Learn The Technique of Playing An Instrument

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument, but thought it would be too difficult? I personally love listening to music, but my instrument playing abilities begin and end with recorder in elementary. KnowNote helps you learn the technique of playing instruments by letting you practice the discipline of timing and switching keys all while playing an awesome song you picked!

KnowNote takes your basic typing skills on a QWERTY keyboard and turns them into the notes in popular songs. You pick the instrument you want to play, then start the song and follow along pressing the right key at the right time on your computer keyboard. After playing for a while, you just might find switching to a real instrument easier. Great for music lovers of all ages, and all you need to know is where the keys are on your keyboard. KnowNote is a free app  available for the iPad and to play on http://www.knownote.com/.

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