Parity For The Workplace

The dynamics of a new workplace can be overwhelming and most of the time you go into the situation without knowing much about the culture of the office and environment with co-workers.

Though it is a sad truth, there are many work environments today that display gender bias. Being a woman in the some place of work can be a challenge when faced with issues of gender inequalities such as less pay, prejudice, and even sexual harassment. Before deciding to work for a specific company it is important to know if you could possibly run into these issues as a women. The app Parity makes it easier to learn more about possible workplace situations for you personally encounter a problem.

Parity was created by The Meera Kaul Foundation, a non-profit that works worldwide with companies and individuals to end economic marginalization of women. The app allows women to share data about gender bias incidents, enhance parity in work place policies and reduce incidents of sexual harassment. The initiative is a tool to increase the participation of women in the workforce and provide companies data on how women who work for them are feeling. They can also see how companies have responded to gender bias incidents once reported. The overall goal is for women to feel good about the environment they’re working in and be a participant in creating a safer and more productive workplace. Parity is free and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

To learn more, head to today.

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