Relive Past Memories With BackFlash

“Michelle is the Social Media & Client Coordinator with a passion for communication and the media. Having recently graduated with a degree in mass media, and dreams of ruling the world, Michelle brings a fresh take on all things news – technology, politics, and yes, even sports. Her love for people makes the job something she loves, which is obvious in all that she does for the studio.

Taking picture

Little surprises are the best. Who wouldn’t want a little something to brighten up our days? The BackFlash app is a great way to incorporate those little surprises into your life. The app allows you to send pictures or videos to the future at specific times. You can also send the pictures or videos an unlimited amount of times, or you can chose a specific amount of times that the video/picture can be viewed. BackFlash is a great way to relive memories at any time. If you’d like to learn more about the app, watch the video review below.

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