StyleMatic Is Your Virtual Stylist

You can know for sure how every outfit looks on you without even trying it on.


Shopping online is great and convenient, but it can be hard to always get the perfect outfit. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what color looks best on you or what pieces go together to make the best outfit. I found a cheaper solution to this problem, just in case you can’t afford a stylist to find and buy all of your clothes, you can use StyleMatic.

Stylematic is a pocket stylist app that opens you up to a whole community of fashion lovers and fashionistas. In the main feed there are endless streams of items you can check out and decide whether you love them or not. You can upload your own photos or you can buy other items in the app or put them in your Stylematic closet. With the items in your closet, you can mix and match to create an outfit. You can interact and chat with others in the app and even put your own outfits up for a vote, or you can share with your friends and family members. And to gain inspiration check out other users’ closets or use their search function which has tons of helpful filters. Stylematic learns your preferences over time and recommends things you’re more likely to be interested in. And with the option to discover and purchase through the app after research and social input, you can make it a one-stop shopping experience for your wardrobe. StyleMatic is available on iOS.

To learn more, visit today.

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