Prong Offers A Versatile Case

Prong‘s PWR Case allows you to charge your phone on-the-go in more than one way. Charge your phone using the battery pack on the case or detach the battery pack and re-charge your case through an outlet.

There are a variety of portable chargers out today, but it’s still important to pick the best one. Even though small portable chargers may be better for random use throughout the day, those chargers don’t always have a lot of battery life. Other portable chargers that may have great battery life can be a little too big and aren’t fun to carry around on you. Prong offers easy accessibility and great battery life in the form of a charging case.

The PWR Case by Prong is a durable case that features a detachable battery source that is integrated with a wall charger. That’s right, you’ll never have to worry about a USB cord again! The Prong case acts as a normal case, but when you are ready to charge you just remove the battery pack on the back of the case and charge the case directly in an outlet. You can either charge the case or put your phone in and charge your phone as well. The best part is you can charge your phone without being stuck next to the wall.

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