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These days, accessing the Internet is as easy as turning on your phone. Most commercial spots like cafes, airports and even hotels offer public WiFi hotspots. They’re great for convenience but not so much for security. A lot of these WiFi hotspots even have disclaimers letting you know that their networks aren’t completely secure, leaving your personal information open to theft. Think of all the places you go during the day whether it is the mall, a restaurant, a hotel, or any other public place; what many people don’t realize is how unprotected their personal information can be on any given day. If you want to solve this issue, check out the WiFi Hotspot Protector.

wifi hotspot
This app provides all the protection you will need on a public WiFi network. WiFi Hotspot Protector scans the network for possible security problems and guards and protects your information and communications. You can ease your mind knowing your credit card info, e-mails, passwords and other content are under lock and key, keeping hackers out with the ultimate agility. Any information you send – an e-mail, text or purchase – is encrypted using the latest encryption technology.

As an added bonus, WiFi Hotspot Protector acts similar to a VPN, giving you access to geo-restricted content – like Netflix or Google in certain countries. It also will automatically connect to the fastest and nearest server available for the most effective and efficient browsing experience. The WiFi Hotspot Protector app is available on iOS devices for free for the first 10 days and in a variety of different languages. Head on over to the App Store to download this five-star app today.

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