Improve Your Life Using Smartenfit

Finding the best way to loose weight can be a hassle. With all the different diets, trends, and workout plans it can be hard to find the best method to get results.

The app SmartenFit was created by Dr. Charlotte Markey, a Health Psychologist; Dr. Jennifer Van Riet, a Cognitive Psychologist and expert in mobile innovation; and Dr. Lorie Sousa, a Social Psychologist and Data Scientist. SmartenFit is a companion app to the book “Smart People Don’t Diet” and it helps you track your health and fitness goals and keep you on the right course. The app provides tips, inspiration, and helps you stay on track once you’ve created a goal with consistent reminders and notifications. SmartenFit is available on iOS devices for $2.99 so run don’t walk to the appstore and download it today.

To learn more, head to today.

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  1. jecgenovese says:

    Reblogged this on peakmemory and commented:
    This fitness app looks intriguing, I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who has used it.

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