Magnetic Phone Mount For Your Car

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You should never text or be on your phone while driving, but certain features like a map app, or speaker phone calls are essential for getting to your destination stress-free. For me, I get lost going almost anywhere. Being able to safely use the map feature on the phone is very important to me. Along with being hands free while using the GPS on my phone another concern is always having my phone battery charged for the entire drive. Mountr mounts are the best solution to these phone problems while in your car.

Mountr takes that innovative magnetic car mount and improves it with a charger. The Mountr is available for the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, as well as the Note 3.  Visit to check out the mounts, prices start at $59.99.

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    Within the top ten of the favorite content pieces, thanks!

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