Opera Is A Web Browser That Does More

Use a web browser that actually enhances your web surfing experience.


With all of the options of web browsers out there, why would you just use one that’s popular? The web browser you choose can make or break your online experience. You should be using a service that helps you connect to the internet faster, surf the web easier, and protect your information online. Rethink how you pick your preferred browser and look into something new that may offer you more – Opera.

Opera is a web browser that connects over 350 million people to the internet. Its servers and cloud operations shrink your data while you’re surfing the web so you can browse 2 to 5 times more content while using the same amount of data. Opera automatically detects when you need “help” and jumps in to make the browsing experience faster – something no other browser out there does. Also Opera even offers security and anonymity while surfing the web through its proprietary VPN technology – SurfEasy by Opera. These features are not just in Opera’s web browser, but also integrated throughout the company’s mobile apps.  Opera Max, available on Android, shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on your phone so you can extend your data plan up to 50% for free.  And there’s Opera Mini, on iOS and Android, which reduces loading times and saves users money by compressing pictures, text and videos.

To learn more, visit http://www.opera.com today.


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