Real-Time Selfies to Capture your Life with Friends, Now

A great way to enjoy life is to live in the now. Too much social media today is geared around faking the moment or creating an image of yourself that isn’t entirely you. With the new app Picpal you can take real-time selfies with your friends that capture the moment you’re all living. Whether you’re home and your friends are at school or you are in Europe and your best friend is in the U.S you can create a collage of selfies to live in a moment together while still miles apart.

pic pal

If you take a selfie using Picpal you can, pick 1 to 3 friends that you want in your selfie collage. They each receive an invite and can respond with their own selfie. Once all have responded the pics are automatically turned into a collage featuring you and your friends. You can also each add text to your selfies to add that personal touch.

Once finished, you can share it in the Picpal app with all your friends who can “heart” and comment on it, then upload it to either Facebook or Instagram if you want.

This is the first app to take social sharing into the world of social content creation. It brings selfies that may seem lame at first, to become creative photos and collages you can enjoy in the future as real time photos. However, if your friends don’t respond within an allotted time frame the collage expires. No faking the funk as they say.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices. So go to the app store or google play today and search for “Picpal” to download it.

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