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There is no reason to waste away all of your money at a casino.

Comp My Play(2)

Believe it or not, casinos offer several deals to grab your attention. If you are already going to gamble your money , you might as well save where you can. The trick to finding the best casino deal is using Comp My Play.

Comp My Play is the ‘Expedia’ for casinos. You use it when you’re making your next casino trip, but you let the casinos compete for your business through competitions and incentives. Once you decide which offer to go with, you select the ‘generate voucher’ button and redeem the vouchers at the casino’s rewards desk or online. Then in future trips, Casinos can then reach out via push notifications with offers based on your likes and preferences if you’re in the area. Another feature of Comp My Play is a Mobile Wallet that stores all your casino loyalty cards digitally. 53 casinos are currently linked up, so you’ll find deals all over the country.

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