Innovative Customer Engagement

Insuring your store is stocked with the items your customers want the most is important.


Sometimes the most sold items in a store aren’t the best reflection of what catches customers eyes the most. Stores can be filled with many different items and an insiders preservative to what is popular can be essential to supplying customers with the products they demand. Scanalytics is a creative way to get a better idea of what customers are attracted to.

Scanalytics gives you a full picture of when and how customers enter and move through a store, a booth at an event, or any other situation you want to measure and analyze. With the intelligent floor sensor system you can easily track things like: when a customer enters your store, whether or not they hesitate at the entrance, which product displays they spend the most time at, what time of day see the highest amount of foot traffic, and even erratic movement indicating a lack of a streamlined flow in your store. It enables businesses to maximize customer engagements, predict patterns and increase customer retention. The install is super simple requiring an easy plug-and-play installation of the sensors under your carpet or a simple black mat that you might find at the entrance of a store or in front of a display. You can get detailed reports breaking it all down in statistical form. The data tools are designed to be easy to understand and use so you spend less time learning a new system and more time analyzing your business. Scanalytics gives you insight into your daily operation never before possible. Scanalytics is the next big thing in business data analytics.

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