Stay Aware During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a long process filled with a lot of questions and you should have a quick way to find answers.


Every women’s pregnancy is a little different and if it is your first pregnancy there are a lot of questions. Ideally mothers would love it if their doctor were on-call at all times for every little questions, but that can be a little unrealistic. For mothers who want to a want to keep track of their journey to motherhood and clear up some of the questionable phases of pregnancy, Pregnancy Care Plan App is a valuable resource.

My Pregnancy Care Plan App or CaPl app is essential for anyone expecting. The app serves two purposes, it makes sure you are aware of your risk of developing pregnancy problems and it keeps you informed and prepared for your doctor visits. This app uses 3D animated videos illustrate various tests and stages, so everything is crystal clear. With CaPl guiding you through the process you can be sure the doctor is making the correct decisions for you. There’s also a contraction timer, kick counter and other cool tools. The app is not only important for those in developed society, it’s even more important for those in undeveloped regions as they may not have access to doctors regularly. Pregnancy CaPl is available on Android devices.

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