Play This Addictive Bird Obstacle Course

“Michelle is the production coordinator with a passion for communication and the media. Having recently graduated with a degree in mass media, and dreams of ruling the world, Michelle brings a fresh take on all things news – technology, politics, and yes, even sports. Her love for people makes the job something she loves, which is obvious in all that she does for the studio.

Bird Duel Screenshot iPad 1Time to unwind and get addicted to a new game on your phone! Bird Duel offers numerous levels to beat as well has 8 different modes to play in. Get ready to play!

Newly launched this month, Bird Duel is a fun game where you’re a fluffy bird and you avoid obstacles by tapping on the screen as you move through various levels. Depending on what level you play you will have more obstacles to contend with. Bird Duel offers 8 challenging modes that will keep you engaged. Bird Duel is free with the option of buying more birds in the app. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices so head on over to your appstore today and type in “Bird Duel” to download yours.

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