Pauline Nordin’s Live Life Lean App

“Michelle is the Social Media & Client Coordinator with a passion for communication and the media. Having recently graduated with a degree in mass media, and dreams of ruling the world, Michelle brings a fresh take on all things news – technology, politics, and yes, even sports. Her love for people makes the job something she loves, which is obvious in all that she does for the studio.

PN 2

Author of the Butt Bible, Pauline Nordin, has one of the best bodies around. She’s small, fit, and incredibly gorgeous. And she’s releasing a new app to help people with their bodies. The app is called Live Life Lean, and it shares Pauline’s complete body workouts. The app also allows you to track your workouts and diet. The app if completely free for iOS users, so download it today or watch our video review below:

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