Play Sudoku With Allen The Alien

Stimulate your mind and have fun playing sudoku. Challenge yourself with each game and move closer to your goal.

Play through a series of sudoku games to reach your end goal of helping Allen the Alien find his way back to his home planet. As you beat each puzzle you move to another level of difficulty truly testing your sudoku skills. This adventurous game gives any player a sense of accomplishment with each sudoku puzzle completed. Sudoku In Space is a mentally stimulating way to pass the time.

Sudoku in Space developed by a husband and wife team combined a love of Sudoku with space by offering more colorful and playful settings than regular Sudoku. The idea is to help Allen the Alien get back to his home planet by solving Sudoku puzzles. In addition to playing with numbers you have the option to play with colors. You are rewarded with starts with each completed puzzle during Allen’s journey. The gameplay is almost endless with over 750 puzzles accompanied by cool space-themed music and graphics. Sudoku in Space is free to download on iOS and Android, the mobile game is also compatible with Amazon devices.

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