Never Lose Grip on Your Tablet

G-Hold secures your tablet so you never drop it again!


Tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab have afforded us a convenience in life that smartphones and laptops cannot offer. That being said, they do come with their own set of inconveniences. Tablets can be a difficult to hold for long periods of time and are easy to drop. Check out G Hold for a solution to this common issue.

There are two different versions. The megastick which is a permanent attachment to the back of your tablet or case and the microsuction which uses tons of little suction cups to adhere to your device.

The G-Hold technology in each version is the same – all you have to do is pull up the handle then slip it through your fingers for a solid hold.  You can hold it in any position because of its ergonomic rotation.Each version comes in 5 colors – pink, green, blue, yellow and black and is compatible with any tablet. The megastick goes for $24.95 while the microsuction fetches for $34.95.

For more information about the G-Hold visit:


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