Rethink Connecting Through Media With Conx2Share

This is more than just a social media app.

Conx2ShareYour phone is most likely packed with a handful of different apps used for different things. If you have a group of social media apps and another separate group of messaging apps, it can get to be a lot. Most of the time even when app has messaging and social media features its really only great at one and lacks in the other. Conx2Share is an app created specifically for the platform of a mobile app and gives you an advanced experience in sending messages as well as posting to media feed.

Conx2Share is an app that gives you everything a social media app does and more! As a social media hub, it acts as a one-stop app where you can create private and public groups to share photos, videos, messages and posts. As a communications app, you can send messages to friends and family – adding text, pictures and even videos. This app gives you everything you need to stay connected to the people you care about. The app is free for iOS and Android devices, but there is an option to pay for Plus, Premium and Platinum versions starting at $2.99 a year and going up to $49.99 a year.

To learn more, visit today.

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