Use Google Glass With CamFind

Unlock the answer to any question you may have about the things around you. Easy access to search engines is as simple as a voice command with CamFind.

The possibilities of convenience have become limitless with wearable technology. One of the most exciting innovations is definitely Google Glass. Google Glass can be used to give you a more insightful look at the world around you. The use of Google Glass is made even more useful when paired with the new version of the app CamFind.

The new version of the live search function camera app CamFind is compatible with Google Glass. This app allows you to take a picture of a real life object and learn more about it such as who makes it, the cost, and where you can find it near you.  So when you have the glasses on and you see an item you want to learn more about you can use a voice command to activate the app. It’s a unique app that’s making it easier to search and learn about everyday items without the hassle of having your face buried in a smartphone.

To learn more, head to today.

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