Entertain Kids As They Learn To Read And Write

Learning can be fun and interactive, if you present it in a new way.

Monster Treehouse 2The old school techniques of teaching fundamental reading and writing skills don’t work for every child. Though it may not seem like a big deal, how quickly someone picks up reading and writing can effect their early success in grade school. Despite the way some schools are set up, it is important to understand that everyone learns differently. If you know a kid who needs a more hands on approach to learn, try Monstree Treehouse Club.

Monster Treehouse Club turns reading into an interactive activity by encouraging kids to become pen pals with the book characters. Kids who are signed up will receive a weekly letter in the mail from their favorite character that is hand written and specifically meant for them. There are different packages to sign up for, the pen pal package goes for $10 a month and includes a personalized letter every week from one of the characters or monsters in the book or DVD. Next, the Scholar package for $30 a month which includes weekly letters as well as a book and activity book with pens and wristbands. Lastly, The Prodigy package which goes for $40 a month includes everything in the Scholar package plus a read along DVD starring the characters from the books and a 3D art project.

To learn more, visit https://monstertreehouseclub.com/ today.


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