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“Michelle is the production coordinator with a passion for communication and the media. Having recently graduated with a degree in mass media, and dreams of ruling the world, Michelle brings a fresh take on all things news – technology, politics, and yes, even sports. Her love for people makes the job something she loves, which is obvious in all that she does for the studio.


Have you ever had a great idea, but didn’t know how to get started? Sometimes just the idea alone could make you think ‘I hope no one else comes up with this.’ World Patent Marketing is a service that takes the complicated process of getting a patent and makes it easy and user-friendly so that anyone can protect their ideas from being stolen.

World Patent Marketing is one of the fastest growing patent and inventor service companies, and are considered a trusted go-to company for next-generation inventors. All you have to do is sign a confidentiality agreement on their website that protects your personal information and idea, then your idea is reviewed by a panel of engineers. Along with engineers reviewing your concept, your idea is also reviewed by high profile researchers who evaluate the potential of your idea. After your idea is reviewed it is protected through an international network of patent attorneys in almost every country around the world. To learn more about this service, visit today.

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