Monitor Your Customer Relations

Selling a car can be challenging and it is important to monitor what method works best.

CallRevuSince I just bought a car myself, I’m very aware of the lengths a car salesman will go through to ‘help’ you buy the best vehicle they have available. There are many techniques and methods used to create a positive interaction with customers. For car salesman who do a lot of their customer relations on the phone, it is important that they are getting their message across in a friendly and effective way. Those who need a little help perfecting their calls can use CallRevu to monitor their success rate and find out what they still need to work on when calling customers.

CallRevu can help you avoid any deficiency in sales quality that would result in losing a sale. CallRevu monitors every customer call using automotive experts to record a summary of every aspect of a call in order to collect analytics on sales. The CSI Gap is part of the survey that calibrates customer feedback from your CSI results and compares it to employee perceptions about the service they’re delivering. An offshoot of CallRevu called EmployeeRevu, is an employee survey that addresses the important elements of the employee experience within the automotive industry and collects the internal feedback necessary to examine and make meaningful improvements.

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