Give Back Using ActOn

We all have the desire to give back, help those in need, or support an idea we believe in. If you haven’t found the nonprofit that inspires you yet, don’t worry! Maybe you just need a new resource for information.


It is important to contribute to making the world a better place, but it is also important to donate to causes and organizations that you truly care about. There are so many communities in this world who need help and deserve to have passionate, determined people motivated to creating positive change. If you know you are someone who is motivated to having a positive impact on others lives’, ActOn is an app that can help open your eyes to all of the organizations doing great work for others.

ActOn is the first mobile app that connects people with organizations trying to make a difference. Any nonprofit or other social enterprise has the ability to create a free channel within the app to promote their cause and engage supporters. As a user, you can tell ActOn what you care about, and then have all the content in the app filtered through your interests. You can crowdfund for a cause, sign petitions, watch videos, discover and attend special events. There’s even social features integrated into ActOn where you can share and communicate with friends through Facebook, Twitter, or directly through the app. ActOn is an innovative iOS app that helps you make a difference.

To learn more, visit today.

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