Find People with Similar Interests and Passions

Make new friends by joining others in your area who are participating in activities that you enjoy!

BuddyPassSocial Media has connected people thousands of miles apart in ways we never dreamed possible. But there comes a point when you have to put down the phone and meet people face to face. The app BuddyPass has found a sweet spot between the two. It helps people with similar interests and passions connect through fun events of your choosing.

You download the app and then pick your favorite topic or category. It could be running, working out, eating in restaurants, skateboarding, really anything. Within that category you’ll find people near you who share that interest. You can then view their lists of interests and see if they’re somebody you want to hang out with. Swipe left to chat or right to invite them to the activity. You can even share pictures or videos of your latest events on your profile to get people interested.

This is perfect for last minute events or gatherings where you need a plus one. Another feature allows you to post in the news feed like in any social media app or even create your own event or hangout. You can create an entire group meet-up and invite as many people as you want. BuddyPass can also advertise the event or product to thousands of people with similar interests if you ask it to. This isn’t just a dating app; it allows people to establish real relationships with anyone who has similar interest, and allows you to do all the activities you want to do while meeting compatible people along the way.

Now, BuddyPass is huge in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. It has recently hit New York, Chicago and LA, with the rest of the country on its way. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and is available in the App Store for free today.

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