Apply Screen Protectors With Ease Using Simple Snap

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When it comes to protecting my phone, I definitely have an interesting approach. Even though I purchased an Otterbox case with my iPhone 5 two years ago, I love having new and fun phone cases. From an American flag case to a Minnie Mouse case with mouse ears and a bow above my camera, I have a case for every mood, day and occasion. But even with all of these cases, there is nothing more beautiful than an uncovered iPhone.

The beauty of an uncovered iPhone comes with danger. One slip of the hand and my once beautiful iPhone has become cracked and a hassle to my smartphone experience and a danger to thumbs everywhere! So even when I don’t want to put a case on my phone a screen protector can get the job done, but sometimes applying a screen protector is easier said than done.

In my experience, applying a screen protector is an experience of frustration and despair. After what feels like hours of small and steady hand movements, I finally get my screen protector on my phone… but with air bubbles. My efforts to protect my beautiful phone have left it unsightly. This is all little dramatic (ok, very dramatic), but we’ve all experienced the struggles of applying a screen protector.

Simple Snap is the screen protector applier that is easy and works! This screen protestor is great because of the installation process. The protector its self is packaged in an application mold that fits perfectly with your screen. After cleaning the phone, just place the mold over your phone and snap the screen protector on.

Simple Snap takes all of the guessing work out of applying a screen protector to your phone. This quick and easy screen protector will leave your phone screen protected without any air bubbles or other unwanted stuff. Simple Snap is the best way to apply your screen protector perfectly!

If you are interested in Simple Snap visit and watch our review below:

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One Response to Apply Screen Protectors With Ease Using Simple Snap

  1. I love this phone case. It looks like it accually works! Unlike some phone cases…

    I also have a question. I was wondering if you could find me a reliable app for recording an iPad screen (free would be great but if it comes with a price then I guess it’s no biggie!) 🙂 Thanks!!!

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