Divvy Helps You Manage Your Computer

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Working on the computer can be a stressful experience. In order to get anything done most of the time I have at least three different apps open and running at the same time.  This process can become even more annoying when I try to jump back and forth from each app manually. Even if I do have all apps open on the screen at once, the screen can become cluttered with overlapping windows.

If you are same way when doing work on the computer and want the perfect way to use multiple opened windows on your screen, Mizage’s Divvy is an app that allows you to have more freedom over your screen.

Divvy allows you to have as many windows opened on your screen as you need and gives you the freedom to choose whatever dimensions you’d like each window to be.  The app is used to help you give size and placement for the windows you have open.

Divvy is easy to use and has a direct interface that helps the user pick dimensions for each opened window. Divvy can be used on both Windows and Mac.

If you are interested in using this app, visit www.mizage.com and watch our video review:

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  1. Philip says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about search engines.

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