users are always looking for the best and most efficient way to keep the information private on their smartphone.

Personally, my environment controls the amount of privacy I aim to keep my phone under. When in situations like a college campus, I usually keep a number passcode on my phone and even go as far making my iMessage notifications secure by not displaying the content of the message in the pop-up. If I’m in a situation where I want my phone to be secure I usually go through extra lengths to make my text messages as safe as possible.

If you like keeping your text messages private and want more than just a passcode on your phone,SRD Wireless Limited’s app PQChat is great for you! This app is groundbreaking in its capability to secure every aspect of the messaging experience from the privacy of the users being messaged to encrypting the messages in a unique never-the-same technique.

PQChat offers privacy techniques that are more advanced than just offering a passcode option for messaging. This application has several features that help make the messaging experience more private than before. When sending a text message using PQChat the user can not only delete a message after it has been sent, PQChat also allows users to put a timer on messages to be deleted when the user has scheduled. Another feature, the application’s ability to encrypt each message with a never-the-same code that is never duplicated even if the same message is sent.

PQChat is offers a super secure alternative to everyday SMS messaging on your smartphone. If you are looking for more privacy options to your text messaging experience, this application will fulfill your expectations and more. PQChat is currently available on iOS and coming soon to Google Play.

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