An Intuitive File Management System

One of the incredible advancements in technology society has experienced over the last few years has been the ability to transfer large amounts of data through the air over WiFi or Bluetooth. With different devices like iPhones, iPads and MacBooks we have different platforms with which to accomplish any task, both big and small. Now here comes along an app to streamline the whole process and make it simpler.

remote media manager
With the app Remote Media Manager, you can view, copy, transfer, stream or manage your files through any computer, device, cloud or server.

This intuitive file manager and viewer takes the complexity of transferring files or videos across devices and makes it simple. The Remote Media Manager scans your network and finds other devices on the same network within seconds. It is as simple as viewing whatever files, images, video or audio you want. You can then transfer one to the other or simply stream video or audio right there without the need to transfer.

You can also play any file format without having to worry about not being able to recognize the file’s format. You can even stream any video right to an HDTV using AppleTV or Google Chromecast. It is an efficient inter-device file viewer and manager that is painless and effortless. No need to be tech savvy to figure it out. You can even watch online TV and listen to the radio with this app. It syncs with your media library so you can listen to your music, videos, and access your photos.

Remote Media Manager is available for $4.99 on any iOS device. Head over to your app store today to download it.

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