No More Bandages

Everyone has at some point accidentally cut themselves.  When you are cut and bleeding, the most important things are to stop the flow of blood and protect the wound.  A new product that does just that is called Woundseal. It is a powder that creates an instant scab by interacting with the proteins in the blood – a unique product most of us have never seen before at our local drug store.

WoundsealThe scab stops bleeding, protects the wound, and falls off naturally as the wound heals.  No more bloody gauze or bandages. Woundseal Topical is perfect for campers, hikers, fisherman, hunters, cooks and chefs, construction workers, and even pets. It can be used for anybody anytime and anywhere, no hassle.

If you’ve cut yourself here’s what you do. Pour Woundseal directly onto the cut and press down for 30 seconds. This will stop the bleeding and form the scab. The simple product has been cleared by the FDA for everything from minor to nuisance bleeding so you can imagine how many activities it can be used for.  It’s great for people who tend to be accident prone or work in areas where injuries are common, and it’s especially valuable for seniors with thin skin or those that bleed easily. It has been used nearly half a million times by physicians all over the country and is the only first aid product that stops bleeding and instantly scabs.

Woundseal starts at $7.29 for a pack of 4 and is available in over 25,000 stores across the US including all Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aids, as well as other local retailers.

Visit for more information or to order online.

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