Find The Best Candidate For The Job

When it comes to sorting through candidates for a position, it can become stressful deciding what skills are essential to look for in picking the best person for the job.

Calibrace_free_fb_post There are a lot of details that go into hiring a new employee for a position from posting the job description and reading through numerous applications and resumes from eager hopefuls. The tedious work that goes into comparing candidates next to one another and assessing what skills and experience are most important for the position can be overwhelming. Calibrace has a solution to every recruiter and HR professional’s never ending employee search.

Calibrace uses machine learning and network intelligence to handle all the data analysis for you in the talent acquisition and management process. From job description creation to posting on job boards, all the way to the on-boarding process, Calibrace analyzes and provides contextually relevant recommendations to help you make your decision while keeping all the data sorted properly. Calibrace keeps everyone on the same page throughout the hiring process. Calibrace has released a Google Chrome app called Calibrace Spring which offers all the basic functions of Calibrace right through the app.

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