Fingerprint Security On Your Tech

Staying up to date on the best techniques for keeping your devices private and protected is important.


A lot of personal information is saved to almost every piece of technology we use. With little pieces of your identity saved to almost everything, it is important to make sure that your data is secure on every device you use. The most secure way to lock and protect your information is by using a form of security that can’t be easily duplicated, for example your fingerprints. IDEX has mastered fingerprint recognition with its Eagle Touch Sensor.

IDEX is revolutionizing how fingerprints are used to keep your phone secure. IDEX announced the Eagle Touch Sensor at Mobile World Congress 2015. The Eagle Touch Sensor consists of the sensing array, which is the interface to the finger, and the ASIC, which processes the information to generate the image. This fingerprint technology not only will be available on our phones, but also in our wallets.  IDEX is working to embed it in an ISO Smart Card.

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