Weather Underground Has A Powerful App

No one can 100% predict the weather, but if you’re looking for a powerful app that gets as close as possible, Weather Underground has an app for you.


Weather is one of those things that can effect your daily routine at a moments notice. The weather can determine your plans from what you wear, where you go, and what you can do when you get there. Having a sophisticated app that can keep you informed on all weather reporting even severe storms is essential! I hate to say it, but the standard weather app that comes with your phone isn’t enough. If you want a power weather app that can event send you alerts of impending weather, check out Storm by Weather Underground.

Storm by Weather Underground is a brand new app designed to satiate all your weather reporting needs. With its high definition radar, it will show you what’s happened in the past and what’s headed your way. With advanced storm cell tracking and real-time severe weather alerts you can stay on top of impending weather, track weather for the day, or even 10 days out. There’s additional data in it that includes detailed analysis of storms showing strength rating, speed, direction, the populated cities in its path, windstream animations and much more. You can also have the application alert you about impending weather situations in your radius via push notifications or in-app alerts. It’s a super powerful and in depth storm tracking app that you should definitely check out.

To learn more, visit today.

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