Let Next Exit History Be Your Guide

Traveling is a fun way to discover the world around you. Next time you plan a trip why not see some of the unknown landmarks at your favorite destination.

Visiting popular vacation spots around the country can lead you to the same landmarks. Even though it’s important to see the usual tourist locations, it can get boring taking the same pictures and see the same typical stuff. Next time you go on a vacation, wouldn’t it be fun to make a stop somewhere most people don’t even know about? Find a hidden secret historic spot in major cities like Washington D.C.? Next Exit History is an app that can open your eyes to everything a specific destination has to offer.

Next Exit History is a free mobile app that easily connects you to nearby historical points of interest using your mobile device’s GPS. With nearly 60,000 historical locations in the app, you’ll find more than the obvious ones like the White House or the site of the Alamo, but there are also unique locations you might’ve never thought of visiting before. Within the app you’ll get stories, photos, videos, and audio all about the location. And all the content is vetted by actual historians. There’s also a great feature that they call Backpacks, which lets you check out things around town without using your data plan and without an internet connection. And for true history buffs, there’s also a cool History Hunters game embedded within the app for checking into various locations while you discover new sites.  Now the app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so go to your app store today and type in “Next Exit History” to download it.

To learn more, head to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/next-exit-history/id383725511?mt=8 today.

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