Play In A New World With Pokemini

Some games are created to make you solve a problem, others send you on an adventure, but there are also games that just let you lead a character through its every day life in an unfamiliar world. Pokemini is a social networking game that allows the user to play by creating an avatar and just interacting with other users.

In Pokemini by COCONE Corporation you can choose from thousands of options to dress up your avatar and to decorate your room and planet. Once you are ready, you can set off to explore and help take care of the most beautiful galaxy with friends who share common interests. The bulletin board and chat features are available for you to deepen your friendship. In the world of Pokemini, the only limit is your creativity! The world’s cutest app, Pokemini, is now available for free on iOS and Android devices.

To learn more, visit or head to your appstore today to download it.

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