The Best Text Messaging Features

Believe it or not, your text messaging experience could be even better.reTXTLet’s face it, text messages are more than just sending text back and forth. Most of the time, pictures and other forms of media are needed to tell the perfect story to friends or family. Though iMessage may have a lot of awesome features, I found an app that offers all of the features you already love and more. It’s called reTXT.

reTXT takes all the functions of text messaging you’re used to and beefs them up with added features and functionality that you didn’t realize you wanted until now. It lets you clarify, edit and delete any message including ones already sent. Other features include being able to leave and join group messages freely and see when someone is typing you a message with an icon that tells you whether it’s a photo, video, text and so on. Each message is end-to-end encrypted, so the only people who can decipher the message are the sender and receiver. You can download reTXT on iOS and Google Play.

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