FaceCake’s Innovative Augmented Reality Platform Makes Shopping a Breeze

Shopping can be time-consuming, especially when searching for styles and colors that best suit you. FaceCake’s augmented reality platform makes finding the right products and virtually trying them on a breeze when shopping for clothing, makeup, accessories and more.

Finding exactly what you’re looking for while shopping can be a challenge, not to mention the time spent in the dressing room changing in and out of clothes. Online shopping can be even more difficult to determine what’s right for you with so many products to sort through and no ability to try them on. Shopping for makeup presents an entirely different set of challenges, ranging from the need to visit multiple counters to see products from more than one brand, to trying on (and wiping off) products in the search for something that you like that also complements your skin tone. FaceCake’s personalized shopping platform, available on mobile devices, in-store and online, enables you to virtually try on apparel and cosmetics from a wide range of brands to easily find what suits you, all in real time as if you’re looking in a mirror.

FaceCake augments the shopping experience, allowing you to easily find products, virtually try them on, share selfies to get feedback from friends and family, and buy your favorites. Whether using the Swivel Virtual Dressing Room, FaceCake’s Digital Beauty Bar online, or the ShadeScout iOS app, FaceCake is your only stop.

To learn more, head to http://www.facecake.com/ today.

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