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Online networking is all about sharing your opinions on various topics. PiiktIn most cases online users offer their opinion on almost any topic… even if it isn’t asked for. There is nothing wrong with sharing your thoughts and ideas in a constructive way. Piikt is a an app that makes it safe and open to share how you feel about any topic.

Piikt is an app that allows you to post a photo about anything and get opinions from friends and strangers. With 18 categories you can hashtag including movies, sports, and animals you can post publicly to ask strangers or ask a private group of friends. You can even ask through Facebook or Twitter. Piikt even has a cool timer feature that you can set for when you want the poll to end and get a notification when it’s over with the results. If you don’t want to ask for an opinion, you can always just cast your vote and comment on others’ photos. Piikt is offering a promotion where the first 500 users with 30 followers enter to win an iPad Mini 3 and the first 100 users with 100 followers enter to win the brand-new Apple Watch. Piikt is available on iOS for free.

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