Personalized Cloud Storage

Do you actually understand the iCloud and how it works?


It’s an on-going joke that was even made into a movie. Though a lot of people blindly use Apple’s data storage platform, it can be complicated to understand. Most of the people who use it barely understand it. Cloud storage is very useful for backing up all of your digital data. There are others options out there other than Apple and you should definitely check them out. QNAP offers storage devices you should know about.

QNAP personal digital storage devices allow you to store and backup all of your digital data and access it from anywhere. Their latest 51 series’ Network Attached Storage devices are digital storage drives that connect to the internet and create your own personal cloud. You can store loads of data including high-resolution movies and photos, music, documents, you name it. You can backup all of your data to QNAP and access it on your smartphone or tablet. QNAP also has its own built-in media player you can stream all of your media straight to your TV via HDMI. Each server comes with anywhere from 2 to 8 bays, with each bay able to hold up to 6 terabytes of data. QNAP digital storage starts at $349.

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