3D Interior Designing

Creative is only using if you have the proper tools to bring your ideas to life.


Interior design can be time consuming when you get wrapped up in all of the details. The task of furnishing a room or even just redesigning a room can be difficult when there is no helpful way to bring your ideas to life. TapGlance is a tool that makes making your creative thoughts a reality simple and straight to the point.

TapGlance is an iPad app that creates renders of your photos. You start by drawing a two dimensional floor plan. The app then automatically converts it into a 3D space. There are over 3,000 prefabricated items, like kitchen cabinets, dressers and closets. You can move, resize and rotate any model, and you can change its appearance.  Once you’ve got what you want you can render it into one of those realistic images to see exactly what it would look like.  TapGlance is only $9.99 on the iPad.

To learn more, visit http://www.TapGlance.com today.

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