Get Healthy The Smart Way

Change the way you think about losing weight.

Time to lose weight

There a hundreds of diets out there that all promise your dreams results. If you’ve tried a handful of different diets, but aren’t seeing the results you’d like it is time to rethink the way you see health and fitness. Smartenfit has a method of weight lose that is centered around changing your lifestyle in a healthy way.

SmartenFit is a health and wellness app is a companion to the book Smart People Don’t Diet by health psychologist Dr. Charlotte Markey. Smartenfit takes a more holistic, macro approach to dieting. Features include a News Feed with tips and bits to inspire and motivate you. Notifications and reminders help get you on the right path without promoting obsessive behavior. Goal setting and attainment is a big part of what makes this app work so well. Smartenfit is available for iOS for a mere $2.99

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