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The word ‘news’ is used a little loosely in some areas online. It can be difficult to get to articles and information you actually need because so much randomness is thrown your way. Haku is an app that helps you organize and gather articles you actually want.

Haku is the “DJ” of your news.  Haku is based on an intelligent tagging engine, and you start by selecting the tags you’re interested in, combine category tags like “fashion” or “film” with topic tags. As you scroll through your news mix, you can tell the world what you think or create custom collections by selecting tags at the bottom of any article. You can also quickly create filters to hide the topics you don’t want to see. You can filter all of the news about her out of your feed. Haku is controlled by you and will only provide content related to YOUR interests. Finally a news app where you have complete control.  Haku is free for iOS, Android and available in any browser.

To learn more, visit today.

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