SmartCrowdz Is Efficient Event Planning

After putting countless hours into an event, it’s important to have a great turnout. There are several different ways to spread the word about an event, but some out-dated techniques may not be as effective now as they once were. Printing out hundreds of flyers and putting them around town may not guarantee the audience you want to see the information. SmartCrowdz is a service that can help you manage every aspect of an event and even engage your audience to attend.

SmartCrowdz is an end-to-end web-base and mobile event app that allows you to create and manage your event for free. You just sign on, create the event, and sell tickets to the event right through the app. No unnecessary mark-ups to transactions, which means some of the lowest processing fees in the industry. The app works any kind of event that you want to promote and invite others to. There’s also an interactive map in the app where you can add details, from restaurants to certain locations where events are being held or search for events. The app is free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. So go to your appstore and type in “SmartCrowdz”.

To learn more, head to today.

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