Hypnotherapy App

It sounds like a simple enough goal to aim towards living life focused without stress, but something you need guidance to be at peace.


Hypnotherapy could be the key to relaxing and living life more at ease. This unique form of therapy gives you control over your journey towards reaching any personal goal. Harmony is definitely a resource you should check out!

Harmony is an application created by renowned hypnotherapist, Darren Marks. Harmony allows you to experience hypnotherapy sessions without ever leaving the comfort of your home and users are getting great results. A common mistake people make with hypnotherapy is thinking it’s only for people with “problems” when really it’s intended for anyone who wants to improve some aspect of their life, from losing weight to building confidence. Harmony simulates the experience of a hypnotherapy session and comes with three free sessions you can go through over and over. The recordings played in the sessions utilize many techniques, including Dual Vocal delivery which delivers suggestions through each headphone separately but simultaneously, allowing the suggestions to reach the sub-conscious effortlessly. Another feature is the use of Brainwave Entrainment or rhythm in music and sounds to help you reach a relaxed state quickly and even to fall asleep more easily. If you want more than what’s offered in the free version they offer options from a monthly subscription to a forever subscription ranging from $3.99 a month to an $89.99 one-time payment.

To learn more, visit http://www.HypnosisAppStore.com today.

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