Shrink the Energy Bill

Alternative energy technology company, EGen, has come out with the newest solution that allows you to cut electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Its called EGen Battery Bank and runs off of solar and wind energy.


Designed for homes and commercial sites, the Battery Bank allows you to run your house off of battery power during peak hours so you’re not racking up the electricity bill. Then overnight you can switch back to the grid when electricity companies charge the least to use their power. While back on the grid you can charge the Battery Bank for use the next day.

A couple of green ways to charge the Battery Bank include hooking it up to an EGen Energy Bike. Biking for an hour and 15 minutes can power the Battery Bank up enough to power an 1800 square foot house for a day. Plus you’re working out so for the consumer, there are multiple benefits for you and for the society.  Your workout could help save money and benefit the health of society and our earth. The Battery Bank can also be paired with solar panels to store solar power for your home. It accommodates for power outages so you no longer have to be disrupted when the power goes out.

From now through September 1st EGen is offering customers free solar panels with the purchase of a Battery Bank. Pricing is customized for each home and starts around $12,000 including installation. But with it lasting 10 years with no maintenance needed you’ll be saving money and benefiting the environment.

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